Non-Bookish Notions: #TopTenTuesday

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Hello readers!! This week’s #TopTenTuesday post is all about getting to know the blogger! I don’t really have “hobbies” so I figure I will share my non-bookish loves.

  1.   My husband and I  have been married for almost 17 years. We got married in Las Vegas and it was the best decision for us. No planning, no stress-just show up in a dress and say I do!
  2.   I have profound hearing loss. I have always had issues with my ears-chronic ear infections, 3 rounds of tubes, and a family history of hearing loss. When I was 30, my ENT said it was time for hearing aids. There were a LOT of tears because I was not ready at 30. But, I got them, and things were going well. However, my hearing in my left ear was declining. At 38, they suggested I was I candidate for a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid, similar to a cochlear implant) and I cried even more. We decided instead to do a tympanoplasty and thankfully, that helped! I still need (and always will need) hearing aids, but I’m no longer a candidate for a BAHA.
  3.   My personal social media is just memes and pictures of my dogs. Literally, that is the only thing on any of them.
  4.   I have a very large collection of Toms shoes. They are just so comfortable and pretty much the only shoes I wear. I have over 30 pairs and no plans to stop anytime soon. I figure at least my shoe addiction is helping others.
  5.   I would rather rewatch a favorite show than watch something new. It makes my husband crazy, but because of my anxiety, I find new shows stressful. So, I have seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Office, and Scrubs at least 20 times. I like what I like.
  6.   I’m a teacher now, but it wasn’t what I planned on being. When I first went to college, I majored in biochemistry. However, organic chemistry is Satan’s science and I got the hell out of there. I then bounced between majors (7 different majors in all) before finally graduating with a BA in History and a minor in Poly Sci. What might one do with a degree like this? Nothing except grad school. Sigh. So, I started grad school and decided to major in education. After a few years, I decided to get another degree in a different field in education. Since then I have added on multiple licensure areas. I am licensed to teacher middle school (4th-9th) Social Studies, Science, and Reading, K-12 special education, K-12 TESOL (English as a second language), and K-12 reading intervention. Sometimes, I am still not sure what I want to do.
  7.   I have been super lucky to travel. I’ve been to lots of places here in the US (NYC, DC, most east coast hot spots) as well as Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Italy, England, France, and Belgium. As much as I struggle with anxiety, I am so glad I didn’t let it keep me from traveling.

Tell me about yourself!

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3 responses to “Non-Bookish Notions: #TopTenTuesday

  1. Your pups are so cute! I have a lot of Tom’s shoes too!!! I am all about the original, though I got a pair of lug soles recently (and slippers on the way). They need to do more dark bottoms, though. The white get dirty too quickly

  2. My husband and I didn’t get married in Vegas, but we had a very small wedding and I’m so happy we did. My daughter had a big wedding (by my standards 120 is big) and it was stressful! So yeah, a small wedding with no fuss is such a great decision. I love traveling,! I’m happy your anxiety didn’t stop you from having those experiences!

    Great getting to know a little more about you! I’ll be doing up this TTT this coming TTT . I didn’t have time to get this together and I’m not real thrilled with the next topic for TTT.

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