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So, if you have followed by blog for any length of time you know I am a HUGE fan of The Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert. I love the books and they have made many of my top ten lists (favorite cover, best NA, favorite BBF). So, when I got a chance to interview Romeo, Rimmel, Braeden, and Ivy, I *might* have squealed loudly enough for my neighbors to hear! In this blog post is a ton of goodies: The interview, a playlist, Cambria reading chapter 1 of #<3, teasers, and if you scroll all the way down there is a GIVEAWAY that is open internationally for the anniversary edition of #Nerd!


Hey everyone!! I am so thrilled to have yall here! (In case you didn’t know it, you are kind of a big deal!). So, my first question is for Rimmel!

 Rimmel, you are seriously one of my favorite people in the world. As a #nerd myself, I really look up to you. So, what advice would you give to other fellow nerds out there who are struggling with life?

Romeo: She’s my favorite person in the world too. But she isn’t a #nerd.

Braeden: I thought I was your favorite person, Rome. I feel hurt. And my sis is kinda a #nerd.

Ivy: *Rolls eyes*

Rimmel: *Snorts* Thank you very much. You’re very sweet. I would tell anyone who is struggling with life to just be themselves. Fighting against yourself only makes things harder. Trust yourself and be your true self, everything will fall into place around you.

Romeo: You’re smart, baby.

Next question is for Ivy! Have you picked a major yet? Plan on making some makeup/clothes tutorials for those of us who are super challenged in this are?? (Please, God help me! I have no fashion sense and no idea what to do with makeup!)

Rimmel: Well maybe we are twins in another life because you pretty much just described me. I only look good because Ivy makes me look good.

Romeo: Not.

Braeden: Ivy knows her way around a hairbrush.

Ivy: Thanks! I have picked a major… but I’m pretty sure Cambria wants you to find out what that is in #Heart. As for the tutorials, Yes of course I plan on making some!! They are so fun and I love clothes. It gives me a chance to buy more!

Braeden: *groans*

 Ok, guys, I didn’t forget about you! Romeo, is playing pro football everything you thought it would be? What’s the toughest part? The easiest part?

Braeden: Like you could forget about us.

Romeo: *grins widely* Did I mention you look good today? No? You do. Being a Pro football player is more than I thought it would be. I love my job and I’m fucking grateful to be doing it.

Rimmel: Don’t cuss during interviews!

Romeo: *grimaces* The hardest part about being Pro is the traveling around and not seeing my family every day. My bed gets awfully cold without Rim in it. The easiest part is being on the field. Playing football is like breathing for me.

 Braeden, have you hired an agent? Any leads on teams that might want you? (You know, like the Knights so we could have yall back together again!?!?!)

Braeden: *grins* Hells yeah, I might have something going on. But again, Cam might get on my ass if I tell you. As for an agent… sure I got one. Rome’s dad is my go to and the one I trust the most with my career.

All right, now that the basics are out of the way, its time for the real questions! Romeo, what is your favorite thing about Rimmel?

Romeo: Just one thing? *smiles* I love that she loves me.

Rimmel: *snorts* You’re so lame.

Romeo: It’s true I do love it. I also love how big her heart is and how innocent she is even though life has been kinda rough at times.

 Braeden, what is your favorite thing about Ivy?

 Braeden: Nothing.

Ivy: *Gasps and smacks him in the arm* That’s terrible!

Braeden: Ow, woman! I was gonna say I don’t have a favorite thing because everything about her is my favorite.

Ivy: *Lays her head on his shoulder and smiles* You’re forgiven.

Braeden: I kinda like the way her hair always brushes across my arm when its straight and smooth. I like the way it feels against my bare skin.

Romeo: Dude. Did you just admit that out loud?

Braeden: *Gives Romeo the finger* 

Rimmel, what is your favorite course in college?

 Rimmel: Animal Science. I like learning everything I can about animals.

 Ivy, who is your favorite designer? Favorite make up brand?

Ivy: Asking a girl that is like asking an alcoholic what their favorite alcohol is! But some of my favorites for make-up is MakeUp Geek, MAC, and Benefit Cosmetics

Some of my favorite designers are mostly small Indie designers that aren’t huge yet, but will be some day. More well-known brands I like are: Calvin Klein, Prada, Givenchy and Vera Wang.

Now its time for the lightning round! Everybody has to answer each question!!

  1. Favorite Food

Rimmel: French Fries

Romeo: Pot Roast and Cheesecake

Ivy: Pizza

Braeden: Sprinkles 

  1. Favorite Color

Rimmel: Purple

Romeo: Blue

Ivy: Pink, of course.

