How can I find more books like “X”, “Y”, or “Z”?

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So you read a book and loved it! You loved the trope, the theme, the author, whatever it was, and now you wonder: “How can I find a book with this vibe?”. Let me help you out! I am going to give you a few different options to help you find books in a genre, subgenre, or trope that you are clicking with right now!

The Book Disciple’s Books by Trope or Theme

Let’s start with this website! I tag all my reads with tropes, themes, motifs, etc and you can see all the books that fit those tags! Just click on the link above and you will see bunches of different categories for you to find your next read! Its super easy and you can see my review to determine if that really is your next favorite read.


Ok, I will preface this by saying its my LEAST favorite way to find similar books. However, I want to be comprehensive here! You need to watch out for the “Sponsored Products related to this item”. These are likely to not really be what you are looking for at all. Here is what I suggest:

  1.   Go to Amazon and search for the book you just finished reading (and loved).
  2.   Leave a review (its good for authors and readers alike)!
  3.   Scroll to the bottom of the page for the book you loved (below all the reviews) and you will see “Customers who read this book also read” with a list of books.

These books are usually other books by the same author, books by similar authors, or books with similar subgenres. It won’t get you books JUST like the one you loved, but you might find a few books that catch your eye!

What Should I Read Next

Here is a fun option, but again, I’m not super impressed by the results. Some are spot on. Others? Yeah… For example, I went to the website, typed in Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen (a favorite of mine) and here are the results:

So, you can see its kind of a wide variety. Most perplexing is the historical romance. However, let me point out what I do think is helpful: the tags! If you want books about “Fire Fighters”, “Families”, or other topics, this site could be very helpful for you. I would suggest searching by tag. You can type in the book you loved, then in addition to the list of books like it, the site provides several tags for that book you loved. Try clicking on those tags to get more books with that topic.

Goodreads Listopia

Goodreads has such a plethora of user generated resources to help you find books. Listopia is all user generated and user voted (which can cause some problems because what one person sees as a Hockey Romance might not have any actual hockey players in the story). Here’s how to use listopia to your advantage:

Once you get to the listopia page, you will see a bunch of lists on the home screen you can check out. They are kind of randomly generated and may or may not be helpful. You can also see lists your goodreads friends have voted on. But, the most important part for the purposes of finding the right book are on the right side of screen. You can search lists or browse by tag! If you search list for “Hockey Romance” you will find MULTIPLE lists with tons of books voted on by hundreds/thousands of readers. It can be pretty helpful! is great if you really have more of a “vibe” for what you want to read next! This gives you slider on various things like “Happy-Sad”, “No Sex-Sex”, and other general topics. The slider is fully adjustable, so say you want something that’s more than 50% sex, you can adjust the slider to anywhere between 50-100% on the Sex side. Want something super violent? Or a really short read? There are sliders for those as well.

Do you have a site that I missed? Let me know in the comments! Is there something else you REALLY wish existed to help you find a book? SHARE!

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6 responses to “How can I find more books like “X”, “Y”, or “Z”?

  1. I’ve tried out all of these different options and I still haven’t found a system that works for me! I think that the books I’m looking for are too specific. Like, when I say I want a book like Red, White, & Royal Blue there are a lot of ways that can be interpreted. Was it the enemies to lovers that I loved? The royalty aspect? The humor? Or all three! But a site can’t know that really. That’s why I mainly rely on recommendations from people I know and trust. That way I can tell them exactly what I loved about a book, or about several books, and know that they’ll give me the closest match they can think of based on those specific preferences alone!

    • You should check out my books by trope or theme! This way you can search by things like “enemies to lovers” and find other books with that trope!

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