The Disciple Discusses…Reading Habits!

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Today, I want to discuss reading habits: the what, where, when, and how of what I read. I want to know your reading habits too, so be sure to share in the comments!

What I read:

Listen, if you spend a total of 3 seconds on my blog, you know its romance. Its always romance. Occasionally (okay, rarely) I read a nonfiction true crime book. But, if I’m reading, you would have a 99% chance of guessing correctly if you guessed romance. I know what I enjoy! I like the escape of a romance read. I like the predictability of an HEA. I love the banter, the swoon worthy moments, and the feels.

How I read:

I usually am reading 2 books at once: an audiobook and an ebook/physical book. I have discovered recently that I need the two books I am reading to be different genres or else I get them confused. If I am listening to an PNR and also reading a PNR, I find I get mixed up way easier! That never used to be an issue, but I think as I get older it just gets kind of jumbled in my brain. So, now, if I’m listening to PNR, I read contemporary or suspense.

I read on my kindle oasis 95% of the time. Occasionally I have an actual paperback, but that is unusual. I love my Oasis because it has no glare and I can read at night after my husband has gone to bed without bothering him with lights.

Where I read:

Here is where I diverge. If I am listening to an audiobook, its in the car on my way to or from work (its 40 min each way). If I am reading a book, I’m at home in my bed!

I typically have the TV on in the background while I read. Usually, its on something I have seen a million times and therefore not interested in, but I still like to have the background noise. For some reason, I don’t like the radio on while I read. Weird right? I mean, if I want background noise, radio would seem the obvious choice, no?

When I read:

So, again, when I’m in the car listening, it would be between 6-7 am and 3-4 pm, Monday-Friday. I do read every day before bed (sometimes that is hours!).

Share with me-What are your reading habits? Do you have music on when you read? Do you have mad love for your kindle or are you a paperback maniac? Do you have a special reading spot?


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6 responses to “The Disciple Discusses…Reading Habits!

  1. I have to read before I sleep at night. It’s a must. I also read while eating some of my meals. Like you, I am always listening to one and more often than not reading on a Kindle with the occasional paperback thrown in. Have a comfy chair I read in and also in bed although these days I end up sleeping if I lay down. Fun post!

    Lorna recently posted: The Book Report June 2018
  2. I, like you, always have an audiobook and an ebook going at once. I commute via mass transit, so I use that time with my ebook. I am able to listen to audiobooks while I work, so I am sort of killing my TBR via audio. I also listen in the car or when I am doing chores. I always read 1 hour before bed to unwind, and I read early in the morning (3 – 5:30 am) and during my commute. I have a glider I love to sit in, since it’s right in front on my windows.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post
  3. Jen

    Oh that’s so funny that it has to be a tv and not a radio. For me, I prefer silence but I can read with people talking in the background. Normally I only have time to read at night once my kiddos are in bed, but sometimes I can sneak in a half an hour during the day. But that’s awesome that you get so much time to listen to audio books in the car, yay for that!!

  4. Rowena

    A huge chunk of my reading is done at work, either sneak reading during office hours or on my lunch hour. I also read right before bed but that’s about it. I read in bed or at my desk, either of those. Great post!

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