Braeden: Used to be green, but now its blue cause of Ivy’s eyes.

  1. Favorite TV show

Rimmel: Friends

Romeo: Sports Channel

Ivy: Project Runway

Braeden: Sports Channel 

  1. Favorite Song/Band

Rimmel: “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Romeo: “Rollin” Limp Bizkit

Ivy: “Fancy” by Iggy Azaela

Braeden: “You gotta fight for your right to party” -Beastie Boys

  1. Favorite place to visit

Rimmel: Anywhere with Romeo

Romeo: *smiles* What she said

Ivy: My parents in North Carolina

Braeden: The beach

  1. Favorite book

Rimmel: Pride and Prejudice

Romeo: My football playbook?

Ivy: Do magazines count? I like fashion ones

Braeden: *laughs* I don’t read. I watch the movie versions.

  1. Favorite hobby

Rimmel: Being at the shelter with the animals

Romeo: Football

Ivy: doing make-up

Braeden: playing football unless having sex is an answer.

Ivy: *groans*

Braeden: What? You know it’s your favorite too.

Ivy: *blushes*

Romeo: Yeah, sex.   

  1. Coke or Pepsi?

Rimmel: Apple Cider

Romeo: Beer

Ivy: Coffee

Braeden: Beer

  1. Morning person or night owl?

Rimmel: Morning person, I’m always the first one up.

Romeo: *nods* She is. Then me, I train every morning so, Morning person

Ivy: Night owl

Braeden: Mornings are evil

  • Summer or Winter?

Rimmel: Summer

Romeo: Summer

Ivy: Summer

Braeden: Summer

Ok, now the question that we all are dying to know! It has been told to us that Romeo and Rim are getting married. Braeden, Ivy, is there anything yall want to share? Braeden, do you plan to do a big proposal or something quiet? Ivy, what are your thoughts on the matter?

Romeo: *puts arm around Rimmel and kisses her head*

Braeden: Way to put a guy on the spot! Marriage? Ummmm….

Ivy: I think B and I are very happy just as we are right now.

Braeden: *lets out a breath* We definitely are.

Ivy: It’s hard to say what the future holds for us. But I think whatever it does, we’ll be together. *Looks at Braeden* Do you think so?

Braeden: *grabs Ivy’s hand* I know so. And you just never know what I might do when I get my hands on a ring…

Thanks for chatting with us! Yall are some of my favorite people and I have enjoyed chatting with you. Can’t wait to read your finale (but I will be sad to see yall go!).

Romeo: We aren’t going anywhere. We’ll still be here living happily ever after. Come visit us anytime.


So, based on the songs mentioned above, and a few that really fit the characters (Thanks Cambria’s Nerds for the awesome suggestions!), here is my Hashtag Playlist.


And now you can listen to Cambria read Chapter 1 in #<3! (PS-you can also find chapter 1 reads for other Hashtag books!)

where to get it

The Hashtag series! #Nerd is only 99 cents right now!!! Also you can preorder the #Holiday novella for 99 cents! And, yes, I am getting a copy of the Hashtag anniversary edition for #Nerd. One day, I will have signed copies of all of these books! They will be the most prized in my collection! #SoNotKidding


From the Hashtag Series including #<3!


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185 responses to “The Hashtag Series: Character Interview

  1. Lee Miranda

    This interview is fabulous! I loved all the characters and their answers!
    God job with the questions, and answers!

  2. Alyssa

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite thing about this series!! I would have to say the characters, they feel like friends <3

  3. Iyonna Boyd

    I LOVE this series!!!! So sad when I found out there’s a new one year anniversary that was a little expensive for my college-student bank account. Nevertheless, still my favorite series!!!

  4. Erin F.

    I have been wanting to read this story for so long from what other readers and authors have been saying about it. I just never have the funds. I see the first one is on sale right now and I am going to grab it! I have a feeling I will love it and want to read the whole series ASAP 🙂

  5. Stacey Hashimoto

    I loved the #nerd series & my fav character was BRAEDEN!!! I loved loved loved him!!! He stole my heart and is my fav book boyfriend ????

  6. Sara lewis

    Love the whole # series as it takes me back to that first time being in love. I’m 43 so that’s not easy!!

  7. Monique Ruttlen

    Picking a favorite part out of these books is like asking me to choose a favorite child, it is impossible. A close one is when Rim discovers that Rome brought home Murphy for her though…

  8. sylve t

    Absolutely LOVE this series!! This is a series i could not put down. I love everything about it so it is hard to pick just one thing lol. Im going to list a few because i just can’t pick one. i love the bromance between Romeo and Braeden (hehehe), and the BBFL relationship with Braeden and Rimmell!, i LOVEEE Romeo and Rimmell. I also love how they formed their own family.. So many things about this series resonate with me as i’m sure it does for many others. Cambria Herbert is amazing! I’m sad that there is only going to be one more book in the series but so happy she is making a new series where we get to see these amazing characters again!

