Shifter’s Sacrifice by Lisa Ladew #OneTrueMate #KindleUnlimited

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Shifter’s Sacrifice by Lisa Ladew #OneTrueMate #KindleUnlimitedShifter's Sacrifice by Lisa Ladew
Pages: 307

Series: One True Mate #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Source: Amazon
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An all wolf-shifter police force has been the only thing between humans and an unknown evil for centuries, but the pack is in danger of dying if they don't find their promised mates soon.

Trevor Burbank is a shifter cop in a world of humans who don't know the evil that wants them dead. If he does his job well, the humans will never need to know, but he feels like he's working against the clock, because his pack is about to die. The females have all been killed, and the half-breeds they make when they mate with humans aren't usually skilled or strong enough to fight.

Gabriela Carmi has lost almost everything that means anything to her way too fast and now she feels like she’s losing her mind too. On a quest to find something that won't reveal itself to her, she feels as if she’s pining for someone who may not exist. So when an evil presence begins to follow her, she isn't sure if her mind is slowly falling apart, or if the impossible is actually coming true. And when an instant attraction sparks between her and the dangerously sexy police officer sent to help her, it makes matters worse and better at the same time.

It's a race against time to find the angel/human hybrid One True Mates that the pack's spiritual leaders say truly exist. Saving the all the shifter clans is on everyone's mind, except for the chosen, the One True Mates, most of whom don’t even know who or what they really are, or why they seem to be slowly losing their minds.

Steamy. Light swearing. High heat. You've NEVER read a shifter romance like this before.

Shifter’s Sacrifice is book 1 in the One True Mate series by Lisa Ladew, a new to me author. Starting a new series, especially one that requires world building can be a challenge. I am torn about Shifter’s Sacrifice and here is why:

  •   the world building was confusing at times. The author tries to not dump it all at once in the beginning, which is great, but the way things were revealed got a bit confusing at times. It felt that things were out of order and I missed something, only to figure it out later.
  •   I loved that there are lots of different shifters. The author has created a shifter world that is unique in many ways while not being so different that its too complex.
  •   There is a LOT of back story that isn’t fully explored. Again, I’m sure the author didn’t want to dump it all out there, but I was left with a LOT of questions. What is an echo? Who knocked up Ella’s sister? Whats up with the foxen? I know this is a series and these will probably be answered, but these 3 played a somewhat significant part in the story and I still don’t understand WHY they were significant.
  •   I thought about giving up. But I couldn’t stop thinking about this book! That says something!
  •   I love fated mates. Seriously, its like my favorite.

So, you see my issues? I couldn’t put it down, which would totally be a 4-5 star read, but the beginning almost made me throw in the towel and DNF. So, I decided to go with 3.5 stars. I liked both characters, but the plot could have been better developed. Overall, I do plan to continue with the series. I am thinking that I will have less issues with the world building since book 2 is in the same world just with a different hero. And bonus? Its all in KU!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: shifters, fated mates, angels
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: View Spoiler »
  • HEA: View Spoiler »

Drakon’s Promise by NJ Walters, Falling for His Mate by Katie Reus and Savannah Stewart, Blade by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright…then you will probably like Shifter’s Sacrifice!


Shifter’s Sacrifice


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