The Divinity Saga by L.A. Kirk: Review

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The Divinity Saga by L.A. Kirk: ReviewHeart of Five by L.A. Kirk
Pages: 37

Series: Divinity Saga #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC

Average is how Megan Little would describe her life until her twenty-fifth birthday. Her body starts to change like a countdown clock heading for zero. When her research on the transformation proves futile, she makes a desperate decision and travels north to investigate a supernatural reason for what's happening.

On the way, a chance encounter leaves her car vandalized, forcing her to stay the night in a small, tourist town.

Five men step in to help Megan only to open up more questions in her search for the truth.

***Reverse Harem Serial.

The Divinity Saga by L.A. Kirk: ReviewTrust of Five by L.A. Kirk
Pages: 40

Series: Divinity Saga #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC

Megan Little has found five mysterious men who can give her the answers she needs for her odd transformation. They say they’ll help her to find the truth, but first she must learn to listen to her instincts and trust those around her.
Overwhelmed by the revelation of a supernatural world, and the dire changes it may mean to her life, Megan ventures into town to clear her head. There, she encounters an elder from the local wolf shifter pack who knows more about her supposed powers than Archer, Quinn, Mitch, Brock, and Red are willing to reveal.
Can Meg trust the five men she finds herself drawn to when they continue to keep secrets from her? When an attack on the town puts Meg’s new powers to the test, she may not have any other choice.

The Divinity Saga by L.A. Kirk: ReviewProtection of Five by L.A. Kirk
Pages: 37

Series: Divinity Saga #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC

Just when Megan Little thought she finally finally found answers for her odd transformation, Quinn's horrifying revelation, throws her world off balance once more. Can she hide this new knowledge from the other men, or will she be rejected by the only people that can truly help her?

Unsure if she will be cast out, Meg still feels compelled to help the local pack anyway she can. Children are missing, and for some reason, the new instincts Meg is learning to trust tell her that she is key to helping their investigation, whether or not the others want her there.

So, if you don’t like serials, you probably should wait to start The Divinity Saga until its complete. However, I found that novellas and serials have been a great way to bust my reading slump. Heart of Five is the intro to the characters and world. Meg is experiencing something weird and is on a trip to figure it out. She meets a quintet of supernatural beings who start to explain things to her. You meet Meg, learn a bit about her, and you meet the 5 guys. That is about all that happens in book 1.

Trust of Five, book 2, gives you more information about the world and what Meg might be in this world. Then there is a small battle and a big cliffhanger!

Protection of Five picks up the story as we learn the fate of Quinn after the battle. This serial develops the relationship between Brock and Meg more. Meg’s eyes have changed again and they fear she is one of the Tainted. She meets a local healer though and learns even more about herself. We also learn that the council is NOT the good guy here and pretty racist. So, when the council comes to collect Meg, she has to escape. Will she be able to elude them? How long can she avoid the Council? Will the guys continue to risk their lives for her?

The Divinity Saga is a great serial if you enjoy PNR and reverse harems (two of my favorite things). These books are serials and therefore about 35-40 pages each. If you know this will irritate you, don’t read them until they are all released. I think the story has great bones at this point! Kirk has created a unique world that blends lots of PNR lore and I can’t wait to get more.

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Finding Honor by Ripley Proserpina, The Ghost Bird Series by CL Stone, Finding my Pack by Lane Whitt…then you will probably like The Divinity Saga!


The Divinity Saga



From Heart of Five, Part 1 of the Divinity Saga:

Slowly, I sit up and stretch, blinking a few times to adjust to the light. If someone watches me, I want to be as natural as possible to not tip them off. After grabbing my food bag, I hop off the bench and stroll over to the trashcan. In my peripheral vision, I catch a streak of black as it runs past my car, too small to be a man. I glance at my car and freeze.

A large, black panther sits on the hood. With its amber eyes staring at me, it lifts its head and roars.

Panicked, instinct takes over, and I whirl around and run for the woods behind the picnic table. I realize too late that this creature will out run me in seconds, but there are no alternatives. If I’m lucky, I can loop back around to the car before the cat turns me into lunch.

Not far into the woods, I spot a split in the path that should lead back to the parking lot. I quickly check behind me, relieved not to see the animal. Maybe it didn’t chase me? I take the hard right and stop dead in my tracks.

A gray wolf sits in the middle of the path.

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