Sunday Post: Bye Bye Spring Break!

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

What I Reviewed:

So, I reallyΒ enjoyed everything I read this week! Woohoo!

What’s Coming Up:

  • Lost Rider by Harper Sloan
  • Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy
  • Never Trust a Pirate by Valerie Bowman
  • The Enforcer by Helenkay Dimon
  • The Playboy Bachelor by Rachel Van Dyken

This Week’s New Releases:

What I Found Online:

This Week’s Book Haul:

Won! Thanks Cambria Hebert!


ARCs courtesy of the authors and publishers!

Non-Bookish News:

Today is my last day of spring break! πŸ™ However, I only have 5 weeks left before summer break, so it will go by fast! I have to proctor ACT make ups, AP testing, 2 more IEP meetings, and summary of performance reports for all my graduating seniors in those 5 weeks. It will keep me busy for sure!

I did manage to get some things done around the house during break. I am finally caught up on the dishes, I scrubbed the walls in the kitchen by our back door (the dogs come in muddy and the walls were covered in mud splatters!), cleaned the bathroom, did a million loads of laundry, and continued to sweep the endless fur dust bunnies.

Our new luggage has arrived as well! I am getting super excited for our trip! 61 days until we leave! It will be here before I know it for sure. I’m still super uncomfortable about leaving the dogs in daycare/boarding for 12 days. I will miss them so, so much! When I went to Italy in September my husband was home, so I got lots of updates and pictures. Maybe I can bribe someone at daycare?? For the money we pay, I should get at least a picture or 2! $50 a day! That will be $650 for the trip. I should get pictures for that kind of money right?!?

I have been binge watching Investigation Discovery on my apple TV. Oh my gosh! I am addicted to all things true crime. Its a problem. I am actually getting a little nervous that pretty soon, I will have gone through everything on the app and then what will I watch?! Oh, and I binge watched Lockup on Netflix! I love that show too!! They only have a few seasons though, so I watched all of that pretty quick. Hopefully they will add more soon. I have also been listening to a book about the Steven Avery trial written by one of his original trial attorneys. Its fascinating whether you think he is innocent or not. Buting (the lawyer/author) gives you such an amazing insight into the legal process, the tricks and tactics law enforcement and prosecutors can and do use, and how it can lead to all kinds of confusion. As a normal citizen, I have always tended to think that the evidence provided by the cops and prosecutor is honest and validated. However, if you listen to any true crime accounts from innocent victims later vindicated, you realize that is so not true! I think what happened to Brendan Dassey was horrendous; I am still not sure where I stand on Steven and his guilt, but Brendan Dassey was totally railroaded! Okay, rant over!

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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25 responses to “Sunday Post: Bye Bye Spring Break!

  1. My spring break was over over a month ago, and I’m still not over it lol. I hope things will go smoothly once you’re back at school this week. You should totally ask for puppy pics from the daycare! Your trip sounds really exciting, so I hope you have a complete blast when you do! πŸ™‚
    Happy reading and take care, Sam!

    • Are you taking classes in the summer? Knowing that I only have about 5 weeks until summer is the only thing that will get me through! I think I am going to talk to them about texting me puppy pics. I need proof of life photos for sure! I am going to be a neurotic mess!

  2. Wow, you’ve read LOTS of books. Awesome. I only managed two. Glad to hear that you enjoyed them all. It’s a wonderful feeling. Anyway, TAXI looks great. Looking forward to your review. Have a great week, Sam. Happy reading. ?

    • With being on break this week, I had LOTS of time to read. My husband was at work so it was just me and the dogs all day! We played fetch and read books. Best week ever!

  3. Looks like you have had a fabulous reading week here!! And thank you so much for the sweet comment about my post and blog. Its so wonderful to hear that someone else has similar thoughts on that topic especially since most of the blogging world adores the genre.

    It is pretty sad about all those crime cases and how so many that are innocent lose so many years of their lives.

    We do have some wonderful book releases coming out soon right? I already have Ride Rough pre ordered so I am pretty excited for that one. I have been waiting a year and can’t wait for it. I am currently reading Lost Rider and loving it so far.

  4. Yes – this is the last day of Spring break, too. Though my summer term is 8 weeks long – though I’m sure that will also flash past… Hope you have a great start to your new term and that you have good reading week. Many thanks for swinging by:).

  5. hmm I’m interested in the book by Cambria Hebert . Taxi. In fact I think I might like to read it. I’ve read a few of her novels and I like her. The synopsis sounds scary and I wouldn’t want to be the one trapped in a taxi with a psychopath. I like a good crime thriller/mystery once in awhile too. Thanks for stoppin by my blog today. Have a great day!

  6. Both of my kids are done with Spring Break now we get through softball and wait till the end of the year to enjoy some summer. πŸ™‚ I really want to get rid of cable but my husband wont let me. I tend to spend all my time on Roku expect today I am watching Hallmark Love movies! πŸ™‚

    Have a great week, Samantha! Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

  7. This is the first time I’m not jealous of your reading week, what is wrong with me ever since I read The Handmaid’s Tale nothing works for me! Spring break is over but I have waaay more than 5 weeks till summer. BTW, I love the sortable archive for your reviews and did you change something on your comment section?

  8. Happy last day of Spring Break. This is the last day for my son too. But grandma is still in town and so he will miss Monday to have fun, but when they are little it’s not an issue if they miss a few days. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for Summer. Have to plan some day adventures. My reading will take a noise dive when he is out for the summer. Oh well. ^_^

    Happy Reading!

  9. Summer really is coming fast, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem possible. I wish you luck with the end of the year rush. I can only imagine how busy you will be! Sounds like you were able to get quite a bit done on your break. I could use some time off to do stuff like that.

    I definitely think you should ask the place where you are boarding the dogs for your trip for photos. The worse they can do is say no. I hate leaving my animals behind. It was always hardest with my dog. I finally found a place that he loved–the dogs were out in the open and not kept in kennels. They slept on pillows inside during the day. They had a live stream video camera hooked up and I often would check in and see my dog. It gave me peace of mind. πŸ™‚ It’s not as simple with the cats, I’m afraid. When we go camping this summer, my brother-in-law will be house-sitting for us and keeping an eye on them. It’s either that or they would have to go to the vet’s and be boarded. Especially with Parker’s medical needs. Anyway, I understand your anxiety about leaving your dogs!

    I find those true crime shows interesting too. I am not so fond of the books though.

    I hope you have a great week, Samantha. Hopefully the first week back after your break will not to be too overwhelming.

  10. Yes, summer is in the air baby! You’ll be summering before you know it Sam! I hate to clean BUT doesn’t it feel nice when you catch up? πŸ™‚ I’m so excited about your trip too!
    I fall more in the other side of the spectrum where I always distrust criminal investigations. It’s horrible when an innocent person goes to jail!

  11. Our spring break was over last week, too, but we have school up until June 30th… June will be mostly testing, correcting, and meetings, but still…

    I don’t think I would have left our dog in a place that wasn’t expensive… I think in some cases we get what we pay for πŸ˜‰

    I hope your week back at work was good… only 54 more days until your trip!

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