  9. How can I choose a favorite when there are soooo many things?! I will say that from Rome and Rim I loved the moment Rome sees Rim’s whole face for the first time. It took him completely by surprise and he knew he was a goner then.

    B and Ivy? Oh these too take my breath away and I loved the scene where B gets jealous of Trent taking Ivy home. He goes to her dorm and she’s covered in her comforter to hide the fact that she was wearing B’s shirt *sigh* ❤️

    I guess if I would have to pick those would be it.

  10. Christina Burris

    I love this series! This interview is so cute and funny and it brought back all the feelings I had while reading the books!!

  11. Tracey Parker

    Oh gosh what an awesome interview! Thanks! I don’t know if I could pick just one favorite scene. I have really enjoyed reading this series.

    • I think I will always be #TeamRomeo but B and Ivy have really warmed up to me. However, Rimmel will always be my sister from another mister! Reading about her was like reading about me-awkward and a bit of a hot mess!

  12. Chris D

    My favorite thing about the hashtag series is the relationship between Romeo/Rimmel/Braeden. They are an amazing set of characters that really work well together.

  13. Shannon

    Loved the interview!! My favorite scene is when Romeo gets hurt and Rimmel tries to jump over the barrier to get to him and he runs over to calm her. Seriously swoon worthy!!!

  14. candy s

    Who doesn’t love the nerd and jock falling for each other?! I guess One Tree Hill got me hooked on that kinda romance senerio or maybe it’s just my inner nerd speaking out.

  15. Melissa

    I love everything about this series! The whole atmosphere is heart warming. To have friends that are so close to each other to become family is awesome. 🙂

  16. Katie

    I am so happy that Romeo, Rimmel, Braeden & Ivy all got their HEA. It’s going to be sad seeing you all go but I know this isn’t the end. I look forward to Drew & Trent’s stories and maybe we’ll se a cameo appearence of these amazing 4 people we’ve come to love in the past year. <3 #thisisn'tgoodbye

  17. Stephanie R.

    I bought the ebook of #Nerd, but haven’t read it yet! I’ve read reviews, seen teasers, and really want to read this over Christmas Break! I’m excited!

  18. Vedette

    I love everything about this series! They’re written really well, the characters are awesome, and once you start you just fly through them 🙂

  19. beckyk

    I loved everything about the hashtag series!!! I love getting to see point of view from all of the main characters! And also love the fact that Rimmel is a #Nerd and still got the most gorgeous sweet guy Romeo. I tell everyone about this series and it will always be at the top of my list for best reads! 🙂 Love this interview by the way!

  20. This interview is absolutely awesome! I loved every bit of it.

    As for my favorite scene… well I have two. The first time Romeo kisses Rimmel and the scene where you see Braeden sleeping outside of Ivy’s bedroom door.

  21. Nicolette

    I have yet to read the Hashtag series, but I really want to and will be starting as soon ase I get nice and comfy at home tonight. Many of my friends post comments of this series and I get excited every time a new teaser or such is posted. Can’t wait to join the #hashtag brigade!

  22. Danielle

    I loved this interview and all of the bonus features like the playlist! I love everything about this series!!

  23. Nicole Anaya

    OMG! I haven’t had the chance to read them. The reason why I want to read it is because I’ve read little excerpts and they’re just amazing. I fell in love with the characters within less than a chapter and I would love to know their stories. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Tina L

    Love the interview!! Fav about this series is the blatant in your face way you can see/read the love they all have for each other.. Would love for my life to be this way!

  25. Marcia

    I am so excited to read the Hashtag Series, and I really cannot wait to see the movie. I have all of the books lined up and ready to go. I love the covers of the books. I love reading books about the least likely people falling in love.

  26. AndieLovesBooks

    I recently picked up Nerd on Amazon, and heard so many good things about it, I want to dive into the series 🙂

  27. Melinda Rojas

    How does one pick a favorite thing about the Hashtag Series?! I love everything but if I must choose its the way Rimmel and Romeo are with each other they make me believe any one can find love no matter if you’re a nerd football player diva. We all deserve someone that completes us. <3 if that makes any sense. Also the Alpha Buzzfeed is awesome and I also enjoy Braeden's humor.

