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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

  •   Inmate of the Month by Lani Lynn Vale
  •   Code Name: Aries by Janie Crouch
  •   When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting

eARCs thanks to the authors and publishers:

Whew what a week! On Monday, the elementary school in my district had a LITERAL shitshow. Sewage was coming out of toilets, sinks, and flowing freely down hallways and out doors. They had to evacuate the building. It was close to the end of the day, so they didn’t try to get busses there earlier. It doesn’t happen often that we get to use the term shit show literally, so there was that at least. Then we got a surprise day off on Tuesday because they had to shut the water off for both the elementary and the middle/high school.

My university classes start back this week. I’m nervous because I am already a bit overwhelmed with everything on my plate. But, I have to keep the end in mind and remember that this, too, shall pass.

I was able to enjoy the pool a few days this week because it was back in the upper 80’s here. I looks like tomorrow will be the last 80+ degree day, so I will probably close the pool up next week.

The stupid TikTok trend of stealing or vandalizing schools is really making life difficult. As if teaching isn’t hard enough, now my kids are breaking soap dispensers in the bathroom during a pandemic.  I read an article titled “Are we expecting too much of schools” and I would like to shout ‘YES’ because seriously. We have no money, have to provide food, medical care, mobile dentists and optometrists, mental health services, and then do it during a pandemic, with unfunded mandates, and kids actively working against EVERYTHING we do. Oh, and educate them. There will be a crisis in schools soon because they have no teachers. It is coming as quickly as the bus driver shortage happens. Why would ANYONE stay in teaching? The parents accuse us of indoctrinating children, treat us like dirt, the kids actively make things miserable, and the administration keeps adding to our plates and expecting us to do it all flawlessly. Trust me, no one is going to stay in teaching. We have degrees and can do other things. Why would people willingly want to work in schools any longer?

Ok, well that was my soapbox for the day!

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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8 responses to “#SundayPost: September 19th

  1. I hope this next week goes better but it sounds like it will still be busy. Many of the teachers I know are getting out of it. It does work well for some with children since the holidays / breaks are the same and in some districts, teachers can take the summer off without penalty (unlike a corporate job). I enjoyed teaching at the university level but since they pay to be there it tends to be less troublesome. Of course, in some cases parents are paying for them to be there or they are only there for sports or something but overall it was more people who wanted to be there.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Read-along & Giveaway: Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh
  2. What? There is a trend on tiktok to vandalize schools? Are people crazy?? And yes they expect too much of schools yet teacehr is oen of the mots important jobs that I know. Hugs samantha!

  3. WOW….that sounds so crazy, sounds like a mess at the school for you. Schools are definitely not treated right, and there should be more support given. So sorry to hear its been so rough. I get parents wanting to be protective of what their children are taught but there should be more understanding of the hardships of what teachers are going through.

  4. Kids are vandalising schools because of TikTok now? It really is ridiculous the trends they get sucked into. Schools are expected to do a lot and if they keep piling it on they shouldn’t be surprised when teachers leave the profession. I know there are challenges here for teachers as well. I hope your uni classes go well and you manage to make time for yourself along with work and studying.

  5. I’m sorry Samantha, this is why I haven’t gone back to teaching. Love the actual act of teaching , but I no longer have the patience for the parents or politics. My sons highschool fell victim to the TikTok trend too – they targeted recently renovated bathrooms. The school has sent home a letter saying the parents of anyone found to have participated in the vandalism will be required to contribute to repair costs, which is fair enough.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  6. WOW! That was quite an event at your school. I had no idea the latest stupid social media trend was destroying school property. Like there wasn’t enough of that before tik tok. Hang in there! What is this new Tessa Bailey book? A holiday romance – I am here for it!

  7. I tend to avoid all social media so this is the first I’ve heard of the vandalizing thing. Unbelievable. And you’re right, it’s a wonder any teachers stay around for what you have to deal with. My nephew just started his second year of teaching and I cringe at the stories he shares.

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