Green by SM West

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Green by SM WestGreen by S.M. West
Pages: 233

Series: Love in Color #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC, NetGalley
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Green. The color of hope.

ANNA MARI is living for today, not daring to hope for tomorrow. She’s a pawn in her grandfather’s game, and time is her enemy. Her freedom is the prize.

DAVIS COOPER is licking his wounds of betrayal when he’s assigned to babysit his boss’s sister. The pretty little thing who’s most definitely off-limits.

Though they struggle to set boundaries, the root of their friendship grows into something more. But none of that matters—Anna’s fate is sealed and neither hope nor love can save her.

Green is a blend of friend’s little sister, mafia, and bodyguard. Anna is Evan’s little sister and the granddaughter of a fearsome mafia boss who wants to sell her off via marriage. Evan vows to not let that happen to her and uses his company of ex-military, FBI, and cops to help him protect her.

Davis Cooper (Coop) is assigned to babysite Anna and he is pissed. Babysitting gets in the way of his threesomes and general manwhoreish ways. When we first meet Coop he is drunkenly leaving 2 women in bed after having slept with them. Seriously, I already don’t like this guy. Conversely, Anna is a naive virgin. I do love the virgin heroines, but I found her to be too naive for someone as horrible as Coop. I wanted her with Tripp to be honest. Coop is mean and rude to Anna when she doesn’t deserve his ire. And I could not figure out WHY she was jealous of the women in his life. I felt like we were told there was chemistry, but I didn’t understand or believe it at all! Why would anyone want Coop after knowing him? Now, don’t get me wrong, West does ‘redeem’ him, but I am not that forgiving. #HeartlessBitch

The plot is intriguing though and kept me reading. While I hated Coop, I did like Anna (mostly) and really wanted to see how she would escape her grandfather’s heinous plan. I didn’t feel like I missed much by having not read the 1st two books, but I am interested in the characters and plan to go back and read.

While Green didn’t give me a BBF I could love, it did give me a likable heroine and an intriguing plot that keep my interest!



Books with asshole heroes like Nero by Sarah Brianne, Axel by Harper Sloan, Driven by K. Bromberg…then you will probably like Green!



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Green by SM West: 

Eventually, I select a large canvas, so large, I can’t get it on the easel and settle for the floor. I strip my jeans, long sleeved shirt and slip my shoes off, donning the sizeable green smock hanging on the wall. And I paint. Losing track of time or space. Fully immersed in the colors, my vision, my emotion.

“Here you are,” Coop says from the doorway, and I twist on all fours in his direction.

He’s leaning on the door jamb with his arms relaxed at his sides, and his feet crossed like he has been standing there a while.

“How long have you been here?”

I’ve been painting for hours, my fingers tingle, my feet are numb, and my lower back aches from crouching and contorting myself into strange, awkward positions. I was oblivious to the cries of my body while working.

“A bit.” He pushes off the wall, nearing to help me to my feet.

I roll my neck and shake out my limbs before tilting my head to look at him. He smiles, his white teeth and twinkling eyes pop as he tucks a few strands behind my ear.

“You’ve got some paint on your face.” His finger slides down my check and then the side of my nose. “It looks good on you.”

Heat travels from the center of my chest outward, and I can’t help but smile, “I’m glad you think so.”

Gone is my anger or bruised ego from his departure last night. I don’t really know what I was expecting or wanting, and I’m glad to see him. I’m also happy to see that he’s more himself.

“What am I going to do with you? You have to stop disappearing on me.”

“And what? Make your job easier, not a chance.” I tease, treading lightly, all too aware of the kind of trouble my wondering off could cause.

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