The character’s name is what?

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As a teacher, I have come across just about every name imaginable (I once had a student named Peterking Kong. You can’t make that up). So, every time I read a book, if the name is unique and I had a student with that name that stood out in my memory, its hard to separate that in my mind. So, here are a few names I love and wish were more used and a few I wish authors wouldn’t use (and why).

Names I want more of:

Maren: Ok, its my middle name but I LOVE it! Its unique and not over used.

Kennedy: I love this as a girl’s name. Emma Chase used it in Appealed (my favorite book)!

Mateo: This is another name that isn’t used widely, but its such a great name! Cora Carmack used it All Played Out (another favorite of mine!)

Roman: This is a strong name and you can give them the nickname Rome. Cambria Hebert used this in #Nerd!

Reagan: As a girl’s name, this is so catchy! I love it!

Keir: This is a unique Irish boy’s name and I love it. I also knew a boy named Keir and he was a genius!

Names I want to see LESS of (like, never again):

Griffin: Another full disclosure-this is my younger brother’s name. Its so unique that its impossible NOT to think about him when I read. And the last thing you want to think of when you read a romance book is your brother. Ick.

Sam (as a boy’s name): All right, this is totally selfish. As a female named Samantha, I hated when people called me Sam when I was younger (honestly, I’m still not a fan but try telling my husband that!). So, when a book’s hero is named Sam, I kind of cringe from the get go and tend to pass on the story.

Emma, Bella, Beckett, Katie/Kaitlyn, Noah, Sophia/Sophie, Josh: I’m so tired of these names. They are super common, so I can think of at least 10 kids I know named these, plus at least 5 book characters.

Jacob/Edward: This goes for any book that takes the world by storm. Those names should just be retired because the reader will ALWAYS make the connection back to the ‘original’. Its like the names of hurricanes-the ones that make a HUGE impact are retired as names.

Grace/Hope/Faith/Angel/Heaven: These are all a bit overused and also I find them a bit too sappy for my taste. It creates a bit of an expectation for the character that may or may not be intended (they are wholesome, religious, etc).

What names do you want to see more of? Do you have any names that you simply can’t read in books like I do?? Share with me!

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5 responses to “The character’s name is what?

  1. I must admit that I really dislike seeing my families names used in books. (especially sexy books) I also hate when it’s the name of someone that I dislike in life. I have an instant dislike of that character. ironically I am getting a new dog soon and it is going to be named after a book character.

  2. I come across a lot of interesting names in my line of work too. One of my friend’s is planning to name her daughter Majesty when she is born in another couple of weeks. Her son’s name is Mister. Unlike Tasha and Megan, I actually like seeing family members names in books. I think my daughter’s is the most common that I see. Her nickname, at least. It’s quite popular evidently. I don’t usually care for the characters that have my name though. My name has a type, I have found. LOL

    I do think certain names are overused in books, like many of the ones you mention that you wish were used less.

  3. I totally agree when it comes to character names with the same name as people you know. Ick! I was reading a book with the main character having the exacr same first AND last name as my evil co-worker! I was able to finish the boom hut ick! I could not help but think of her.

    I also read a book where the heroine’s name is the same as my mom and the evil half brother had the same name as my dad. Pretty awkward. Haha

    I actually love the name Griffin. I see this a lot in historical romance! Also, Rome is an awesome name!

    I have a weird name. Especially since I’m female and my name is a male name. But I see a few male characters named Ezra so I WANT MOAAARR!

  4. Maren is a cool middle name. Mine is Leigh, because my mother is odd. I was always a Sam my whole life, but sort of lost touch with my first name after teaching for 12 years. Now everyone calls me Samantha. I read a ton of YA, and the names are really strange. I always look forward to what wacky name the authors will find next.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Discussion: Let's Jump Ahead

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