Chasing Daylight by Carey Heywood

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Chasing Daylight by Carey HeywoodChasing Daylight by Carey Heywood

Series: Carolina Days #3

Mitch Brooks exists day to day by keeping the world around him at arms length. There is no going back to the man he once was. That man was broken in a way there’s no fixing. Any hope outside of that is nothing but wishful thinking, until he meets her.

McKenzie Williams needed an escape. The last thing she needed was a scary beautiful man beating down her door in the middle of the night. Now, if only their paths would stop crossing, she could convince herself she didn’t feel a connection to him. Life has shown her the dreams she once held dear will never come true for her.

Mitch struggles to get past the walls he’s built around himself while McKenzie works to build hers brick by brick. When the outside world exposes the vulnerabilities in his façade she abandons her own fears to stand by him. Will she be the one to save him from the darkness within him, or will he forever be chasing daylight?


Oh y’all….there are so many things I love about Chasing Daylight (and the other books in the series) that its difficult to express it, but here we go…
1. The book is a love story in the truest since of the word. You experience the introduction, the build up, the emotions, the struggles, and then you are rewarded with love. Its so real and beautiful. I wish more books were written like this instead of writing about characters who use sex as an ice breaker.
2. The hero of the story is a wounded warrior. End of discussion. That is the baddest ass hero ever written!
3. Kenzie and Mitch’s relationship is realistic. Its awkward, weird, confusing, endearing and more. When they have a disagreement, they talk about it! Its so normal! They both fight for each other instead of giving up. They don’t allow the miscommunication trap to happen. Carey does a great job avoid all the cliche tropes of romance novels and I love it!
4. Zeus. Read the book and you will understand!
5. While both Mitch and Kenzie think about how hot the other is, it isn’t so overly done that you feel the only thing attracting them is looks. Both appreciate each others looks without Carey being overly descriptive. I appreciate this because as a reader, you don’t feel like you are unpretty because you don’t look like that. When Kenzie is talking about Mitch, she discusses his hotness in general; same for Mitch when he talks of Kenzie. He isn’t saying he loves her skinny stomach or other things. It allows you to not feel self conscious about what they find attractive in each other. Its beautifully written and doesn’t make the book shallow like so many romance books today.

Mitch is funny and endearing even though he is still not fully emotionally recovered.
[pullquote width=”300″ float=”center”]It can’t be good that she dissed me for my dog.[/pullquote]

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”center”]Unfortunately my plans to win her love don’t involve jumping her in my tiny stand up shower.[/pullquote]

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”center”]You know you have it bad for a girl when you can even get turned on imagining them putting on clothes.[/pullquote]

Kenzie is cute too. When Mitch uses the excuse of needing help to figure out what to get his sister for her birthday, Kenzie is super excited to help. Mitch mentions his sister likes books…
[pullquote width=”300″ float=”center”]Oh my God, was it Twilight? I loved Twilight. Did you watch any of the movies?[/pullquote]
She immediately goes into rambling mode to help and its adorable. Then when she ponders Mitch’s hotness…
[pullquote width=”300″ float=”center”]I take a moment to enjoy the view. Mitch is seriously hot just existing, all shirtless and wet takes him to another love of hotness not previously discovered. Its like when they find a new species of tree frog in the rain forest. I should probably alert the media.[/pullquote]

And then there is my favorite first kiss. Seriously, its hot and sweet!
[pullquote width=”300″ float=”center”]I can smell lemonade on her breath and I dream of tasting it from her lips. Would I repulse her? Could I live with the look of disgust if she’ll have if I do? In that moment I decide I don’t care.[/pullquote]
I mean seriously!! Heartbreaking and heart melting all at once!
And then there is this….
[pullquote width=”300″ float=”right”]Before you came into my life I spent my time chasing daylight but the light within you is so pure and powerful the dark no longer has power over me.[/pullquote]
I mean seriously people! That has to be one of the most romantic lines I have ever read. Swoon!

So, bottom line, READ THE BOOK!!!



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