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Authors, can I help you? Here are the services I provide:

Author Assistant (PA) services: I will help you do whatever you need! I have a Master’s degree in Education and Reading Intervention so I can beta read and edit. I can create sign ups using google docs for you to use, I can send out emails, contact your bloggers, check to see that posts are being made, pimping in groups, FB, Twitter, and Tsu, contacting other blogs to get posts made there as well, and more!

I also will provide promo only services. I will promote your work daily on various Facebook blog pages. You chose the book and the image you want me to use, I do the rest! I compile the links in a word doc so you can quickly access the posts I promoted you on. I can send this to you daily or weekly. I will accept payment in Amazon gift cards for this service 🙂 Just fill out the form on this page to get in touch with me!

Contact me to discuss your needs!

Graphics: This is a new service! I can create teasers to showcase a specific quote from your book, announce a sale, or various other reasons. I have stock photos or you can purchase your own for me to use. The gallery below gives you an idea of my work.

Contact me to discuss options! 

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Service Inquiry

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Wanting to request a review?

If your book meets my genre, I will consider it for a review. Here are the things I am looking for:

  • It must be romance! No offense to all the other genres, but romance is what I read. If your book isn’t romance, I am not the blogger for you.
  • I don’t review erotica; I am fine with books being hot but I don’t read anything that is BDSM, sex clubs, group sex, etc.
  • I can’t guarantee I will be able to get to your book right away. I am typically scheduling a few months in advance.

If your book meets these guidelines, you can complete the request form! You do not have to fill in all the information below, but the more you give me, the easier it is for me to decide if I am the right blogger for your book. Thanks!

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