Characters I’d name a pet after!

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I have always named my pets something from tv, books, movies, etc. Our first dog was named Toto, followed by 2 cats (Mickey and Minnie), then a Dalmatian named Purdy (the mother dog on 101 Dalmations), a cat named Serena (from Sailor Moon), and our current dogs, Calleigh Duquesne (CSI-Miami) and Yoda (Star Wars). I even convinced my parents to name their German Shepard Dog Leroy Jethro Gibbs (we called him Jethro). So, here are some book characters I would consider naming my next pet after!


Dread Pirate Roberts: The Princess Bride

I would call him DPR for short! I love that book so much. It would be a perfect name for a black lab. Another Princess Bride name I would consider is Montoya. I would name a spaniel Montoya.

Sascha: Slave to Sensation

Sascha Duncan is possibly one of my favorite fictional heroines. I would totally name a dog after her! I think it would be great for a regal looking dog like a Pharaoh Hound or Greyhound.

Roarke: In Death

Roarke is so badass! He is rich, smart, and cute. It would be a perfect name for an Irish Wolfhound or Irish setter (get it?). I also think Dallas would be a great name for Doberman. Eve is totally a Doberman!

Gunnar: Loverboy

How perfect would it be to name a dog Gunnar! And Gunnar from Loverboy was all fun and good times, so it would be great for a boxer or something.

Devil of Dorset: The Devil in Her Bed

I think Devil would be a great name for a Rottweiler or German Shepard! The Devil of Dorset is a force to be reckoned with and so are dogs like Rottweilers, GSD, and Dobermans.

Wrath: Black Dagger Brotherhood

Ok, here me out-I would totally name a tiny dog Wrath! A chihuahua, min-pin, or something like that. It would be perfect! It is totally opposite of Wrath in the books, but it would be awesome.

Tell me: Which character would you name a pet after, or do you have a character that you can match with a dog or cat breed?


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