Fast Kill by Kaylea Cross: Review

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Fast Kill by Kaylea Cross: ReviewFast Kill by Kaylea Cross
Pages: 270

Series: DEA FAST #2
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Source: ARC, NetGalley
Also in this series: Fast Fury
Also by this author: Fractured Honor, Fast Fury, Buried Lies, Shattered Vows, Rocky Ground, Toxic Vengeance, Lethal Edge
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The past has come back to haunt her. Having battled long and hard to put her painful past behind her, DEA Special Agent Taylor Kennedy has done everything in her power to make a new life for herself. She never dreamed that same past would suddenly show up on her doorstep one night, or that its reappearance would threaten everything she’s built for herself. Faced with the unthinkable, she’ll have to make the agonizing choice between her trusted childhood friend, and the man who’s managed to steal her wary heart. And the consequences could be fatal. FAST Bravo member Logan Granger knows Taylor was hurt badly by something in her past. He never expected to fall for a straight-laced, uptight forensic accountant, but Taylor has managed to redefine his definition of sexy, and now he wants to uncover all her secrets. Though they’re opposites in almost every way, Logan is determined to break through her barriers and show her just how good things can be between them. Then their worst nightmare is realized when Taylor becomes the target of the merciless Veneno cartel, and Logan will risk everything to save her—including his life.

Fast Kill is the story of 2 agents with the DEA who are about as opposite as they come. Taylor is quiet, introverted, and enjoys working with numbers in her cubicle. Logan is loud and flirtatious and wants to be in the heart of the action on an op. Despite their differences, Logan and Taylor find they are attracted to each other. Thankfully Logan isn’t too shy to make the first move!

But, before they can have their first real date, Taylor gets a call from a man she used to know. A man who picked the wrong path in life and is into some dangerous stuff. Dillon is working with a drug cartel now. Taylor sees him on a surveillance video of a drug sting and doesn’t identify him to her boss. She used to view Dillon as her ‘knight in shining armor’ and hopes that he isn’t as involved as she fears.

Dillon is deeper than your average villain. He struggles with his personal connection Taylor; he genuinely did care for her when they were children. He also had promised her in the past he would “go straight” and get out of the drug game. Dillon is truly stuck in a bad place now: either follow orders from the cartel or protect Taylor. His love for Taylor might be strong, but his fear of the cartel is stronger.

One thing I have always enjoyed about Cross’ books is the quick plot. She doesn’t waste a lot time setting the stage so to speak. You learn about the characters in a more organic way as you read about their adventures. This type of writing allows me to feel more engaged in the action and suspense because there is nothing to slow it down. Cross also writes great characters. Even though you aren’t TOLD everything about Taylor, as you learn about her, you really connect. For me, Taylor made sense!

She didn’t expect an extrovert like Charlie to understand it, but she wanted her friend to at least try to respect that for Taylor, being around a group of people for more than half an hour was tantamount to having the life force sucked right out of her.

I have made this exact statement to many people in my life. I work with people all day as a teacher and by 3:00, I can’t handle any more crowds or noise. The thought of having to stop at the store on my way home after enduring hours of socialization is punishment. So yeah, I ‘get’ Taylor. I also loved that Logan didn’t try to change her. He wanted her to come out of her shell, but he didn’t want her to be different. Coming out of your shell with people you care about is totally different than hitting up clubs every weekend and having lots of parties. So, kudos to Logan for understanding the difference. Logan and Taylor grow closer as Taylor finds herself in more danger and their relationship and feelings progress in what feels like a natural way. I thought Cross struck a good balance between mortal peril and sexy times (difficult to do in a romantic suspense sometimes!)

Fast Kill is engaging, timely, and realistic in its portrayal of the characters and the government agents who are fighting the war on drugs! If you enjoy romantic suspense that dives right into the story, Kaylea Cross’ Fast Kill is the perfect pick for a weekend binge read or day at the beach or pool! Also, as is true in most Cross books, you get a peek at the couple that will be featured in the next book (well, at least who I think it will be!)!



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Fast Kill

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7 responses to “Fast Kill by Kaylea Cross: Review

  1. Ooh, this sounds like a good read. I’m adding it to my wish list right now. Thanks for the review Samantha! I feel like I’ll connect with Taylor and her introvert ways since I’m the same way.

    • I really like Kaylea Cross’s books! Great romantic suspense that uses modern world problems (wars, terrorism, drugs, etc). Well written too!

  2. “She didn’t expect an extrovert like Charlie to understand it, but she wanted her friend to at least try to respect that for Taylor, being around a group of people for more than half an hour was tantamount to having the life force sucked right out of her.” oh yeah, I can totally relate to her. Like you, I don’t like crowds. Being around many people everyday all day would kill me. Hehe.. I love my own space and socializing is not my favorite but I do enjoy some. Too much is just not fun for me. Hehe..

    Anyway, awesome review. Ahh I always love when I can relate to the heroine of the book I’m reading. ?

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