Blade by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright: Review

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Blade by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright: ReviewBlade by Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright
Pages: 120

Series: Bayou Heat #23
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC
Also in this series: Rage/Killian, Kayden/Simon
Also by this author: Rage/Killian, Kill Without Mercy, Kayden/Simon, Pretend You're Safe

Sexy Suit, Blade was held captive and abused for decades. Benson Enterprises was desperate to use his superior blood to create super soldiers. But when he’s finally rescued, he can’t return to the Wildlands with the other prisoners. Not without the female he was forced to watch being impregnated. The female who has gone missing.

Beautiful and broken, Valli just wants to run away and never look back. But with the shocking news of her pregnancy fresh in her mind, she wonders if that’s even possible. Told by her captors that one of the caged animals assaulted her, she knows she must do everything in her power to keep her unborn child safe. But when a glorious male tracks her down and claims her and her baby as his own, will she have the strength to walk away?

Blade is the story of a kidnapped Pantera shifter and a kidnapped human woman who are tortured into an unbelievable circumstance: a pregnancy by force. You can read this story without having any knowledge of the world Ivy and Wright have created; they give you enough info to understand the what, where, and why of it all and jump right into the story of Blade and Villi.

Villi was kidnapped and inseminated against her will by Benson enterprises in their attempt to study the Pantera and find ways to use them as super soldiers. Villi and Blade both eventually escape and the story begins about 2 months later. Blade knows he has to find Villi and protect her. The story is a bit of his attempt to find her, then his attempt to convince her he is good, and then the attempt to keep her safe from Benson. Benson wants her back because she was one of only a few humans whose insemination was successful. Poor Villi-she was impregnated against her will, now has to come to terms with having a Pantera cub as a baby, finding a mate, and still being hunted by evil.

Since Blade is part of the 1001 Dark Nights series, it is short and sweet. I love these stories because sometimes a short story is exactly what I need to help break up my reading! I enjoy the world of the Pantera, I love the fated mates trope, and have enjoyed every Bayou Heat book I have read so far! If you like PNR that pits the shifters against a human enemy, Blade and the Bayou Heat series is perfect!



Stone Cold Fox by Evangeline Anderson, Drakon’s Plunder by NJ Walters, Black Bullet by LD Rose…then you will probably like Blade!




Blade didn’t miss her shudder of relief, the quick glimmer of tears in her eyes. Warmth filled his heart, and a rush of gratitude. Whatever her confused and angry feelings toward him, it was obvious she cared deeply about their child.
“Then why am I here?” she demanded, trying to sit up.
The Healer placed another pillow under her head so she could be slightly upright. “Blade was concerned when you fainted.”
“Blade?” She whirled back to study Blade with a skittish gaze. “That’s your name?”
His lips twisted into a humorless smile. “A little late for introductions, I know, but yes.” He nodded toward the male across the bed. “And that’s Jean-Baptiste. A Pantera healer. One of our best.”
She frowned. “I don’t get this. I thought there was nothing wrong with me. Why would I need a healer?”
“I said nothing was physically wrong,” Jean-Baptiste clarified.
Her stunningly beautiful face tightened, as if she was offended by the words, her hand reaching up to brush away Jean-Baptiste’s hand.
“I’m not crazy,” she ground out.
“No one said you were,” Blade said, reaching to grasp her hand, which lay on top of the light blanket covering her body. Thankfully she made no effort to pull away from his grasp this time.
He hated it, but he needed to touch her.
To feel the heat of her skin and hear the steady beat of her heart.
“Then what are you saying?” she demanded, once again turning her attention to the Healer.
Jean-Baptiste chose his words with care. “I suspect that the doctors at the clinic used hypnosis to distort your memories.”
Valli flinched, her fear scenting the air. Blade’s cat pressed beneath his skin, wanting out. It didn’t understand human deceit or betrayal. It only knew that this female was afraid and in need of comfort.
“No,” she breathed. “You’re just trying to protect your friend after what he…” She didn’t finish.
This time it was Blade who pulled his hand from hers.
With a growl.

About Alexandra Ivy

About Alexandra:

Like most writers, I was born with an avid love for reading. Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hand or wasn’t dreaming up wild stories in my head. And when I stepped into my local library for the first time I thought it was paradise. There were so many books on the shelves I didn’t know where to start!
Still, I didn’t plan to grow up and become a writer. I was much more interested in a glorious career as an actress on Broadway.
I followed my dream by acquiring a degree in theatre and performing for several years in summer-stock productions, but after I married my college sweetheart I decided to put the career on hold while we started a family. After the arrival of my two sons, Chance and Alex, I found myself seeking a new creative outlet and decided to turn my occasional scribblings into a genuine effort to get published.
I’d like to say that I was an overnight success, but the truth is that it took years before I finally got ‘the call’. The rejections were painful, but now I’m relieved. All those manuscripts that I thought were the next Great American Novel are now exactly where they belong…gathering dust under my bed.
They did, however, help me learn my craft, and just as importantly, they gave me the opportunity to enjoy writing in a wide variety of genres as I searched for my voice. Which no doubt explains why I started writing traditional regencies under the name Debbie Raleigh and then moved to steamy historicals under the name Deborah Raleigh before transforming into a contemporary paranormal writer as Alexandra Ivy. Now my career spans everything from erotica to romantic suspense.
When I’m not writing I love to travel, it doesn’t matter where I’m going as long as it doesn’t include any cooking or cleaning. I also love to spend time with my family who continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. And since some things never change…when I have a few minutes, you can still find me with a book in my hand!

About Laura Wright

About Laura Wright:

Unlike many of my peers in the writing world, I wasn’t a writer or a reader until I left high school. During my youth I was into theater, song and dance, commercials and boys. I loved romance surely, but I had never read a romance novel until my late teens. With that said, I remember the day I did like it was a moment ago – my aunt gave me the Jude Deveraux novel, Knight in Shining Armor and I couldn’t put it down until the very last word. Then I went straight to the library and got another – then another until I’d read everything she’d ever written. After that, it was McNaught, Howard, Schone, Kleypas, and the Silhouette line, Desire. I instantly loved those emotional, sexy reads, so much so that I began to carve out ideas for my own stories, themes that were unique to me and moved me. In 1997 I enrolled in UCLA extension writing classes, met my mentor and critique partners and since have never stopped writing. I was committed then and I still am now; the need to tell my own romantic stories a full on obsession. My first manuscript was rejected, and though the second one was as well the editor who’d rejected it wanted to see something else from me. I had something (note to authors; always keep working, even after you’ve sent in a proposal) and sent it right away. The day I got the call telling me Desire wanted to buy Cinderella and the Playboy was the best day of my life. That is until I married my husband, and had my two beautiful children. But I must say, writing is much like motherhood – tough, grueling, surprising, delicious and for me, a dream come true.

I was born and raised in Minnesota. It’s where my love of all things green, wet and grown in the ground comes from. As you read above, before writing I was an actor, singer and dancer, specifically a BALLROOM dancer – an instructor and competitor as well. That work took me to many places like New York, Ohio and Wisconsin. I live in Los Angeles now, but I’m always thinking about greener pastures – literally.

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  1. oh I have been really curious about reading these novella’s but haven’t gotten around to it!! They are perfect for breaking out of a slump. Its why even though they aren’t my favorite type of books to read, they are great when I am struggling.

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