Why rereading seems to break my slump

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Reading slumps seem to be a real problem this year. Between COVID, lock downs, protests, and a seemingly never ending presidential election, this year has been stressful. I know it negatively affected my reading. However, I have found a few things that helped!

  1.   Rereading: I began to listen to some of my favorite books from years ago. This didn’t require ALL my attention since I already knew the story. I also didn’t have any anxiety since I knew how the story would play out. Anxiety is a huge issue for me, so knowing in advance I would enjoy the story seemed hugely helpful. Listening during my commutes and on weekends while I did chores was calming and something I looked forward to. If audio isn’t your thing, try rereading a favorite to break a slump or simply to find comfort in a well known tale.
  2.   Novellas: There is something good about finishing a book in 1 sitting and novellas are perfect for this. Sometimes, I grab novellas set in my favorite series (Nalini Singh’s Psy Changeling world has lots). Other times I just snag a story that sounds good and is on kindle unlimited. Either way, it feels good to know I will have read an entire book in a hour.

You might not have an anxiety disorder like me, but I think these strategies can help anyone with a reading slump! Have other tips to help with slumps? Share in the comments!


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10 responses to “Why rereading seems to break my slump

  1. Rereading has been massively helpful for me too! I know I’ll like the book, so I can just relax and enjoy the ride. I bought a few graphic novels for Nonfiction November. I’m looking forward to reading something short and pretty.

  2. 2020 has definitely been the year of the reading slump and rereading is pretty much the only thing helping me kick those slumps. I wouldn’t say I necessarily feel anxiety over reading a new to me book but I think I struggle to focus on new books when I’m feeling slumpy because I’m such a mood reader. By rereading I know what I’m getting with a book and can guarantee it will fit my reading mood. I hadn’t thought about novellas being good as well, though. There is definitely something satisfying about finihsing a book in one sitting to help give you a reading boost if you’re struggling to finish reading anything.

  3. Iza

    I’m re-reading a lot of classics these days because it feels kind of exotic to be in a different time zone, comforting, while at the same time viewing these books under the different angle brought by experience. I had a huge reading slump several years ago when my mother had Alzheimer’s, so I read a loit of romances to not break up my habit reading, it helped too, even if I sometimes found them too formulaic. But re-reading books we loved is like revisiting an old friend 🙂

  4. I definitely agree that re-reading can really help with slumps. I recently did a re-read of a book as well and it helped me get out of an impending slump. Other things I like to do is read a book by an author I already know or even a next book in the series. There is something nice about knowing you will enjoy a book. Another thing I do if I have a lot of review copies I try to read some books in between that I didn’t get for review.

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