Sunday Post: Is it spring break yet?

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

What I Reviewed:

What’s Coming Up:

  • The Studying Hours by Sara Ney (How to Date a Douchebag #1)
  • Just Like That by Nicola Rendell
  • Royal Affair by Marquita Valentine
  • A Thing Called Love by Julie James

This Week’s New Releases:

What I Found Online:

I spent way too much time on Buzzfeed books…

This Week’s Book Haul:

Thanks to Avon, St. Martin’s, net galley, Edelweiss, and the authors for these amazing gems!

Non-Bookish News:

My students have been doing state testing. Its exhausting! They spend the first 2 hours of the day doing testing, then we have a normal day with all 7 of their classes. Its been rough! Plus, we haven’t had spring break yet, so they are all getting a bit stir crazy! We have 2 more days of testing this week, then spring break starts on Friday! Thank goodness!

My house is still a disaster from when I had the flu. I love my husband, but when I was sick, not a single dish was washed, not a single load of laundry was done, and not a single floor was swept. Its a disaster zone! So, I should spend some time cleaning, but I just don’t want to!

I have been shopping for luggage for our Europe trip this summer. I am overwhelmed by the choices and options! Holy crap!! I just want a large bag with wheels. Silly me, I had no idea there are like a million choices/decisions to make! So, I still haven’t picked a bag. Too much pressure!

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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18 responses to “Sunday Post: Is it spring break yet?

  1. State testing just sounds so stressful. I’m glad I didn’t go to high school in the US.
    Oh boy! Sorry about the house situation! But you were sick. Hopefully, cleaning won’t take you forever. I really do hate it when chores sort of build up though. I just finished reading the Sarah MacLean book and loved it. I hope I’ll like the Tessa Bailey book because her last few books have been utter fails for me.
    Happy reading and have a good week ahead!

  2. No wonder you don’t feel like clearing up – you are probably still washed out from your attack of flu. I recall our own SATS tests and am delighted I no longer have to go through that malarkey. I hope you get a chance during the Easter break to have a really good rest – it seems to me to you deserve one! Have a good rest:).

  3. Wow. So much to do and just recovering from the flu! I wouldn’t fret the house cleaning. You’ll get to it. And how awesome you are going to Europe. I’d check airlines before buying a bag. I know they charge for luggage now and you might want to know what size you can use as a carry on too. Spring break will come and go and you’ll be off before you know it!

  4. My health has been up and down these past two weeks but I’m getting better. Hopefully. Like you, my husband has been the one who did all the house chores. Haha..
    Anyway, you make me want to start Devil In Spring NOW. Glad that you enjoyed and loved it. Can’t wait to start. 😀
    Have a great week and happy reading, Sam.

  5. My son had testing this week and in two weeks is my daughters testing. She is stressing but I told her not too. She has so much trouble with Math, I am not sure she will do well but I want her to do her best.

    I know how you feel about the house. If I don’t do anything neither does anyone else, however my husband is in charge of laundry so he has to do that. 🙂

    have a great week, Samantha! Only one week left before spring break! 🙂 happy Reading! ox

  6. I know how you fell about luggage. I few years back we had to pick out a big bag to pack kids stuff and adult plus leave room for all the presents and packages we would get on our trip back east to see family, so to say it was a task to find what I wanted. So many choices. Good luck.

    My son’s spring break is the week of Easter. Other schools have had spring break the first week in April. It’s been nice not having to work our way through school track and work traffic. Hope you have a great spring break.

    As for husbands. We love them, but they don’t clean or take care of the everyday chores that go on in the home. I’ve been battling a flue bug for over two weeks now and very little has gotten done the home. It’s not a disaster, but still not has clean as it usually is.

    Well have a great week and happy reading!! ^_^

  7. The testing these days sounds fairly intense! I don’t remember it being quite like that when I was in school. Hope this week is calmer, and yay for upcoming spring break! And Buzzfeed takes way too much of my time. Speaking of, I do still need to read Princess Bride… one of these days…

  8. Ugh, state testing. I do not miss that! Huh, I have never been luggage shopping, so I didn’t know there were lots of different options to figure out either lol. I would also just want a big bag with wheels! Good luck finding something and have a great week 🙂

  9. I’m glad you’re recovering from the flu. Don’t sweat the housework; deal with it as you have the energy. Seriously, flu takes it out of you.

    State testing – ugh! I hated that time of year when our daughter was in school. There is so much emphasis on test scores now, not just for students but for teachers and schools, that the schools basically stopped teaching for two weeks before the tests, and spent the entire two weeks reviewing for the tests. Relentlessly. It always made our daughter anxious, despite the fact that she usually aced the standardized tests. I’m pretty sure it’s why she ended up developing test anxiety.

  10. YAY for spring break, Samantha! I only have to work today and tomorrow, and then it’s ten days off… as we start school again on 24th.

    Here, students have their tests in June, and there aren’t really any state tests in high school. This means, though, that all the tests have to be made by each individual teacher.

    Where in Europe are you going again? You should get a bag that weighs a little as possible, but is as solid as possible…

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.

    • We start our break on Friday the 14th and come back on Monday the 24th.
      Thanks for the luggage tip! We are heading to London, Paris, and Brussels starting June 16th! I am trying to find a light weight one that is solid because I know how the bags get banged around!! So many choices though!
      I would prefer a teacher made test. At least then we would know what to teach! These tests seem to come out of the blue sometimes. My geometry students were having to answer probability questions. We don’t cover probability in Geometry! Argh!

  11. State testing happening this week in our school 🙂 I AM SO READY FOR spring break! YAY! Our house was like that a couple of weeks ago, same reason the flu. So I know what you mean.! Don’t worry you’l catch up when you fee like it 😉

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