The 5 most badass Psys in the PsyChangeling world

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If you haven’t discovered the PsyChangeling series by Nalini Singh, I hope this post will change your mind. It is seriously an awesome series and the audiobooks are stunning well done. You can check out my reading order HERE!

So, if you aren’t familiar, the Psy are a race of people with psychic talents. They are all connected in the PsyNet. Each Psy has a slightly different power depending on the category and gradient. The gradient goes from 0-9.9 or Cardinal (the most powerful).

Here are my picks for the most badass Psy in the books based on their abilities!

Judd Lauren

Judd is a 9.9 telekinetic-cell psy. This means he can actually manipulate cells! He can stitch wounds together without tools. And if that isn’t enough, he is a 9.4 telepathic. He can teleport fairly easily as well.

Vasic Zen

Ok, Vasic’s power is a 7.9 telekinetic which doesn’t seem high, but he is a true teleport. He can teleport with relative ease and take another person along with him. He can whoosh someone away from danger in a blink and he has consistently put his life on the line to do so. So badass and so swoon worthy.

Kaleb Krycheck

I add him to the list because he is, probably, the most powerful Psy. If you read the books, his story comes later in the series and he is a fan favorite. He is not my favorite (blasphemy for PsyChangeling fans). He is a dual Cardinal, in both telepathic and telekinetic. So yeah, he pretty much runs the Psy world. As I mentioned, the Psy is all mentally connected in the PsyNet. Kaleb can actually communicate with the NetMind. He is the only person who can do so.

Sienna Lauren

Sienna is the most amazing female! First, she is the only cardinal X. She has X fire!! Now, granted, it almost kills her, but once she masters it, she is the most powerful person in the world. She is the only X that has survived, but now that she understands her power, I know she will be able to save many with her designation. You gotta love the girl power there!

Memory Aven-Rose

Memory is a cardinal Empath-sigma. I will always love the Es, but Memory is amazing! Empath doesn’t seem like a badass power, but it is what is saving the entire Psy race, so that is pretty badass in my book!

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