Crooked Crows by Elena Lawson

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Crooked Crows by Elena LawsonCrooked Crows by Elena Lawson
Pages: 382

Series: Boys of Briar Hall #1
Genres: Dark Romance
Setting: Thorn Valley
Source: ARC

Unapologetically f*cked up. Heartlessly cruel. Broken beyond repair.
Corvus, Rook, and Grey – The Crows.
Bred in a world of gang wars, violence, and secrets, they rule the bloody town of Thorn Valley and all the people in it…too bad for me I’ve never been good at kissing ass or keeping quiet.
Even if their savage spirits awaken something inside of me I thought was long dead, I can’t break. I won’t.
They think they scare me, that I’ll run and hide, but the joke’s on them. The Crows aren’t the first monsters I’ve faced, and they won’t be the last. There are worse evils out there waiting to take their stab at Ava Jade Mason.
I say let them try. I’m tired of running. Tired of holding back my darkness. Thorn Valley isn’t ready for a new boogie man. Too bad I’m already here.
Crooked Crows is a dark enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance, meaning the main character will have more than one love interest.
Warning: This series contains foul language, explicit sexual content, graphic depictions of gang violence, and jealous/possessive themes. Recommended for readers aged eighteen and up. Please read responsibly.

When a book starts off with the discovery of a dead body, I know it’s my kind of story. Crooked Crows blends a bit of bully romance with gang violence and morally subjective characters to create a story that is a touch dark, a heap sexy, and completely engrossing.

Ava Jade has her own dark past, so she is able to stand up well to the guys. The guys are intense and domineering. The back and forth between Ava and the Crows does get a bit dark and a little bully-ish. But, Ava can handle herself for sure. There is more going on in the story than just the Crows being dicks to Ava and I think that helped the story move beyond the all-too-trendy bully romance. The guys each have their own personalities and backstories and the character development through out the book is top notch!

I always appreciate when a woman doesn’t behavior like men expect her to. The Crows are used to having every woman around them do their bidding (they are in a position of power and hot). Ava stands her ground not because she wants them to notice her, or spend more time with her, but because she simply does not accept that kind of behavior. It’s nice to see a woman deflect and attack these cocky guys instead of swooning. I will say I didn’t really buy these characters as high school kids. I think if they were college aged it would have been better. Nothing about them or any of the other characters at the school felt like high schoolers. I have taught at a private High School for many years, and this is just off for me.

Crooked Crows is an exciting read that will keep you on edge wondering what the next threat will be, but also wondering when the sexual tension will finally crack them all!


the Kit Davenport Series by Tate James, Den of Vipers by KA Knight, Red Handed by Jessa Wilder and Kate King…then you will probably like Crooked Crows!

Crooked Crows



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