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This weeks topic for top ten Tuesday is Halloween themed! We have a lot of latitude with this topic since its pretty broad. Halloween themed books? I don’t really read anything too scary so I would have a pretty pitiful list! Sure, I could give you my top 10 vampire books, or shifter books, but you can get my favorite PNR recs here. So, I have decided to do the top ten literary Halloween!

10. Anyone from Harry Potter
Okay, yes, this one is kind of a cop out. I mean, going as a Harry Potter character is easy. One year at work we wore our graduation robes and a maroon scarf. So, if you are in a pinch, Harry Potter is an easy one that most people will recognize!

9. Sookie Stackhouse
Now this one only works if you live in a place that isn’t freezing cold on Halloween! Get yourself a pair of tennis shoes, some short black shorts and a white v neck shirt. Thats it! You now work at Merlottes!

#nerd8. Rimmel from #Nerd
She is my hero, by the way! So, you will need a pair of glasses with black rims. Get a sweater that is 2 sizes too big and a pair of pants that are a little baggy. Mess your hair up a bit and you have Rimmel! Not only is she my hero, but this outfit is basically wearing Pj’s and I am all for costumes that are comfy!

7. Patch from Hush Hushhush hush covers
You will need jeans, a black t shirt and some big black wings! This is a nice twist on the ‘angel’ costume! If you can save a girl while wearing it, even better! You will be really authentic then!

6. Jaime from Falling for Him
Now this one will require some hunting for the outfit. You need a grey jumpsuit. Then, write “Falcon Club” on the breast pocket. Pull your hair into a low ponytail! People will ask you all night what the falcon club is, but don’t ruin it! Just tell them to read the book and find out!

5. Imogen from The Normal Kind of Crazy
Do you have a flowery type dress? Grab that! Then, make a little flower headband. Throw on some cute booties and grab your teacup pig! Ok, if you don’t have the pig maybe a stuffed animal. Then, make cupcakes for your pig 🙂

157574344. Lucy from Crash
You know you love wearing a tutu, so now here is your excuse! Get your pointe shoes out, throw on that tutu and be Lucy the ballerina from Crash! If you have a bad boy date to play Jude, you will rock it!

3. Random Rock star from any number of books!
This works for girls or guys!! Got an instrument? Grab it! Thrown on some skinny jeans or leather pants, grab a tight shirt with some sparkles and wear your sunglasses at night. You can tell people you are from whatever book about a rockstar you happen to like at the moment!

2. Any MMA fighter from any number of books!
Are you seeing where I am going with this now? So, you need some gym shorts and some tape for your hands. Want to look really authentic? Use some makeup to give yourself a black eye or a scar or something badass! Play your entrance music whenever you walk into a room!

58997791. Zombie from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Anyone could be Elizabeth or Mr. Darcy, but you could be a zombie from that era! So, grab your Elizabeth costume so you are period authentic, then zombie it up! Or if you are dead set on being Elizabeth, be the Elizabeth who is a zombie hunter! Thats badass and sure to be a great conversation starter!

Ok, what other characters would be great for a literary Halloween costume? Add your thoughts in the comments below! I am seriously dressing up as Rimmel this year 🙂 Check out other Top Ten Tuesday lists at The Broke and The Bookish!

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