Deadlock by Cherrie Lynn

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Deadlock by Cherrie LynnDeadlock by Cherrie Lynn
Pages: 416

Series: Hacker World #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Setting: Denver, CO
Source: ARC, NetGalley
Also by this author: Raw Deal
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Discover New York Times bestselling author Cherrie Lynn’s exciting new series, featuring a team of elite military hackers who will do whatever it takes to protect their country and the women who enter their dark and dangerous world.

Ex–Air Force hacker Jace Adams is the best at what he does. There isn’t a system he can’t infiltrate or a country his team can’t topple. But when he finds Lena Morris, the woman he hates most in the world, on his doorstep, the last thing he wants to do is help her. Or is it really Lena?

Lindsey Morris can’t believe her twin sister, Lena, is missing, with only a cryptic text to find the man Lena once betrayed. But as easy as Jace is to look at, getting him to agree to help her find her sister is a lot harder. He refuses to put his team at risk, until they find out the enemy they’re facing may be one they have in common…

As Lindsey and Jace race against the clock to save her sister, their shaky truce begins to morph into a fire they can't control. But their lack of trust might be exactly what gets them killed.

Deadlock is a unique twist on the enemies to lovers trope because Jace’s enemy is actually the heroine’s twin sister! So, there is a bit of an awkward meet cute for sure (Jace didn’t know she had an identical twin)! But, its also a bit of a second chance romance. Jace might not have known about Lindsey, but Lindsey had admired him from afar. She was smitten, but too shy to ever approach him. Years have gone by, her sister ruined his life and got him kicked out of school, and now Lindsey is begging for help because Lena (the twin sister) is missing.

Fast paced is the name of the plot game here! Jace is a hacker and works with a group of “black ops” type people who all have special tech skills. He has never forgiven Lena and he is quite an ass to Lindsey. I get why he was mad-Lena got him kicked out of MIT! However, now he can’t trust Lindsey because he is SURE this is another one of Lena’s games. Lindsey can’t trust anyone because she has no idea what is going on! She just thought her sister was flighty and gone a lot. Regardless of her feelings about Lena, she has to get her sister back safe!

Obviously, I am not going to give you too much info because that would ruin the book. You just need to know these two have a rocky start, Lena has some stuff she has been hiding from her family, there are lots of computer hacker info, and plenty of people who have dubious intentions. I thought the story was great and if you like danger and mystery, Deadlock will appeal to you for sure!



The Tracers series by Laura Griffin, The LOST series by Cynthia Eden, Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak…then you will probably like Deadlock!



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About Cherrie Lynn

If Cherrie Lynn’s parents are to be believed, she’s been writing since before she can remember. Through her formative years, her scribblings evolved from epic graphic novels about dragons and unicorns to middle school angst-inspired teen soap operas to scorching hot love stories once she discovered her mom’s romance novels.

She adores electronic gadgets, heavy metal, gaming, horror movies…everything you wouldn’t really expect a country girl to love. She and her hubby are frequently found hitting the road to Dallas (or Houston or San Antonio or Little Rock or wherever!) to catch their favorite rock acts live, but she’s much too fragile to go near a mosh pit.

Cherrie writes sexy contemporary and paranormal romances. She’s all about strong, caring, sometimes wicked heroes and sensitive heroines with a streak of sass. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line via her contact page.

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