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Kindle? iPad? Kindle Fire?

Last weekend at a family gathering, we were discussing the various book reading methods (no, I am not kidding. We actually debated this!). My cousin and I are both HUGE kindle fans. My cousin actually calls her kindle “My Precious”. My mother and my cousin’s father? Paperback fans. However, recently my cousin got her dad to switch to Kindle and he was hooked! My mom is still skeptical but agreed to get one and try it.

Now, before I read on kindle, I read on iPad. I am a huge Apple girl. I use a MacBook, I have had an iPhone since the first one came out, and I love my iPad! Heck for awhile, my husband even worked for Apple. However, it is the worst for reading! Reason #1: The Glare! Seriously, even with a ‘no glare’ screen protector its awful. I don’t even have to be in sunlight. Light bulbs overhead create the worst glare! Reason #2: Storage. Books take up so little storage; however, because my iPad is used for so many other things, I am constantly running out of space. And when I have to do an update and free up 3 gigs?? Forget it! Such a pain. Reason #3: Notifications. When I read on my iPad, I am constantly interrupted by mail notifications, FB notifications, text messages, and more. So, I end up reading a paragraph, then checking that notification. Then back to read, then check another notification. This is the same reason I did NOT get the Kindle Fire. Its basically an iPad!

So, which Kindle do I use (and recommend to anyone who will listen!)? The paperwhite! I can read outside in the sun with no glare (I’m not exaggerating, NO GLARE!), I can store tons of books, and I don’t get interrupted every 30 seconds by notification because my kindle does 1 thing not a multitasker like an iPad. Don’t get me wrong-I still have my iPad because it does serve a great function. But, that function is NOT reading books.

So, why not paperbacks? Well, I liked to read laying down. So, I don’t want to have to hold a book. I use a stand for my kindle, set it on my nightstand and read! Second? I am a big fan of instant gratification. I like being able to see a book I want and get that book without leaving this house (this idea appealed GREATLY to my mother!). Third, ebooks are cheaper for sure. You would have to search a long time to find free paperbacks but on kindle, its easy to find tons of freebies or sale books. My mother can spend hours in half price books looking for books she wants on sale. I can find it in seconds. Finally, the reason that convinced my mom to switch? The fact that amazon will tell you when you already own a book. She has so many books that she forgets what she has already read! We made her a spreadsheet to keep track and she keeps it in her purse! My cousin and I showed her that amazon will notify us we if already bought the book. She thought that was genius!

What do you read on? Do you feel as strongly as I do? Tell me in the comments!

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