Extreme Pursuit by Alex Kingwell: Review

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Extreme Pursuit by Alex Kingwell: ReviewExtreme Pursuit by Alex Kingwell
Pages: 240

Series: Chasing Justice #2
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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Nicky Bosko barely remembers the mother who abandoned her twenty years ago. But when her mother's long-buried remains are discovered, the authorities suspect murder-and turn to Nicky for help. Putting her trust in the magnetic detective who wants to explore her memories of the past, Nicky is desperate to learn the truth.

Cullen Fraser knows the odds against solving a case as cold as this one. Yet the brutal killing of a woman deserves justice. As he begins to unravel a web of lies, it becomes clear that Nicky is in danger and that his need to protect her goes far beyond duty. But before he can even think of a future with her, he must keep her safe from the betrayals of her past . . .

Extreme Pursuit
Alex Kingwell

what i think

Extreme Pursuit was one of those ‘impulse grab’ books. You know what I mean-the kind you were about to pass by, but then the cover catches your eye and you think ‘why not?’ and grab it! I love romantic suspense so this seemed like a great grab!

Extreme Pursuit jumps right into the action. Nicky, the heroine, is a social worker with a past. Her mother left when she was 5 and her dad isn’t exactly the nurturing kind. Her sister is a bit of a bitch. So, she is very rough around the edges. Cullen, the hero, is the cop assigned to Nicky’s moms case. The mystery of what happened was intriguing. Even with that, I did struggle with this book at times. It just didn’t seem to keep my interest fully. Nicky and Cullen were not really well developed. Their romance didn’t feel believable. I’m totally down with insta-love but these two just didn’t work for me. The plot was good, and Kingwell throws you several red herrings to keep you guessing. Overall, if you like your books more mystery, less romance this is a solid choice!



if you liked

Above Protection by CJ Pinard, Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle…then you will probably like Extreme Pursuit!

where to get it

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An award-winning writer of romantic suspense, Alex Kingwell is a former newspaper reporter, columnist and editor who much prefers spending her days making stories up. When she’s not writing or stuck with her head in a book, Alex can be found running with her dog, obsessing over tribal textiles or watching offbeat movies with her husband (not necessarily in that order). She lives on the Canadian Prairies.

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Across the street now, the cop started walking quickly down the sidewalk toward her, his bearing that of a man more used to giving orders than receiving them. Even from fifty yards she could tell he was a looker. Dark blond hair, striking, sharp facial features. And big, with a broad, muscular chest, and plenty through the arms and shoulders. At least a head taller than her. The word “strapping” came to mind.

An urge to run came upon her but she stood her ground. Foolhardy she could be but never cowardly.

The cop’s approach caught the attention of a middle-aged man in a suit walking past her. Slowing to catch the action, the suit looked from Nicky to the cop and back at her again. A hard stare convinced him to move on.

The cop stopped in front of her, flashed a shiny metal badge in her face. “Police Investigator,” it said. Her glance moved up his chest—lingering momentarily on the man cleavage peeking out from two undone buttons—to his face. He was hot, all right. Off-the-charts hot, with impressive eyebrows, a strong jaw, and a long, straight nose on a squarish face. His hair was messy and in need of a trim but, combined with the stubble on his chin, gave an impression of rough, raw masculinity more in keeping with thugs than cops. He’d be a natural at undercover work.

She met his eyes, felt her mouth drop open.

They were intense.

It wasn’t just their color—a clear, medium blue—but the way he was looking at her. But not in a way that suggested he liked what he saw. If anything, the opposite. More like the way a plastic surgeon might examine a particularly nasty facial disfigurement. A very rude plastic surgeon.

Swallowing hard, she took a full step back.

It was too weird. She said, “What are you looking at?”

He looked away for a moment, gave his head a little shake, then back at her. “You are Nicole Bosko?” His expression wasn’t as intense now, and she had the feeling he was making an effort to tone it down.

There didn’t seem any point in lying. She nodded, then gestured

across the street toward the shelter. “I’m late for work.”

He held up a hand. “I’m Detective Cullen Fraser. I have some questions I’d like to ask you.”

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One response to “Extreme Pursuit by Alex Kingwell: Review

  1. Oh boo! That sucks that the connection between the couple wasn’t as developed as you thought it would be. The premise sounds really good too so boo! But I definitely need a balance between the romance and suspense.
    Great review!

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