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Disciples, I have a treat for you today! I was given the chance to sit down with Sam, Mason, and Logan from the Fallen Crest Series by Tijan!! So, want the scoop on their hopes and dreams? Here you go!

So, hello y’all!!! I am super excited to be here with you and ask you some questions. Here we go!

If you could travel anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go and why?
Logan snorts. “Vegas. Tahiti. Cancun. Miami. Nude beaches in Europe. Oh-a soccer game in Europe would be awesome too, but yeah, basically anywhere there’s hot chicks.”
Mason reaches over and laces his fingers with Sam’s. “Where do you want to go?”
She shrugs, a soft grin on her face. Tilting her head up slightly, she murmurs, “Maybe a really beautiful cabin in the mountains? That’d be gorgeous, cozy, and intimate.” She shares a meaningful look with him. “It’d be nice to get away.”
Mason turns to the interviewer and nods in Sam’s direction. “I go where she goes.”
Ok, I think my heart just melted a little… I mean seriously y’all, how hot is that?!

Ok, what is one thing you are most afraid of?
Sam’s eyes widen. Her hand flattens over her stomach and she sucks in a breath of air, but she doesn’t answer. Her hand tightens around Mason’s, who answers, “Losing.”
Logan’s about to answer, but turns to his brother. His eyebrows pinch forward together. “Losing? What? A game? A fight?”
“No, just losing.” Mason glances to Sam.
So does Logan and his mouth slowly closes before he exhales a long sigh. “Well, my answer sounds cheap now. I was going to say I’m afraid of clowns or something.”
“Clowns are good too.” Mason grins slightly at him. “Clowns are deep.”
Fyi-clowns are SCARY! I’m with Logan on this one.

Alright how about this: if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
“Holy shitola. What wouldn’t I do with it?” Logan shoots his hand in the air and leans forward on his chair. “I’d like to refer back to the original question and my original answer of: Vegas, Tahiti, Cancun, Miami, you name it and I want to go there with my money. World Tour of Logan!”
Sam smiles. “I’d buy that cabin in the mountains somewhere. It’d be really big.”
Logan glances over, hiding his grin. ‘You wouldn’t be compensating for something else that’s not big, are you…” His eyes dart to Mason.
“Look who’s talking.” Mason snorts. “You’re talking about a world tour of Logan. If anyone’s over compensating, I don’t think its Sam for my dick.”

Okay, this next question is for Mason.
What is your favorite thing about Sam?
Logan groans. “Cue the cheesy music. Violins, please.”
Mason doesn’t look at his brother, but holds up his hand and extends the middle finger. He says to the interviewer, his face unreadable, “Honestly, that she loves me.”
Aww thats so sweet. So, Sam, what is your favorite thing about Mason?
Sam’s hand slams over Logan’s mouth and she leans forward to the interviewer, smiling sweetly. “I love how he’s loyal and he protects me. I might not always agree with his methods, but he protects me. I love that about him, and a whole host of other things, but that’s my favorite thing.”
Logan shrugs off her hand and rolls his eyes. “Can you two, for once, be shallow? Say you love how he takes you in the shower or the size of his dick? Say you love his morning breath? You’re both so serious all the time.”
“Logan, you write poetry to women’s vaginas. That’s not cheesy?” Mason asks.
Logan shrugs. “That’s romantic, but funny and also vaginas are beautiful vacations. We should all uphold them in honor. Maybe even say a prayer to them once a day or something.”
Well, lets include Logan on this one! If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring 3 things, what would they be?
Logan says immediately, “A model. A professional volleyball player and an Olympic swimmer. All from the female gender.”
Mason shakes his head, but answers, “Knife, matches, and something to help me purify water.”
Sam gazes up at him. “You wouldn’t take me?”
Logan groans, slumping down in his chair. His hand covers his mouth and he coughs, “Choueesy!”
Ignoring him, Mason replies, “I wouldn’t want you stranded there unless we had a way home, then yes; you’re coming for sure.”
Okay, seriously, Mason is putting a lot of men to shame here! Seriously, Sam is one crazy lucky girl! 
So lets get serious. What do you plan on being for Halloween this year?
Logan says, “A minion.”
Mason laughs, and answers, “Whatever costume I buy that day.”
Sam nods. “Me too.”
Final question: What is your favorite book/author/genre?
Coughing, Logan’s smile widens. “I believe we’re under contract to answer Tijan, of course.”
Sam laughs. “Right now, I’m only reading textbooks.”
“Same here. We got a new football coach standing in this year, so my playbook? Textbooks and that thing, that’s all I read.”

Y’all have been great! Thanks for chatting with me and answering my burning questions. I am sure my readers are dying to know!! (and PS-Samantha is a kick ass name 🙂 I’m just saying…) 

Haven’t met Mason, Logan, and Sam before? You can grab book 1 for free and the rest on sale. And, book 5 releases on Tuesday!!!

Book 0: Mason
Book 1: Fallen Crest High
Book 2: Fallen Crest Family
ook 3: Fallen Crest Public
Book 4: Fallen Fourth Down
Book 5: Fallen Crest University





And….here is the book trailer!!

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