Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin

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Her Deadly Secrets by Laura GriffinHer Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin
Pages: 368

Series: Wolfe Security #2
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Setting: Houston, TX
Source: ARC, NetGalley
Also in this series: Desperate Girls
Also by this author: Deep Dark, At Close Range, Cover of Night, Touch of Red, Desperate Girls, Last Seen Alone, Deep Tide
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Private Investigator Kira Vance spends her days navigating the intricate labyrinth of Houston’s legal world, and she knows all of its shadowy players and dark secrets.

On a seemingly normal day, she’s delivering a report to her top client when suddenly everything goes sideways and the meeting ends in a bloodbath. Twenty-four hours later, the police have no suspects but one thing is clear: a killer has Kira in his sights.

Fiercely independent, Kira doesn’t expect—or want—help from anyone, least of all an unscrupulous lawyer and his elite security team. Instead, she launches her own investigation, hoping to uncover the answers that have eluded the police. But as Kira’s hunt for clues becomes more and more perilous, she realizes that she alone may hold the key to finding a vicious murderer. And she knows she must take help wherever she can find it if she wants to stay alive.

Her Deadly Secrets is another example of why I love Laura Griffin! Her books are such great romantic suspense! She weaves a great tale, layered with character development and mystery.

Kira is a PI who finds herself witness to a brutal murder. Now, she has to join forces with a guy she doesn’t trust and accept the protection of Wolfe Security. Jeremy is the man assigned to be Kira’s protection detail. Kira, being a PI, isn’t just content to sit back and let the police solve this murder so she, of course, gets herself in even deeper. Now, I will say that thankfully, Kira is brave but not stupid. Sometimes in these stories the heroine does some totally dumb $4!t and puts herself in major danger. Kira is determined but not dumb. She is risky but not reckless. That made the story so much more believable to me!

The romance between Jeremy and Kira is kind of second fiddle to the mystery/danger and I was okay with that. The story puts Kira and Jeremy in some stressful situations and forced proximity so if the romance was the top point, it wouldn’t have felt natural. I also appreciated that Griffin shows us Jeremy’s struggles with having feelings for Kira. Again, that felt natural (I mean, she is a job for him).

Her Deadly Secrets will appeal to romantic suspense fans who appreciate a lot of danger and mystery with a backdrop of romance!



romantic suspense authors like Karen Rose, Sandra Brown, Jayne Ann Krentz…then you will probably like Her Deadly Secrets!


Her Deadly Secrets

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“Excuse me?”

“You’re Kira Vance?”

She stood up, which put her eye-level with his neck. “Who are you?”

“Jeremy Owen. Wolfe Security.”

Kira stepped back to look at him. Shaggy brown hair, tanned skin. He had a square jaw covered with at least a week’s worth of beard.

“I’m head of your security detail,” he said. “We were supposed to meet upstairs at the briefing. Which you skipped.”

His blue eyes looked irritated and bloodshot and together with the scruff made him seem like he was coming off a weekend bender. Except for the gun. He wore jeans and an untucked black T-shirt that did little to conceal the holster at his hip.

“My detail?” she asked.

“That’s right. I’m—”

A jackhammer sounded nearby, drowning him out. Kira waited patiently until the noise stopped.

“Look, Mr. . . .” What had he said?


“Not to be rude, Jeremy, but I don’t have time for this now. I have a police interview, and I’m late to pick up my car.” At least some of that was true, but he looked unmoved. “Let’s reschedule for tonight. Maybe around six? I should be clear by then, and we can go over whatever it is.” She stuffed the chain into her bag and jerked her bike from the rack.

He plucked it out of her hand, holding it by the frame.

“No deal.”

“Excuse me? You want to put that down, please?”



“Come with me.”

He turned and walked back to the building, carrying her bike like it weighed nothing. He held the door open and waited, clearly expecting her to follow him.

She snatched up her helmet and complied, ducking under his arm into the air-conditioned lobby, where he guided her out of the traffic flow and set down her bike.

“Rescheduling isn’t an option,” he said as she glared up at him. Damn, he was tall. “But I’ll make this quick if you want, and we can get to your interview.”

She crossed her arms.

“Let’s start over.” He held his hand out. “I’m Jeremy Owen, lead security specialist with Wolfe Security.”

It seemed petty not to shake his hand, so she did.

“Kira Vance.”

“Good to meet you.” He rested his hands on his hips and gazed down at her. “I understand you’re on the defense team that was targeted yesterday evening.”

“Yes and no.”

His eyebrows tipped up.

“It’s a long story.” She huffed out a breath. “Look, is this really necessary? I don’t need a bodyguard, and I’m very, very late for something, so can we—”

“If you don’t like the arrangement, take it up with your boss.”

“Brock Logan is not my boss.”

“His law firm, then. They hired us to protect Logan’s team, and I was told you’re on it. Or am I wrong about that?”

She thought of the wire transfer hitting her account right about now. By taking the money, she’d tacitly agreed to all this.

And she thought about the likelihood that Jeremy had driven himself here.

“No, you’re right, I’m on it.” She blew out a sigh. “Sorry, it’s been one of those mornings.”

“No problem.”

“Hey, so Jeremy, any chance you have a car here?”

“Yes.” He picked up her bike again. “Tell me where we’re going.”


her deadly secrets

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