How to Tame a Beast in 7 Days by Kerrelyn Sparks: Review

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How to Tame a Beast in 7 Days by Kerrelyn Sparks: ReviewHow to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks
Pages: 416

Series: The Embraced #1
Genres: Fantasy
Source: ARC, NetGalley
Also in this series: So I Married a Sorcerer, Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon
Also by this author: So I Married a Sorcerer, Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon
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Luciana grew up on the Isle of Moon, hidden away because of her magical powers. But when her father arrives, he offers her a choice: remain on the island or return with him and marry the Beast of Benwick in order to save their legacy—and her father's life.
Lord Leofric, the Beast of Benwick, has not been touched since he was a child. Born with the power to harness lightning, he is a danger to everyone he touches. When he meets his betrothed, he expects a loveless, lonely marriage...until he discovers she's vastly more powerful than he realized. But is she strong enough to withstand his touch?
If they can survive, their love will alter the future of the kingdom. But will their extraordinary powers cost them everything?

So, I have only seen a few episodes of Game of Thrones, but Tame a Beast reminds me of that. Fantasy, dragons, kingdoms at war…its all very GoT but with more romance and I liked it more than I expected. Honestly, I am not a GoT fan, but this book is good! Its certainly not as x rated as GoT or as violent, but the themes are there. You have your scheming kings, murders, secret identities, hidden royals, and more.

Luciana can talk to and see the dead. She has to pretend to be her dead twin sister,Tatiana, and marry “The Beast”, a man who can harness lightening. Leo (the Beast) is the nephew of a king who wants him dead. This arranged marriage between Leo and Luciana/Tatiana is merely a way for the king to gather more land.

The book takes some time world building. You have to get the basics on the kingdoms, the people, the religions, and more. Luciana is an Embraced. Since the kings on the mainland kill Embraced, she is sent to live on an island at a convent. She and the other Embraced girls have no idea who they are or that people would kill them. I think the premise of the story is really interesting and drew me in right away. Luciana is so kind; even after her father abandoned her but kept her sister she is willing to go along with this plan that could mean certain death for them both. Leo is such a tortured hero! He has this power that nearly kills him, but he knows he needs it in order to keep his people safe. He is willing to sacrifice himself to save the people. He can’t touch anyone without killing them, so his existence is lonely and isolated. He is giving up his entire life to save the people who call him the Beast. Its tragically sad! I LOVED the love story between Luciana and Leo. It was so good!! This is probably my favorite ship of all time. Seriously, that is saying something since I read like 300 romance books a year. These two are epic!

You also get a great cast of supporting characters. The sister, Tatiana, Christopher, a young ghost boy, Brody, Nevis, and all of Luciana’s ‘sisters’ from the convent. These characters provide such a rich depth in their small roles. I can’t wait to read more about this world.

I think this series has a great deal of potential! With each book there will be less world building necessary so the pace should pick up. There were times this book just felt so slow because of the necessary background information. However, the story is fantastic and I think this series will be well received!



Graceling by Kristen Cashore, Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard…then you will probably like How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days!

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days

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As Leo and his companions rode north, the rain began, and the rolling green landscape gave way to increasingly
taller hills. Their horses went at full gallop, eating up the miles before the rain could turn the dirt road into a sea of
mud. By the time they passed the second beacon, the rain was pounding on them. Their uniforms were drenched, their hair plastered to their heads. The hills had become mountains, and flocks of sheep huddled in the narrow glens where a few trees could give them shelter. Thunder clapped overhead, and Leo spotted the fi rstflash of lightning to the west. Good. He was going to need all the power he could get. Normal people didn’t stand a chance against the winged creatures that breathed fire. People like his father. Leo had heard the story many times over a campfire. His father’s last battle had been against the Norveshki. Cedric had plowed through a dozen of their fierce warriors, but when a dragon had attacked, all his bravery and expertise had been in vain. Another fl ash of lightning, this one a little closer. Leo would need to break off from the group soon. As they neared the village, a mountain loomed to the right, topped with craggy cliffs and a beacon tower. It was Mount Baedan, which the village was named after. He spotted a cliff that overlooked the village. That was the perfect place.

“My lord.” Nevis drew his attention to a horse man charging toward them. A scout. Leo and his companions slowed to a stop.
“Report,” he said, loud enough to be heard over the pouring rain.
The scout bowed his head, causing a puddle of rain to slosh off the brim of his cap onto his chest.

“Four dragons from Norveshka have attacked the village of Mount Baedan.”
“No warriors?” Leo asked.
“None, my lord. Just the dragons. They swooped into the valley and set the village ablaze to force the people from their homes. While the villagers ran to a nearby cave, two of the dragons captured two small children and flew away.”
Leo stiffened, his hands tightening on the reins, as the men around him cursed under their breaths. Ten years ago, the dragons had started snatching sheep. Now they were nabbing small children. He glanced westward, hoping to see another flash of lightning streak across the sky. He needed the power now.
“The rain put out the fires,” the scout continued. “The villagers are starting to leave the cave. A group of men rode out, hoping to rescue the two children.”
Leo swallowed hard as bile rose up his throat. The rescue attempt would be in vain. Men on horse back could not cross the mountains as fast as a dragon could fly. Thunder cracked overhead so loud, the men flinched.
“Ride on to the village,” Leo shouted at them. “The last two dragons could still be close by. I’ll take care of them. You protect the people.”

He turned his horse and started up the slope of Mount Baedan.

About Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn Sparks apparently has issues with reality. After writing more than a dozen books about vampires, she has now completely gone off the deep end and wound up on another planet. But how thrilling that she can share this magical new world with her readers! Although she is best known (so far) for the Love at Stake series, which has hit as high as number 5 on the New York Times list and 22 on the USA Today list, she hopes her readers will love The Embraced as much as they did her merry band of vamps and shifters. To learn more about her paranormal, historical, and upcoming out-of-this-world fantasy romances, please visit Kerrelyn on Facebook, Twitter, or her website at

Kerrelyn loves hearing from readers, even those who howl at the moon. Letters may be sent to P.O. Box 5512, Katy, TX 77491-5512. If you would like bookmarks and signed bookplates, please mail a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to her P.O. Box, and she will send those items to you.

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8 responses to “How to Tame a Beast in 7 Days by Kerrelyn Sparks: Review

  1. oh I really liked this one as well and yeah it does move slow in parts but I just soaked up this new world she created. So different from her previous series so I got a kick out of it. And I have a feeling it is only going to get better.

  2. I enjoyed the fantasy part of it, I wished there was a bit more world building. But yeah I am totally a black sheep on this one. It’s okay I think – I did really want to love it.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed it tho ::)

  3. I found myself really loving this story, and you’re right about how the books to come afterwards will pick up the pace for the series.

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