The Girl Worth Fighting For by Julia Goda: Review

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The Girl Worth Fighting For by Julia Goda: ReviewThe Girl Worth Fighting For by Julia Goda
Pages: 264

Series: The Girl #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Also by this author: Bent Not Broken (Cedar Creek, #1), Be Here Now

Bruises fade.A cut can be bandaged,A broken bone healed.But can a wounded heart mend?
Deeply damaged by her father’s abandonment when she was thirteen years old, Rainey Miller has let the fear of getting hurt shape and trap her to the point she refuses to connect with people on a deeper level. She is popular and has friends, but her strict dating rules prevent anyone from the chance to touch her heart.
Up and coming boxer, Logan Danvers, has his eyes set on the raven-haired beauty with the cerulean eyes. No matter how hard she tries to push him away, he will push back even harder. Until she gives in.Until she is his.Because once he sets his eyes on what he wants, he doesn’t give up. It’s who he is.
But what will he do when he realizes it’s not who he is but what he is that could cost him his chance with Rainey? Will he give up or will he find a way to make her realize she is The Girl Worth Fighting For?

I discovered Julia Goda a while back with her other series, Cedar Creek. So, when she contacted me about The Girl Worth Fighting For, I was excited! Boxer + girl with issues =happy Book Disciple!

Rainey’s dad was a champion boxer. Until he lost a major fight, he was a champion father as well. That all changed, and it altered Rainey’s life. She and her mom struggled to move on, and then her mom gets cancer. Seriously, Rainey has been dealt a lot of struggles. And then there is Logan. A boxer who volunteers at the shelter Rainey works at, he falls instantly in love with Rainey and knows she is ‘the one’. Rainey is NOT impressed and she plans to stick to her rule of no athletes, celebrities, etc because they equal heartbreak. Logan decides he is not going to accept her rejection. Game on!

I liked Rainey. She is complex and while sometimes, her behavior seems excessive, when you remember she was a teen when her father crushed her, it becomes more plausible. Teenage girls always think everything is the end of the world. That kind of hurt at such a monumental time in a girls life can have lasting effects. So, as an adult I can reflectively say “Oh, this too shall pass” and think she is just being petulant and dramatic, but its more than that.

Logan is super swoony. If you like your heroes to be alpha caveman-ish, you will love Logan. He isn’t a man-whore and he is solely focused on winning Rainey. His plan? Make her happy every day of her life. Seriously!! I mean, if that doesn’t make you swoon a bit and give you some butterflies, I think you might be Vulcan.

Overall, the story isn’t anything ground brakingly original. A bit trite, yet comforting in its triteness. I enjoy these types of stories. They are like your favorite blanket and chair. Comfortable, expected, and happy. Nothing that happened throughout the story was some surprise. No eye opening plot twists to be found, and that was okay with me. The characters are well written enough to make this story work as a character driven story.

I struggled with the ‘dual’ POV in The Girl Worth Fighting For. Rainey’s POV was told in 1st person, and then Logan’s POV was told in 3rd. Kristen Ashley has done this in books before, and it has always sort of distracted me. I’m not sure exactly why (maybe because I am a teacher and I spend time working with my students on identifying text structure, plot lines, POV, etc) it bothers me so much, but mixing POV from 1st to 3rd totally pulls me out of the story. So, that was really my biggest issue here. And, honestly, I think I might be the only neurotic freak who gets bothered by this kind of pedantic stuff.



Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury, Fight for Me by Jessica Linden, An Act of Obsession by KC Lynn…then you will probably The Girl Worth Fighting For!

The Girl Worth Fighting For



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