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Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder ReviewMy Commander by Alanea Alder

Series: Bewitched and Bewildered #1
Also in this series: My Brother's Keeper
Also by this author: My Brother's Keeper

When the topic of grandchildren comes up during a weekly sewing circle the matriarchs of the founding families seek out the witch Elder to scry to see if their sons have mates. They are shocked to discover that many of their son’s mates are out in the world and are human! Fearing that their future daughter in laws will end up dead before being claimed and providing them with grandchildren to spoil, they convince their own mates that something must be done. After gathering all of the warriors together in a fake award ceremony the witch Elder casts a spell to pull the warrior’s mates to them, whether they want it or not.
Aiden McKenzie is adamant that he doesn’t need a mate and that she would only get in the way. He doesn’t have time to coddle a female. He likes his world run with military precision. Little does he realize, Fate is sending him his mate first! He meets his destined mate Meryn Evans and things go downhill from there. She is the embodiment of chaos. In the first twenty-four hours she kicks, screams and knocks her bear shifting mate unconscious.
Eventually they discover that life before finding each other may have been good, but life afterwards is perfect, even if it involves super soaker battles and accidentally discharging hand grenades.
Unfortunately the joy of their mating is overshadowed when Aiden and Meryn find themselves embroiled in a missing persons case assigned to Aiden by the Lycaonian Council. By assisting Aiden, Meryn finds herself the focus of a demented killer.
Can Aiden and the elite warriors from the Alpha Unit keep Meryn safe? Or did Fate bring her to Lycaonia to die?

Oh.My.Gosh how did I not know about this book sooner?!? Seriously, there are so many things to love:
1. Probably my all time favorite heroine. She’s a self professed nerd. She makes Doctor Who references, Star Wars references, and more. When she busted out the ‘don’t blink’ I nearly spit Diet Coke across the room. And she uses a Mac, which is infinitely cooler than a windows device. Her job? She is basically a hacker. Smart, nerdy, and hilarious!!! Seriously, I loved this character.
2. Her name is Meryn. My middle name is the same, but spelled different (Maren). Automatically cool for having an AWESOMELY unique name
3. Aiden is adorable. He doesn’t know what the heck to do with Meryn because he hasn’t lived in the human world and he doesn’t understand 1/2 of the things she says or does. Its actually super cute. He is endearing and not an alpha-hole even though he is an Alpha!
4. Great plot. So many things are happening-Meryn’s apartment getting trashed, invisible attacker, bitchy society ladies, and love at first sight. So many things I love all in one story.
5. Its a series. I love series because even if the other books focus on different couples, you get to live in the ‘world’ longer and I love that.

Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder ReviewMy Protector (Bewitched and Bewildered, #2) by Alanea Alder

Series: Bewitched and Bewildered #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Also in this series: My Brother's Keeper
Also by this author: My Brother's Keeper

Gavriel Ambrosios has been dreaming of his accident prone mate for weeks. Now that he is nearing the apex of his vampiric transition, she has made her way to Lycaonia, just when he is at his most dangerous.
Elizabeth Monroe was planning on staying in Lycaonia while humans forgot about the swan dive she took out of her boss’s office window. Little did she know that this short side trip was about to become permanent. Gavriel is the mate she has always dreamed of. Even as he sweeps her off her feet his need to protect her has him pushing her away. She’s both concerned with and drawn to his darker nature, but is determined to see him through his transition.
In the shadows their enemy has targeted Gavriel when they know he is at his most vulnerable. They creep ever closer to the Alpha estate putting the men on high alert.
But as the days get shorter and the nights get longer Elizabeth begins to wonder, which is the bigger threat? The enemy or her mate?

At first, I was NOT a fan of Gavriel. However, I loved Elizabeth! I really wanted him to be kinder to her. Eventually, you understand his reasons, but it took me awhile before I warmed up to him. Beth is a great character who was the perfect opposite of Meryn from book 1. Beth is from the paranormal world, and was raised with loving family and all the proper manners necessary to function in the upper class. However, she is klutzy enough to get herself killed on a daily basis. This made her even more likable. She is so kind and accepting of everyone and she wants to help in whatever way she can.
Again, the men trying to navigate their new normal with these women is hilarious. You really get a sense for how different their world is and yet at times, how similar. The book keeps the nerdy humor you find in book one while continuing to build upon the unique world Alanea Alder has created. I love that while each book focuses on a new couple, you still see the development of the other couples as part of the story line.

Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder ReviewMy Healer by Alanea Alder

Series: Bewitched and Bewildered #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Also in this series: My Brother's Keeper
Also by this author: My Brother's Keeper

Fun loving wolf-shifter Colton Albright’s usual concern…his next meal, has been replaced by haunted dreams. The nightly visions of the sad, anxious face of his mate have this jovial jokester withdrawing from his fellow Alpha Unit members.
Rheia Bradley is a dedicated professional that lives to help others, but has long forgotten how to help herself. When she arrives in Lycaonia seeking the protection of the warrior units, Colton is ecstatic to discover that she’s his mate. His relief is quickly eclipsed by one small problem, a tiny, solemn four-year-old girl who happens to be his mate’s adopted daughter. Which means… he is now a father!
While Rheia settles into her new job, Colton and all his fellow warriors are about to get a crash course on little girls. The men quickly learn that not one ounce of their centuries-long training has prepared any them for this precocious child.
When Rheia uncovers something about their enemy that puts her name next to her daughter’s on their hit list, Colton is willing to do anything to keep his new family safe. But will it be enough?

I really loved Rheia and Penny! Oh they just melted my heart. Here is a human woman who is aware of the supernatural world but not a part of it and she takes in a traumatized shifter child. Colton immediately accepts Rheia as his mate and is so excited about having her and Penny in his life. Humor and hilarity ensue as the men try to learn about caring for child.
Again, Alanea Alder mixes this new couple seamlessly into this world while continuing the major story line. The humor, the love, the tension, the suspense are all amazing written.

Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder ReviewMy Savior by Alanea Alder

Series: Bewitched and Bewildered #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Also in this series: My Brother's Keeper
Also by this author: My Brother's Keeper

Amelia has dreamt of her mate since she was a little girl. All her life visions of a golden prince have warmed her heart and promised a fairy-tale future. She longs for the day when they will finally be together.

When the fateful day arrives and she meets Darian for the first time, she is nearly destroyed by his unequivocal rejection. His continued denial of their destined relationship has her doubting her own self worth and the visions she has had all her life.

Darian is teetering on the edge. He refuses to acknowledge Amelia as his mate and shadows continue to spread across his heart. He has grown used to the emptiness in his soul and almost fears the barrage of emotions she elicits. When an unexpected tragedy sends Darian spiraling into a hopeless abyss, will Amelia have the strength to pull him out, or will she succumb to her own darkness?

In book 4 of the series, Alanea Alder introduces us to Amelia, a half witch who had a dream of Darian as a child. Once she finally finds him, he is in a bad place. While you don’t really understand what is wrong with him at first, you know he is near death and that his friends are worried. He refuses to claim Amelia because if he dies, then she does as well. Amelia is VERY persistent though. She is much more like Meryn than the other girls were but she does understand the supernatural world better because she was raised in it. Just like the previous books, you get a further glimpse into the world Alanea Alder created while building on the plots from the previous books. While this book wasn’t my favorite, it was still great and the end is full of suspense and drama! Can’t wait for book #5!!!

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