Sunday Post: Homecoming Week!

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Sunday Post

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

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  •  Contracted Defense by Piper J Drake
  •  Drunk on You by Harper Sloan
  •  The Final Score by Jaci Burton
  •  Sweet Sacrifice by LD Rose
  •  Redemption Island by LB Dunbar
  •  Breaching the Contract by Chantal Fernando

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Hey everyone! So, if you don’t know, I am a high school teacher. This week coming up is Homecoming week. Which means, chaos, drama, and lack of learning. Seriously, if you have ever taught HS or remember what it was like in your high school leading up to homecoming, you feel my pain! Each day is a different ‘theme’ (PJ day, baby day, 80’s day, USA day, etc). Seriously, its insane. No learning happens when kids are wearing a onsie. Then Friday we don’t even have classes. The entire day is ‘spirit olympics’. Yep, we put all the kids in the gym and play ‘minute to win it’ type games and compete by grade level. Is is fun? Of course. But, imagine it from a teacher’s perspective. CHAOS! Add to it that my hearing aids go nuts in an environment that is so loud and echo-y its pretty much my definition of hell. So, good news? I have training on Thursday and Friday and won’t be at school! Yay!!!! Friday night is the football game, then Saturday night is the dance. Then we return to blissful normalcy until Halloween. (You guessed it-the kids can wear costumes!)

Saturday I had to administer the ACT at my school. Its nice extra money and I always appreciate that! Its pretty easy too. So while I would have much rather slept in on Saturday than spend 7 hours at work, the money helps!

I have a bit of a blogging dilemma. I have so many books scheduled for the rest of September and nearly all of October. When I say scheduled, I mean, on a tour or arranged with the publisher. But lately, not a single one of them sounds good and I don’t want to read. I tried to break my funk by picking a book that wasn’t on my schedule to see if it was just a funk, but alas, I still don’t feel the pull to read any of the books I am scheduled to read. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone have any ideas on how to NOT sign up for all the things?!? I mean, the books sound good when I sign up, but 2-3 months later when its time to read them? Meh.

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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16 responses to “Sunday Post: Homecoming Week!

  1. Oh I’m SO curious about Manace and Grievous. Thanks for sharing this series. Sounds SO good.
    Ohh, what a busy week you had. I hope it gets better. Ohh sorry about your reading slump. It happens when you don’t enjoy the ones you read. I suggest you take a few days off and look for the books you really want to read, that sound great and you are in the mood for.
    I’ve limited the number of ARCs I received and signed up for review. I read the ones mostly from boggers’ recommendations. So far, my reading has been great. ?

    Have a wonderful week. ❤️

  2. I don’t remember our homecoming weeks being that much fun. 🙂 But then, i wasn’t really into homecoming anyway, so it may have been more a case of me not noticing as much. I hope you goes well, and enjoy your training days away!

    I feel you on the blogging front. I went most of this year without signing up for tours (well, one this past spring) and it’s been so wonderful not to have to worry about tour schedules. But then I go and sign up for two in October (which is my tour limit for a month). I am already regretting it, even though I do want to read the books–but do I really want to read them now? I wish I had some advice for you. I wish you luck!

    Have a great week, Samantha!

    • Thanks! I’m not sure the training days will be better than the crazy school days! Its kind of a toss up 🙂
      I need to limit myself more. Or only take books without a hard review deadline so I can ‘mood read’. I don’t even know if getting books without a hard review deadline is possible unless they are books I purchase!

  3. We don’t have any equivalent to homecoming week where I live; I’ve seen it in American high school films (I grew up during the John Hughes era) but I’m still not sure I get it’s purpose. Sounds fun though. Well, maybe not so much on the teaching side. I don’t have any advice re the reading funk. Maybe why I don’t sign up for things any more – just read what I want to read (and usually have several books going at a time so that if I stall out on one I’ll pick up another for a while and so on…maybe something like that will help; I believe in reward driven motivation). I used to review for publications (to deadline) and this is more fun. Hope you get out of your funk soon. This past week has been a wash thanks to hurricane Irma (see my latest blog for details…and also I’ve posted links for anyone who wants to contribute to recovery efforts).

    Joanne recently posted: After the Storm
  4. Ha ha from a teacher’s perspective I’m not sure I would enjoy Homecoming much! Although I’m sure it’s fun too. And sorry to hear about the reading funk- I can relate, some books just don’t appeal at the time you have to read them!

    Onesies?? Wow. I must have missed that day in high school lol.

    That video is hilarious!

  5. Yikes! Homecoming!!! I hope things don’t go too crazy during that time! As for your reading problem, I would probably not request anymore books from authors or publishers for awhile until you are all caught up and if you don’t feel like reading the books you got from the authors and publishers, then you could pick up a book that is not requested.

  6. School just started today and I feel you! As for the blog sign ups, I used to do the same but then I started keeping a bullet journal and it helped me keep my schedule open and not sign up for everything, also netgalley helps since you don’t have to read/post at a certain time. I hope you find something!

  7. I remember the chaos of spirit week from when I used to teach. Then there are the costume contest for halloween and in school play rehearsals, and everything else. At least it’s fun, right? I am hoping the new Play-by_Play book is good. I am a fan of the series, and really liked almost all of them. I love the idea of the next generation here.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post
  8. As a parent I HATED homecoming week! My oldest was really into it and the whole week was panicked “I need this for this” errands. I was not sad when that was done! My younger daughter just figured out a way to wear pajamas every day to school for the week and I just kind of left her to it. Much much easier! I’m sorry about your dilemma and have no useful advice other than maybe try a reward system? For every book you have to read you’ll read one that sounds good or if you don’t have time to read it maybe buy one off your TBR? Have a great week!

  9. Oh geez, the homecoming week sounds like madness. I guess we did that in high school but honestly I don’t remember. I’m sure from a teaching perspective it’s a lost week. But nice on being out for 2 days! Woo hoo!
    I try not to sign up for much at all. Typically I just want to read what I want to read. But there have been times when I’ve been on a deadline and just had to force myself to read something. Not ideal but I can’t stand not honoring my commitments. Ugh.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted: Review: Our Broken Pieces by Sarah White

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