  28. Gidget

    I have so many favorites. Romeo teaching Rim how to drive a stick was funny and horrible all rolled into one. That poor Hellcat!

    • As someone who has taught another person to drive a stick, it was funny and true! I felt exactly like Romeo! I was sure my transmission was going to fall right out into the middle of the road!

  29. Pam

    #Nerd is my favorite book of the series. and Rome is my favorite character. favorite scene, when Braeden puts Rome’s sweater on Rim lol that was awesome.

  30. Nanette b

    I loooove B. He’s my favorite. I just love his persona and the way he is with his girls. He’s just loving and caring and has an awesome sense of humor

  31. Justine

    Love this interview! Can’t wait to get my hands on #<3 & #holiday! Desperate to find out what happens to my fave characters, yet seriously sad that it's ending! Can't even begin to pinpoint the best bits, I love everything about it – even Zach's unhinged personality! <3

  32. Sanne Heremans

    What do I love about this series? Every single thing about it!

    Warm, cozy, funny, sexy and suspenseful!

  33. April S

    My favorite thing about the Hashtag series is the friendship between all the characters. They created their own little family and are always their for each other. I just love all the characters and interactions.

  34. Tasha

    I loved this. It was awesome reading all the answers to the speed round questions. I’m going to miss this series. I love Rimmel, she reminds me of myself in school!

  35. Cindy

    My favorite scene is the one between B and Ivy in the back of his pickup.
    I really enjoyed the interviews!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  36. Chastity Kidd

    The hashtag series is my all time fave book series. I love the characters. They all play off eachother so well. Seriously in love with this series.

  37. Jesika

    I am soooo in love with this series!!!!!!!!!! These people are amazing and hilarious and Cambria is a genius!!!

  38. Anita Powers

    I love this series, already pre-ordered the Holiday book and cannot wait to read the last book. I will miss these 4 so much. One of so many quotes I love is this one “Don’t forget this moment. Don’t forget the absolute truth in the way you feel right now. I love you and I’m not going to stop.”
    ― Cambria Hebert, #Player

  39. Jennifer Norris

    I love the epilogue to #Player. Can you post the link to the playlist? I can’t find it on Spotify.

  40. Janelle

    I absolutely LOVED your character interview!!! #Hastag Series is definitely my favorite series!! All of the characters are wonderful, but my Favorite is B, because he keeps it real!! ?

  41. Gaby

    I have yet to read the series yet, but after watching the book trailer I have to go and get the Kindle copy and f the first book!

  42. Jenelle Reyes

    Awesome interview! Rimmel is my favorite character! She is comfortable with who she is and is a strong woman.

  43. Shai Villanueva

    I love the Hashtag series!! My favorite will always be #Nerd though. Rim <3 Rome forever!!
    (And oh, just watched the book trailer. It was awesome!! I need #NERD to be a movie!)

  44. Kat Rellim

    My favorite is Rimmel <3 I haven't been able to read the last 2 books yet but I look forward to them especially since I pre-order the holiday one!!!

  45. Jessica

    I love the interview! I am going to miss reading more books in this series. Due to the trailer I have decided to re-read the series until the new book comes out.

  46. Michelle Monroe

    Awesome Interview!! I loved it!! I’m going to miss these characters! They need to make the series into a t.v. Show so we can see them every week!!

    Favorite scenes??? Gahhh, I love them all.

    I love when Romeo is trying to teach Rimmel to drive the hellcat, lol. When Braeden finds Ivy wearing his shirt! When Romeo and Rimmel kids…every time is *sigh*. I love how Braeden gets all jealous and caveman like over Ivy, I like at the beach when he sees Trent ongoing her in her teeny bikini! Lol. There’s too many great things to mention, I’d be here all day typing. Lol!!!

    Ty for the chance at the awesome prize, you rock!!

  47. Cara O

    I love all things Romeo, but one of my favorite scenes was when he chased after Rimmel after his mom got to her. Thanks for the chance!

  48. Erin

    I love that Romeo loves everything about Rimmel that everyone else overlooks and how rimmel sees the real romeo

  49. Lynn Latimer

    i just started this series and have only read #NERD so far. I love Romeo and Rimmel together. They are complete opposites but to me that is the best paring because you can learn from each other. Two of the same type can be boring. I can’t wait to start the next book.

  50. Juli

    Love the #hashtag series!! I love all of the characters but Romeo and Rimmel are so sweet!! There are too many favorite scenes! But I love the scene in the library when they first met!! Instant connection!! <3

  51. Dusty Summerford

    The library scene when Rimmel and Romeo meet for tutoring. I was hooked from there.

    Great interview!! It was soooo good!!

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