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Bookish Resolutions:
What I want to accomplish in 2016

Well, first let me say that there are like a million books I want to read (seriously, just check out my TBR on goodreads!) so I decided to focus on broad bookish resolutions. Since this was my first year blogging, I have discovered lots about my reading habits, blogging habits, and more. With all that reflection going on, I present to you my top six (I couldn’t come up with 10!) bookish resolutions for 2016!

Read more books I WANT to read!

So, when I started blogging I signed up for EVERY tour. If a book even sounded a little interesting, I signed up. If I really wanted to help an author out, I signed up. The result? I found I wasn’t reading any books I had really wanted to read. Books that I had been waiting for weren’t getting read because I had other commitments. Did I discover some totally awesome new authors? Hell yes! But, I also really over extended myself. So, this year, I promised myself to be more selective and learn to say no!

from the TBR pile graphicMake a dent in my TBR!

Every book on my goodreads TBR is a book that I am genuinely interested in so this year, I want to make a conscious effort to read them. So, at least 1 book a month will be “From the TBR Pile”!

Try some new things!

I want to try to spread my genre wings. I already have 1 historical romance planned for 2016. I also want to actually read some of those freebies I grabbed from Amazon! Finally, I want to go back and give some of my DNF books another shot. Some of them I actually marked as “maybe I would feel differently about this later…” so its time to see if I was right!

Find a way to make a little income from my passion!

Seriously, I really want to make my love of books into a side job. I’m not saying I would quit my day job (frankly, I like teaching!) but it would be nice to have a way to at least break even on the blogging front. Making teasers, being a PA, beta reading/editing…if anyone has suggestions about how to find ways to make some money, hook a sister up!

Stop compulsively 1 clicking everything! one click hoarders

I am terrible at automatically 1 clicking every free book on amazon and iBooks. I think “Oh, its free! Even if I hate it, it was FREE!”. The problem? I have so many books to read I never get to most of those.

Make better use of my Kindle Unlimited Subscription

my ku pick of the monthThis ties in with my 1-click addition. I haven’t been using my KU membership much at all. So, basically, I am just giving amazon $10 a month! Crazy! In addition to my monthly From The TBR Pile pick, I will have a KU Pick of the Month! My hope is not only to get more use out of KU, but to find some new authors and great new books. KU has helped me find so many new authors that I might not have taken a chance on before. Hopefully, I can help you to do the same!

So, these are a few of my bookish resolutions. Of course, I also want to lose weight, be more active, and all those other cliche things! How about you? What are your resolutions?

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    • Book Hoarders Unite! Could you imagine that episode though? I would be like “Oh, I don’t have those books! I should check them out on Amazon!”. It would be like giving ho-hos to a diabetic!

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