10 books to read if you love Alpha heroes: Top Ten

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Alpha Heroes everyone needs to meet

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Its Tuesday! That means another edition of top ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic was 10 books ever X should read. So, my spin is 10 books everyone who loves Alphas should read!

So, before we go further, I should give you my guidelines. First, an alpha is protective and loyal. They are not assholes. There is a line between protective and possessive and when that line is crossed, you start to get into alpha-hole territory and that is not hot! So, thats my criteria. A man who is loyal, protective, and has no problems letting the world know he loves his woman is the best alpha!

Here are my suggestions:

The Fallen Crest SeriesFallen Crest University

You get 2 hot alphas in this one. Mason is the strong, brooding, silent type that is super hot. Logan is the funny one but will get serious quick when his family is threatened. Both are super alpha in their own ways but not alpha-holes. However, they could use some work on their communication skills…

The Men of Honor Series:

Oh these are some sexy ex military men. Jax, Sawyer, and Cade have all been through hell. They have demons and they
make some mistakes but they are determined to win over the ladies in their lives. Jax gives Julia probably one of the best gifts ever at the end of Fighting Temptation. SWOON!!!!!Men of Honor series

allPlayedOutAll Played Out:

Mateo Torres is the best! He falls hard for Nell and when he tells her he wants all her firsts, its hard not to melt a little!

Six of Hearts:

sixofheartsOh Jay…What I loved about him was the mystery. He has been planning revenge for what happened to both their families and his reward? Matilda! He is smart, devoted, and insanely romantic.

My Commander byMy Commander: 

Oh Aiden…he is this super tough shifter who commands an elite military force. And he is NO MATCH for Meryn. And its adorable! He loves her so much he doesn’t quite know what to do with her half the time. But, you see his devotion in everything-even when you realize he has no idea what he’s doing!

The Hurricane/The Aftermath:

Con is probably one of my favorite heroes. He finds Em when she is so broken and afraid of her own shadow. Instead of foalpha heroesrcing his way into her life and fixing things, he starts by slowly befriending her. Crazy idea right? Not that he wasn’t protecting her in his own way, but he was so attuned to her that he knew exactly how to win her over.


Thrown Down:

Vaughn screwed up BIG TIME. The book starts after that event and he is back to win back the love of his life and he will alpha heroesnot let anything, including her, stop him. I love the determination. The devotion he has to River is heartwarming and his steadfast plan to have her back is swoon worthy!

Significance series:

Caleb. Oh sweet Jesus. First, I love fated mates. I do. I’m not sorry. But this story is hands down alpha heroesmy favorite fated mate story. Caleb is not just devoted to Maggie, she is everything in the world to him. He will do anything to make her happy. Its devotion in its most raw form and its hot!! Even though he is young, he grows into an super hot alpha hero!


Hurricane Kacen stole my heart for sure! He is this big time rock star who falls hard for Logan. And guess what? He is a rock star who isn’t a manwhore!!!! Its like finding bigfoot and the loch ness alpha heroesmonster in the same town having tea. And not a manwhore is a requirement for a good alpha hero!

Protecting Jessyka:

I couldn’t make a hot alpha’s list without including a Susan Stoker book because she writes the BEST alphas. But, my favorite is Kasen. Oh he’s quite the hottie. Protective of Jessyka even before they were an item, he is her friend first. He wants her to be happy and enjoy life. When Jessyka needs help, he swooped in to save her in a super hot way! And she saves him right back! (Which I think is another trait of a perfect alpha hero-he doesn’t get upset when his woman saves him!)

SEAL of protection covers

Ok, there is my list! Who are your favorite alphas? I am always looking for new alphas to read!

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11 responses to “10 books to read if you love Alpha heroes: Top Ten

  1. Jen

    I loved the Significance Series too! Caleb was scorching hot and I loved how he took control of situations and protected Maggie. I enjoyed how they were fated to be together! I don’t really run across that too much in the books I read, so do you have another favorite series that involves fated mates?

    • Oh I read a lot of PNR that has fated mates. Here are a few of my favorites:
      Seven Years by Dannika Dark
      The Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder (its FUNNY too!)
      Wolf on a Mission by NJ Walters
      Blood Hunger by LE Wilson
      The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken
      I’m so glad you asked that question! Now I am going to add it to my TBD recommends page! So many good books with fated mates!

      • Jen

        Yay, thank you so much for this list! I’ll be passing along the new page you created for Fated Mates to my friend Astin who adores these types of books too. Thanks Samantha!!

  2. Nikki

    Some great looking reads.
    I absolutely love My Commander. The perfect addition to the Bewitched and Bewildered series
    Love Meryn and Aiden. Such a phenomenal series

  3. Liz

    Loved The Hurricane & The Aftermath – I love everything R.J. Prescott has written and My Commander is my favourite book from Alanea Alder – go menace lol

  4. Debbie

    This is a great line up but my fa by far is MY Commander by Alanea Alder. This is just the start to a magical journey through the pages of a book. The series is addictive

  5. I agree with so many of these! Others I haven’t read. I kept waiting for the boom to appear. Aurora Rose Reynolds writes some of my favorite alphas ever. If you haven’t read her, I highly recommend you do! Kristen Ashley also has some amazing alphas.

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