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Its Top Ten Tuesday again, Disciples! Since its Thanksgiving week here in the USA, the theme for this TTT is about being thankful! So, I decided to give you all the 10 authors I am thankful for! Here they are, in no particular order! (check out all the blogs taking part over at The Broke and the Bookish)

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Jude Deveraux:
I grew up in a family of readers. My grandmother had an entire room filled with books and sewing supplies. She would wake up at 4 am, sit in that room and read her Ann McCaffrey books. My mom was a reader as well. She would read just about anything. My dad loved mystery and fantasy. So, I grew up loving to read. I read The Hobbit with my dad when I was in 5th grade. As a reward for various things, I got books. But, I hadn’t read a romance novel until my college roommate and best friend introduced me to Jude Deveraux. She handed me Sweet Liar because the main characters name was Samantha. I was hooked!

Nora Roberts:
The natural progression for my roommate, Amy, after introducing me to Jude Deveraux was to bring me some Nora Roberts. Again, I devoured these books. Our apartment was a serious fire hazard because the place was covered in books and clothes (we were college girls after all!). We would stay up all night reading and those were some of the best nights of my life. Chatting with Amy about book characters as if they were real is how I got hooked even more into reading! I loved that some of her books had a lot of suspense. It was a new genre for me and I found I completely loved it.

Stephanie Meyers:
So, I finished college and started teaching. I read significantly less than I did in college. I just had so much to do! Then my students were all abuzz about this book called Twilight. The begged me to read it. Told me I would love it so much. Wanted to know if I was #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob. I eventually gave in once all 4 books were written. I read them all in 3 days! I didn’t do anything but read. And then went to school Monday and had amazing discussions with my students about a book. It was awesome!

Janet Evanovich:
My mom and I have bonded over the Stephanie Plum books. My mom now reads romance books (as long as they aren’t TOO racy) but this series has been one we loved to buddy read. She got me hooked on them. Even though we have felt the books have been declining, we keep reading them and talking about them and hoping Janet finds that magic again!

CL Stone:
I discovered CL Stone by accident. Book 1 in the Ghost Bird series was free on Amazon so I grabbed it. I started it one evening while waiting on a table for dinner with my in laws. I was blown away at how much I loved this book. I grabbed the rest of the series that was available and began stalking CL Stone right away. I am always afraid this series would fall into the “Stephanie Plum” trap and get less engaging but so far, I have loved all of them!

Cambria Hebert:
I stumbled upon #Nerd by accident. I was just trolling Amazon and it popped up. The synopsis sounds cute, so I grabbed it. I was so totally sucked in! It became a 6 book series that I adore to this day.

Rachel Van Dyken:
Rachel is responsible for my obsession with mafia men! I started Eagle Elite over Christmas break last year and decided sleep was overrated. I finished all the books in the series she had at the time. Then I started reading everything else she has written. And can I just say that she is a writing machine? She puts out almost a book a month! Its crazy! And they are all good! My all time favorite of hers is still The Consequences of Loving Colton-its sweet and funny!

LH Cosway:
Six of Hearts was my first LH Cosway book and to this day, still my favorite. I love her writing! And the fact that she teamed up with Penny Reid is just another reason I love her!

Alanea Alder:
So, I discovered Alanea after I started blogging. Several readers brought her to my attention. I grabbed book 1, My Commander and totally understood why people loved her books. They are unique and funny PNR and I just love them. So, I owe all her awesome readers a huge thanks for helping me find her (Thanks Alanea’s Army! You all rock!)

Amy A. Bartol:
So, Amy Bartol is one author I am totally obsessed over. The Kricket series is one of my all time favorites and Kricket is hands down my favorite book heroine of all times. I seriously hope that her publisher will want more of these books. I make sure to tell her that online all the time. I’m a bit stalkerish when it comes to Amy Bartol!

I really could go on forever because frankly, I am thankful for EVERY author! Books are such a huge part of my life that I am thankful for anyone who writes them. I can’t imagine putting myself out there like that, hoping anyone would buy my work! Thankfully, authors do this all the time and we get to reap the benefit! So, for ALL the authors out there, I am thankful for you!

What about you? Which authors or books are you thankful for? Tell me in the comments!


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6 responses to “Authors I’m Thankful For: Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love Meyer too! #TeamEadward all the way! What about you? I am also a huge fan of C. L. Stone and just everything by her. You should check out the Scarab Beetle series by her as well – it is its own series but it mixes in some of the Ghost Bird into it as well!! You’ll love it! Happy reading 🙂

    • Totally #TeamEdward! I have read the scarab beetle series too and I do like it; I just don’t like it as much as the ghost bird series! Seriously, though, she could write gibberish and I would probably love it!

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