The Disciple Discusses: What Makes Me Read!

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Today, lets talk about what makes you grab a book! For me, there are a few things. Tell me, do you agree?

  1. Book Cover: Yeah, I said it, I look at the cover first! As I am browsing amazon, Net Galley, or the actual bookstore, if the cover doesn’t catch my eye, I don’t even read the blurb. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I do. Thats not to say I don’t read books with non-eye catching covers, but those books have to get my attention in another way. Book covers are always the first round draft! So, what makes me love a cover?? Here are a few of my favorites

Yes, I like the hot guys. I also LOVE great color combos like Thief of Hearts and Kiss my Boots. Devil in Spring is another stunning example of using color well. I also like when the author does a custom photo shoot and the pictures are exclusive. I know this is super expensive and not practical, but when authors do it, the results are typically awesome, like #BAE.

2. So, one the cover has hooked me, I check out the blurb. Here is what I am looking for:

  • Setting, characters (I want to know the who and the where)
  • General idea of what type of trope is used (so, is it second chance, billionaire, step-siblings, etc)
  • Nothing super cheesy. If the blurb writing makes me cringe, I probably will pass.

3. Next, I look at the author. I, like all readers, have authors I LOVE no matter what they write. I have typically read more than a few books by this person and have given each one a 4 or 5 star rating. For me, some of my auto-buy authors are Cynthia Eden, Susan Stoker, Alexa Riley, CL Stone, Cassandra Clare, Jay Crownover, and Sarina Bowen.

4. Finally, if its an author I haven’t read before, a cover that wasn’t really eye catching, or a blurb that left me feeling meh, the final way to get me to read a book is a recommendation from a trusted source. For example, I have learned that sometimes, my mom makes good recommendations if I am in the mood for a contemporary romance. If I want historical romance, Nick from Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite booklist has never steered me wrong (she got me hooked on Lisa Kleypas!). Renee at Addicted to romance has led me to a few absolute gems (she introduced me to Kerrelyn Sparks and Ruby Dixon!). Rowena from Book Binge has gotten me to read all kinds of authors that were well known but I had never read like Nalini Singh. Kim the Caffeinated book reviewer got me hooked on some great romance audiobooks.  Angela of Angels Guilty Pleasures has led me to some great PNR reads! Whitney at shooting stars reviews has been my go to girl to find new reverse harem stories. These are just a few of the ladies I know I can count on to recommend something I would have passed on otherwise. There are so many great bloggers out there! Who do you know that gives the best recommendations?

Lets Discuss! How do you pick what books to read? Do you have a go to author or advisor to steer you? Are you a cover whore like me? (Please, someone else tell me they are a cover whore too!) Share in the comments!

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14 responses to “The Disciple Discusses: What Makes Me Read!

  1. A cover definitely can be the determining factor in whether I give a book a closer look or not. While it’s not the final determining factor in whether I will read a book or not, first impressions are important. I definitely take into consideration the author, the genre, and what the book is about. Like you, there are some authors who I will read everything they’ve written. Or at least want to. LOL And book recommendations from trusted friends is a big plus, especially, as you said, if its not a particularly flattering cover. 🙂

    Great topic for discussion, Samantha!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am glad to see I am not alone in my cover love! I know so many people say not to judge a book by its cover but its the first impression!!! How can you NOT!?

  2. Thank’s for the shoot out ^_^! As for what makes me read: COVERS!! Yes, that is the first thing I see. If it doesn’t catch my eye I won’t even look at the blurb. Then the blurb needs to tell me who, where, and type, but not give the whole story away. I’ve read some blurbs and just cringe and go nope not going to work. I also get great recommendations from several trusted bloggers I like to follow.

    • Yes, if a blurb makes me cringe or roll my eyes, I am already judging that book and its not good! I’m with you-I need the basics about the story so I can make a good decision. I hate blurbs that are SO vague you can’t get a sense for what the story is about!

  3. I always look at the author first and if the author is someone I’ve read before and loved, then I look at the blurb. I never consider the covers when I decide. I might be in the minority here but while I enjoy gorgeous covers, it never determines whether I’d buy the book or not.

    Awesome discussion, Sam. Love this. ?❤️??

    • I am such a cover whore I can’t NOT consider it. I wish I wasn’t so shallow but…oh well! Now, I am more forgiving of a bad cover if its a trusted author! So, maybe its only newer authors to me that need GREAT covers.

  4. oh what a great discussion you have here darling. There are quite a few things that go into picking up books. I will say that a cover is one of the largest reasons for me too. I just love a pretty romantic cover, and I do think some authors could get more books grabbed if they would do a good cover.

    Also another reason is either a publisher or author. If its a publisher like Avon or Sourcebooks…I will pick up a book, because I just trust those publishers. Some authors are just auto buy authors for me, because I know I will love what they write no matter what.

    Another reason is the blurb….certain tropes or themes will make me grab up a book very very quickly, especially if its one I am in the mood for right then.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

    • Oh you make a good point about publishers! I have only started reading Avon books in the past year or so, but I do agree they are almost always total wins!

  5. Haha! Hot guys on covers are more likely to be a turnoff for me! 😀 but you’re right – the cover is super important. If the cover isn’t too nice, it can still catch me by its name, but that’s harder. And if the cover looks cheap… well, that’s no good. Cheap, poorly edited covers make you not want to pick up the book at all.

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