Submission Specialist by Ada Scott: Review

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Submission Specialist by Ada Scott: ReviewSubmission Specialist by Ada Scott

Genres: New Adult

Instead of Prince Charming, I got Him.
SkylarI promised I’d save myself for my wedding night.
Of course, I didn’t know it was going to be a fake marriage to a heavyweight MMA fighter. I couldn’t have known how good it would feel to be pinned under all those muscles and tattoos, squirming, panting, and even whimpering in ecstasy.
None of us knew how deeply he was involved with the mafia.
When he disrespects them, they think they can use me to punish him.
They’re wrong.
He’s a tank in human form.
And he’s coming for me.
AustinMen tap out inside the ring, women surrender themselves outside of it. That’s always been my specialty.
I chose Skylar because she was so innocent. A good girl like her would help sell my reformed image to the public. To corrupt her and leave her ruined for all other men would be my hottest conquest yet.
But I found more in Skylar than that. Who’d have thought that the first woman I wanted to lay more than once would be my wife?Now they think they can take away what is mine?
Even if I have to kill every last member of the Bertolini Crime Family…
I’m coming for her.

Submission Specialist
Ada Scott

what i think

my ku pick of the monthUgh, when did it become the norm for heroes to be douche canoes?!? When did ‘bad boy’ mean misogynistic, egotistical assholes? Submission Specialist is everything I am hating about the ‘romance’ genre lately.  He actual talks about being bummed he could screw other girls during his relationship with Skylar while simultaneously talking about taking her virginity. WTF?! Does he cheat? No, because he doesn’t want to lose his title fight. He actually says, after spending the night taking his ‘wife’s’ virginity that staying faithful is going to be really difficult. Yeah, thats romantic. I always wanted to give my V card to a man who won’t cheat on my because he doesn’t want to risk losing a title fight. He actually called her a fucktoy on their wedding night (yes, it was a fake wedding, but still! He knew she was a virgin and nervous and he says THAT?!?) What the hell happened to romance? Why do they all have to be man whores who are assholes?!?! Sorry, I have just not had ANY luck with KU lately…

Am I the only one who is annoyed with this trend in romance? I am not really against the man whore thing per se. Sleeping with a lot of women doesn’t mean you are a bad person. If a guy has a man whore past he can still be a nice guy. Lately it seems like authors think that being crass, demeaning, and down right rude is sexy. I strongly disagree and its really making me add a lot of authors to my NEVER READ AGAIN list. Maybe I am being too judge-y but I do not find this kind of book something I want to spend my time and money on.


  • POV: Dual
  • Tears: I cried tears of frustration!
  • Trope: Fighter, Virgin, Man Whore
  • Triggers: verbal and physical abuse
  • Cliffhanger: ? I don’t know-I didn’t read that far and frankly didn’t care
  • HEA: For me, it would have been an HEA if these 2 never met…


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A former office drone, a former nurse, I now spend every waking moment doing what I love, creating and publishing these steamy stories about bad boys from the mafia, motorcycle clubs, and mma that make me, and hopefully you, weak at the knees! Anywhere a bad boy can be found, I’ll be there taking notes and making it even sexier 🙂

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