Words I hate!

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I think everyone has a few words that set their teeth on edge (moist is probably the most common), so I thought I would share a few of my terms I want to wipe from the lexicon of the English language!


Let me be specific here-I don’t like the term juices as used in romance novels during sex. It is just so gross.


I can’t put my finger on exactly why this word bothers me, but it does. Maybe because it feels clunky and there are many other ways to explain how water moves. Also, maybe because it’s too close to juice (see above)


This is another overused word in romance that comes up when discussing things that are suppose to be sexy. Anything being damp makes me think of a poorly waterproofed basement, not sexy times.


For me, this feels juvenile and unless it is being spoken by a toddler, it comes off as a little creepy.


Ok, nothing should squirt, especially from the human body! Anything squirting is usually accompanied by a sound that is much like a fart, and again, not what anyone should be describing coming from the human body.

I think vocabulary is one thing LOTS of people have strong opinions on, so share yours in the comments!

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3 responses to “Words I hate!

  1. I love this post. It gave me a good giggle. I will never forget, when one of my co-workers told her class that she didn’t like the word “moist”. It’s high school, you know they worked that word into the conversation every day. I have developed a distaste for the word “muggy”, because my parents endlessly use it (even when it’s not humid”. It makes me nuts.

  2. I think the bottom gif broke me! ? Perfect choice.
    I’m fine with the word moist if it’s describing a cake or something as it’s a technical baking term but when it’s used in romance or in sex… Not so much. Sluiced makes me think of floods so that’s a no. Squirting… Yeah, not a fan. Juices – ditto. I don’t have anything against belly but it depends on the context… If we were talking bellies and sexy times – that would be a no.

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