#SundayPost: The new normal?

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

  •   Dirty Charmer by Emma Chase
  •   Ruthless Princess by Rachel Van Dyken
  •   Dream Maker by Kristen Ashley

Releasing the Week of May 18th

Ok, so SGN with John Krasinski is amazing anyway, but THIS! Holy Moly!


Audio ARC thanks to Tantor Media:

So this week was pretty much the same as the last 6-7 weeks. I taught via zoom, I wrote IEPs, I emailed with students. It’s the new normal and it actually is starting to feel normal. I love being home; going out places is not my thing. But, I miss having somewhere to go each day, even if I did hate my coworkers. Can’t beat the commute though!

I played more animal crossing this week and I read a few books. I feel like I’m getting my reading mojo back, which is nice. Also, the weather really warmed up here since Thursday and I took the dogs on a few walks. Pretty low key.

Some of my friends on FB were complaining about having to wear a mask at Costco and I kind of lost it. The governor cut $300 million in education funding and nobody bats an eye but you have wear a mask to go into Costco and you scream about the violation of your rights. Yeah, I might have gotten a little upset…(spoiler alert-I was fuming!)

That was my week! Anyone else feel like you have a new normal now that you have slipped into? I have gained a few pounds during this quarantine, so I am also starting my diet again. By the fall I have to fit back into my work clothes because I can’t wear leggings forever. Sigh. Oh, but the best news of the week was my amazing husband finally found a place that had Coke Zero in stock. I am obsessed with Vanilla Coke Zero and Cherry Vanilla Coke zero and its been sold out everywhere. But, he found it and got me 3 cases of each. He also found Diet Dr. Pepper Cream Soda. Y’all, this was a major win for me. It’s the little things.

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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9 responses to “#SundayPost: The new normal?

  1. It really is the little things, isnt it? Yay for your soda haul ☺️

    I’m so with you on fuming over the mask complaining. First off, wearing masks could be the key to us finding a semblance of normal again – it’s worked for Japan! Second, yeah I think there are much bigger concerns (like Education budget cuts) than having to wear a mask in Costco!

    I’m glad you’re happy with your new normal. I feel like this is working really well for some people and then others – like me – are really struggling. I have to remind myself to count my blessings daily so I don’t forget that it could be worse. Much worse.

    Have a great week!!!

  2. I get why your were fuming mad samantha! What people don’t get is that it’s not their freedom, it’s everyone’s welfare above all else here! Good for you to have your favorite coke LOL

  3. I totally get your feelings about how people are caught up in small things like masks and ignoring what is really important. Yay for your diet soda!. I was excited to get some things over the last month too. I’m glad you are getting back to reading. I feel fortunate to have so many great things to read! I watched that whole SGN – thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week and stay well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs
  4. Warm weather, reading mojo, and coke zero. It sounds like a great week to me! I wear jeans every day to keep me in check. When the pants start getting tight, that means I need to eat better, move more. I am always looking for low/no stretch jeans for that reason. I also love my new commute. It will be a rude awakening, when I have to return to work, and start managing my time better again.

  5. Isn’t it weird how different everything is now, and how quickly we can get used to it lol? And I get you on Facebook and people complaining in general- I’ve had to walk away from Facebook a few times!! I like being home too- i don’t get too worked up about having to stay home. There’s always something to do…

    It is the little things haha! Glad you guys found some. 🙂

    Chaos Reigning is one I want to read- I liked the first one.

  6. I really don’t find staying at home a hardship, and though masks aren’t compulsory here I wouldn’t complain if they were. Honestly they should be protesting the lack of prevention, not the attempt to provide some. Those cuts are extraordinary,, gutting education is such a monumental mistake for everyone.
    I’m a Pepsi Max girl, I always have an open can.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. OMG, I am so O-V-E-R hearing people whine about their rights. God forbid anyone be mildly inconvenienced in the name of public health and safety. Gah! It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

    I’m totally settled into this new normal. Heading back to the office next month s going to feel pretty jarring to my system.

  8. I know exactly what you mean, I’m enjoying working from home… but I kind of miss the commute and getting into the office and catching up with people. I’m speaking to the same people at home but it’s not the same doing it all on computers. I don’t blame you for getting annoyed about those comments on facebook, I would have been fuming too. I know a lot of it is people just not thinking, they aren’t out to be cruel, they literally don’t think, which is no excuse but I think they need someone flipping out on them to provide them with a bit of life context so they think next time. I’m impressed with myself, I’ve not noticed any weight gain but I am completely judging it by how comfortably I can fit into my jeans. For a while, I was permanently in PJs and loungewear but I found I felt more productive if I got dressed and ready for my day of work. Makes me enjoy putting the PJs back on at 5 pm that bit more.

    Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity recently posted: Sunday Summary // 17.05.2020
  9. Your husband finding your favourite sodas and buying you a stash had me smiling. It’s the little things sometimes that just let you know you’re loved, lol.

    I’ve also gained some weight while in lockdown. I think it’s almost inevitable when you’re in the house all day right next to the food and exercise (whatever your normal is) is restricted. I’m going to get the fright of my life when I need to fit back into my office clothes!

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