Best Fighters/Fighting Romance

Fighters/Fighting Romance

MMA, Boxing, Underground fights, you name it! I love them all!! So, what makes these the best in my opinion?

  • Hero is alpha (duh-he fights dudes for a living!)
  • Heroine is strong enough to deal with the testosterone laden hero
  • Hero could be involved in fighting in any way-as his career (like The Hurricane), in underground fights (like Beautiful Disaster), or as a hobby (lots of examples of these exist!)
  • Hero fights HONESTLY. He never fights dirty. Sometimes he loses.

So, what makes fighters hot for you? What books do I need to add to my list? Tell me the fighters you love in the comments!


Dirty English by Ilsa Madden Mills
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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury
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The Hurricane by RJ Prescott

Fighting Shadows by Aly Martinez
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Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson
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Fighting to Start by SL Ziegler
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Combative by Jay McLean
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Caged Trilogy by Shay Savage
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Legend by Katy Evans