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Disciples, I have another treat for you! I got to sit down with Jackson and Ana from the Chastity falls series and ask some question! So, if you haven’t read any of the books yet, get to know these two. If you have read the books, get to know them a bit better and get the inside scoop! (And if you scroll to the bottom, you can enter to win 🙂 )

PS-Want to know what I thought of Tribulation and Truths? Come back Friday and get my thoughts!

Chastity falls

  1. So, Jackson and Ana, what’s new?? How is school going?

ANA – Things are okay, I guess. It’s been kind of crazy since well, you know, since what went down (glances to Jackson).

JACKSON – It’s cool, we can tell them. After everything that went down with Braiden at the end of last year, we thought this year was going to be easier. As you probably know, that didn’t turn out, but we’re dealing.

ANA – We’re making things sound really cryptic, aren’t we? I’m sorry, it’s just there’s some things we can’t openly discuss.


  1. Ok, now the important stuff! Jackson, when are you going to propose to Ana? Inquiring minds NEED to know! Will you do one of those crazy choreographed things that someone video tapes? I’m pretty sure that would go viral!

(Jackson coughs and slams his fist against his chest while Ana laughs quietly)

ANA – We have no plans to get engaged any time soon.

(Jackson throws her a sideways glance)

JACKSON – We don’t, huh?

(Ana rolls her eyes)

ANA – Seriously, Jax, you want to get into this? Now?

JACKSON – It’ll happen, and it’ll be epic, of course!


  1. Alright, moving on! Ana, what is your favorite food? Jackson, how about you?

ANA – I’m a picker so fries, chips, that kind of thing.

JACKSON – V’s pie. Every time!


  1. Okay, what 3 things would you want if you were stuck on an island?

JACKSON – Ana, V’s pie, and my cellphone

(Ana gawks at Jackson)

ANA – Seriously, how do you do that?

JACKSON – Do what?

ANA – Know exactly what you’d want?

(Jackson shrugs)

JACKSON – It’s pretty simple. You, pie, and my cell.

ANA – Okaaaay.

JACKSON – Well, what would you want?

ANA – Hmm, your football jersey, my toothbrush, and you, I guess.

JACKSON – You guess? Geez, thanks.


  1. Jackson, I know you have not spoken to Braiden, but do you think you will, in the future?

JACKSON – You went there, huh? Look, things between  Braiden and I are, well, they’re really messed up. But he was my best friend. My brother of sorts. That doesn’t just go away, you know.


  1. Ana, how did you manage to not punch Briony every time you saw her? I mean, seriously, you have some amazing will power! How did you do it? (And why didn’t you punch her!? She is an awful person!)

ANA – I wanted to, trust me I wanted to. I still want to. But she’s… hmm, she was Jackson’s family. Besides, I’m not a fighter. Have you seen me? And I believe in karma. She’ll get what’s coming to her. One day!


  1. What are your post college plans? What would you LOVE to do?

JACKSON – I’d like to teach, I think. English.

ANA – You totally stole my answer! I’d like to teach or write maybe. I always wanted a career in journalism, but I’m not so sure now.


  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you (both of you have to answer!)

(Share an awkward look)

ANA – No, Jackson, don’t you dare!

JACKSON – Come on, it was funny. Even Otis saw the funny side.

(Ana buries her face in her hands)

JACKSON – We were visiting Otis and V and got a little carried away in my room. That house has walls thinner than paper, I swear.

ANA – Jackson!!!

JACKSON –Fine, fine, I think you get the idea anyway, right?


  1. Ok, this is a little game I ask all my guests. So, you just have to tell me your favorite of each of the following (both of you!)
    1. Beverage: A – Diet Coke J – Beer
    2. TV show: A – I don’t really watch TV, but I like old re-runs of Christmas movies J – Anything with football
    3. Book/Author: A and J say in unison – Shakespeare
    4. Color: A – Black J – Green
    5. Movie: A – it’s been so long since I went the movies J – Friday Night Lights
    6. Song/Band: A – Gabrielle Aplin Salvation J – Thirty Second to Mars The Kill
    7. Dream Car: A – really, do I look like I care about cars? J – I drive it!
    8. Number: A – 8 (it’s the same shape as the infinity sign) J – 13, obviously
    9. City: A – I haven’t travelled that much J – Seattle is pretty cool


  1. Final question! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JACKSON – That’s simple. Wherever Ana is.

(Jackson pulls Ana into his side and presses a kiss to her head)

ANA – What he said!

So disciples, what do you think? Don’t you just love these two!? Swoon!!! Have you read the series yet? Leave a comment and let me know! I might just be feeling gifty and give some away!!

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