Book Recs based on your pizza order!

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Pizza Picks and Books!

It’s time for more book recs and this time, I’m basing my recommendations on your favorite pizza toppings! Me, I LOVE green olives. Sometimes, I just get cheese and green olives. But, I also mix it up sometimes, so I think I tend to mood read just like I “mood order” my pizza. So, get comfortable, order a pizza, and pick a new read!

Meat Lovers:

You are outspoken and opinionated. You have lots of pride in your family, town, state, country. I suggest you check out these cowboy romance books!

Green Olives:

You go with the flow. While you like green olives, you know not everyone does and that’s cool too. You should read these books because their heroines are a lot like you-chill and easy to love!


Onions are the topping of the mature. You are an adult and eat like one (me? I’m an adult, but I still eat like a kid). I suggest these romances with more mature characters!


This is the most controversial topping for sure. You are unique and quirky (also, you want the whole pizza to yourself in most cases). Check out these books with some unique and quirky characters.

Banana pepper and jalapeno pepper::

You are always the center of attention and hilarious! Your job is to get all eyes on you and keep everyone laughing. Check out these RomComs that are just over the top.


Anchovies are a rare topping for sure and it shows you are bold and stubborn. If a pizza topping could be giving the finger, it would a pizza with anchovies; instead, you will give everyone the finger for picking on your favorite topping. Check out these characters who are bold and don’t give AF!

extra cheese:

Extra cheese as your topping shows you are simple, driven and goal oriented. You know what you want and don’t want anything to get in the way. You should check out these historical romances with goal oriented heroines who wanted more than just a husband.


The veggie lovers are quiet and unassuming. You don’t make a big deal out of things, and prefer not to be the center of attention. You probably date a Banana Pepper and Jalapeno pepper partner. Check out these heroines who are filled with quiet determination!


Help me add to the list! Leave your thoughts and recommendations in the comments!

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3 responses to “Book Recs based on your pizza order!

  1. I read the green olives part and was like, “hmmm what about pineapple?” and then, there was pineapple (which I like on pizza). Fun quiz!

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