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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

What I Reviewed:

What’s Coming Up:

  • Hard to Fall by Marquita Valentine
  • Defying her Mafioso by Terri Anne Browning

This Week’s Book Haul:

ARC’s courtesy of the authors and publishers!

Non-Bookish News:

I am 1/2 way though the craziness that is October for me. I have to work 6 days a week through the month which sucks. Every weekend is filled with something: open house, homecoming, ACT. It just never ends. But, once we get through October, things get a bit easier. Until January. Then things go all crazy again!

I had a disagreement with a coworker this week that really bothered me. I am so non-confrontational, so I hated to even have to have the discussion at all. Of course, other people get involved (because teaching high school is just like being in high school) and then before I knew it, everyone had an opinion. I hate when things like that happen. It is a trigger for my OCD because one of my obsessions is that people are talking about me. And when something like this happens, and they really ARE talking about me, my anxiety goes nuts. I keep hoping that as I get older I won’t care so much or it won’t bother me. Sadly, I am almost 37 and I still care. Even worse, things will be awkward on Monday at work. I have to interact with this person so its not like I can just avoid her until tensions lessen. Sigh…next week is gonna suck!

This week I was declined for a book on net galley! I was so sad!! I haven’t been declined in so long. It was with a publisher that has approved every request I have made with them so far. I have an 87% feedback ratio! Add that to my meltdown over work? Yeah, I was a hot mess. My husband was like “Babe. Just buy the book. Whats the big deal?” and I was like “They don’t like me!!!!”. My husband is pretty sure I am a crazy person now. Its been a rough week to be married to me!

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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18 responses to “Sunday Post: Week 42

  1. Sorry your week has been so rough, Samantha!! And I bet not being accepted for a book was just the drop that made the glass spill over, right? And I totally get that (of course I do, I’m a blogger too!!) And I totally get what you mean about teaching high school is like being in high school… why do those who aren’t involved in a disagreement feel entitled to share their opinion, chip in, take sides etc? It just makes everything harder!! Last year when I had a long term position, at the first meeting the English teachers had after I started, it became a huge argument between two people, with others taking sides, and pretty mean, personal comments being made. I was just :O and could hardly believe what I was hearing, frankly!! I’ve never been one to take sides, and so, I spoke with people from ‘both sides’ until one person noticed this and actually stopped talking to me *shakes head*
    I hope Monday will be OK, and that it won’t be tense, and that you and your colleague can find a way to work together even if you don’t agree about everything! {{{hugs}}}
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading .

    • Yes, I got declined for the book the afternoon I came home from the disagreement at work and I was like “NOOOOOOOO”. Seriously, the worst timing ever. Sometimes its the adults that make teaching difficult, not the kids!

  2. I am so sorry this week wasn’t a good one for you. Arguing with someone always does the same thing to me and does make it awkward to see them again. Just have to push through it and hope for the best. Maybe things will blow over.
    I got DENIED also last week for a book I really, really wanted and now I have to wait to get it. I was so bummed since I read a book of theirs already and my ratio is 96%. I can’t remember the last time I was denied. Gladly it didn’t upset me enough to not want to read the book again. They might have been looking for a different group of people to read it. Oh well with all the books I have already one I can’t get should really hurt…but it does. 🙂

    Have a great week, Samantha, I hope this one is better for you! Happy Reading! ox

    • I know I shouldn’t take getting denied personally, but I totally do! And I am hoping something will come up this week at work that takes all the attention!

  3. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the crap at work. I find myself not saying anything to anyone and then that isn’t ideal either because then I have no idea what is going on and I don’t get included in things. I know the drama sucks but not really being able to talk to anyone at work is almost just as bad. I hope you find lots of people on your side on Monday. If not FUKM, life is too short.
    I get denied by pubs all the time. My Netgalley ratio is 86% and has been over 80% all year. I use Edelweiss a lot and don’t feel that sort of rejection. If they do reject me, I send them all my stats and links to recent reviews and that usually gets me an eARC. Sometimes not tho. I’ll just buy the book, (or maybe not due to my financial issues lately). Either way it is their loss. Net week it will be a better book that you WILL get approved for. Keep your chin up!

    • Thanks for the support. I have a few good friends at work that have my back and have always been supportive, so that helps.
      I never get approved on Edelweiss! I think the net galley thing only bothered me because it happened on the same day as the work fight so I was already super emotional.

  4. Oh Samantha I am so sorry, it sounds like one thing after another *pushes plate of cookies and hot cocoa at you* I would ignore the rejection on NetGalley, my rate is 99% with over 500 reviews and occasionally I am denied. I suffer from OCD as well, and avoid confrontation so I feel your pain. In the bigger picture, it was good you stood up and said something, even if it sucks right now.

  5. Sorry it was a rough week. Co-worker disagreements are never fun but just remember they’re wrong and you’re right *jk*. Seriously though, hopefully it all goes smoothly and low stress on Monday. Some weeks just suck like that. 🙂

    October has been kinda crazy around here too, I’ll be glad when things calm down. Enjoy your reads this week!

  6. I’m sorry you are having a rough week. I still get denied from Netgalley quite a bit. I don’t know why my rating is above 80 and I have a few revies under my belt. Sometimes I think they deny you because they’ve given out there quota of ARC’s. Can’t be helped. Hope this week is better for you.

  7. It seems confrontations can snowball and yours did. Sorry to hear about it and how it affects you. Hopefully, the situation will fade away and you can concentrate on your work. Hang in there:) My son is like your husband. I recently got turned down for an ARC and was so freaked out. I couldn’t understand why they did it as I too was approved for some of their other books. Who knows!

    • I suck at confrontation. I am such a pacifist. I just want peace so when I have to step up and advocate for my students, I want it to go smoothly. 95% of the time, it totally does. Then there are times like this when it is just a shit show! Sigh! Its a high school, so I am sure something will happen this week that takes the spotlight off this issue and puts it on something else.

    • I love Crownover!! I haven’t been as thrilled with The Point books, but this one worked for me mostly (even though the characters weren’t particularly likable!)

  8. Sorry about the confrontation :-/ It’s so frustrating that everyone else always has to have an opinion about things that don’t concern them. And aww, that sucks too about being turned down for the book. I was just saying to someone else how it’s so confusing who gets what books and who doesn’t, why we get turned down for some and accepted for others even from the same publisher. Who even knows? Have a better week this week 🙂

  9. I hope the rest of October goes smoothly for you and you are able to find some time to breathe. How did today go with the coworker you disagreed with? I know I can get worked up internally about stuff like that (I don’t like confrontation either), so I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be for you. Fingers crossed it passes quickly and things return to normal soon.

    I feel that way when I get turned down for a book too. LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    I hope you have a much better week, Samantha!

  10. Rowena

    That sucks about the disagreement with the co-worker. I’m going to be thinking happy thoughts for you. I hope your day at work wasn’t so bad.

    I get declined for books a lot too and I try to tell myself the same things that your husband is telling you. It’s still hard though because we all want to be liked an approved and work hard to maintain those relationships so getting declined sucks.

    I’m reading Keepsake right now and am enjoying the heck out of it. I’m looking forward to Satisfaction too. Bran Lawless…come to mama!

    Have a great week Samantha! I hope everyone works out.

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