Nope: Things in books that make me angry

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I have some pet peeves when it comes to books. Some of these are deal breakers for sure. Here is my list of things I hate to see in books:

  •  Bad grammar. I know, no one is perfect. But, if a book misuses accept/except, their/they’re/there, your/you’re, or other homonyms I cringe. It physically pains me. I think it’s the teacher in me. If its just one slip, I usually can let it go, but I am on red alert after that one slip and if there is more….I’m DNFing that book. I can’t help it. Also, overuse of commas physically pains me.



  •   “Daddy”. Eww Eww Eww. I cannot stand when a heroine calls the hero daddy. Seriously, it creeps me out to no end and I will instantly DNF a book for even ONE use of the pet name.


  •   Killing of main characters. Look, I am all for a writers process and how creativity drives the written word, blah blah blah. But, there is NO NEED to drag your readers through 4 books and then kill off a main character (I’m looking at you Veronica Roth)


Let’s vote! Do any of these make your top pet peeves? Share some of your bookish irritants!

Are any of these your bookish pet peeves?

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6 responses to “Nope: Things in books that make me angry

  1. Occasional typos are fine, but bad grammar is the fastest way to make me DNF a book. I used to work in publishing, and unpolished books make me feel like I’m back at work. That’s not fun! The daddy thing is also icky. Nobody should do that.

  2. When you read a romance book, expecting there to have an HEA by the end, or at least a HFN. But the author spends the entire book filling it with fluff before throwing conflict at the end with a cliffhanger. Nothing happened in the book, yet you spend $3.99 on an incomplete book with a cliffhanger (which hasn’t been indicated anywhere in the book or blurb) before you spend another $3.99 on the continuation. Usually it’s a trilogy, so you spend $12 on three books that have no substance. The author just wants the money and I refuse to read past the first one. Nope!

  3. Beth C.

    All of those drive me absolutely crazy too! Especially the bad grammar! The misuse of “I”, “me” and “myself”… OMG! It’s not just that the author has no business putting things out there for others to read if he/she can’t use proper grade-school level grammar, but the editors!! What the hell are they getting paid for?!?! I usually leave scathing reviews if there are more than a couple grammatical errors in a book. I often recommend finding a worthwhile editor too! I can understand typos, but poor grammar is just unacceptable if you’ve actually graduated eighth grade!

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