Chance at Redemption by Samatha Harris: Review

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Chance at Redemption by Samatha Harris: ReviewChance at Redemption by Samatha Harris
Pages: 296

Series: Madison Square #3
Genres: New Adult

Gwen Stevens had a privileged life until her father spoke three little words that turned her world upside down. “You’re cut off.”
Broke and desperate, Gwen is forced to accept a waitressing job, but this glimmer of hope has a price. As if being a cocktail waitress isn’t bad enough, she has to do it in a dive bar called The Den, and her bad luck doesn’t stop there. She also needs to deal with the new owner, a blue-eyed, self-righteous ass determined to make her life miserable.
Liam Sinclair walked away from the entitlement and obligation his family planned for him, vowing to make his own way in the world…
Adjusting to life as a new business owner, Liam has experienced more than his fair share of setbacks. When his only waitress breaks her leg, his sister takes it upon herself to hire a replacement—a spoiled, self-indulgent hothead with too much makeup and more than enough attitude. Gwen represents the world he’s trying to escape, a world of excess and greed that he was never cut out for.
Appearances can be deceiving, and first impressions aren’t always right…
Despite their apparent differences, the tension between them turns to a fiery passion that neither of them can resist. Together they find balance and learn to appreciate the simpler things in life. But Gwen soon discovers that old habits die hard, and one mistake is all it takes to ruin everything.
Forgiveness must be earned, but even a villain deserves a chance at redemption…

Chance at Redemption is an opposites attract type of romance between a very spoiled woman and a man who has shunned that spoiled lifestyle. Gwen was recently cut off from her father’s money, thus ending her lavish lifestyle and forcing her to get a job….as a waitress…..Oh the horror (*eyeroll*). Her boss, Liam, has turned his back on that spoiled, rich kid life and is instantly annoyed with Gwen.

Frankly, I am in agreement with Liam on this one. Gwen made me roll my eyes so much I got a headache. She is shallow and vain. Liam was a really likable character though! Honestly, he is the reason I kept reading. I wanted her to be good enough for him; frankly, I wasn’t sure it was possible though. Liam sees something different in Gwen though, and it doesn’t take long for that to turn into steamy sex.

Then there is a misunderstanding. This is my least favorite trope though. Gwen ends up feeling betrayed, and Liam feels like she didn’t trust him and in turn, kind of betrayed him. She believes the worst in him. Given my #TeamLiam status throughout the book, I was totally on his side. However, the entire event does make the reader warm a bit to Gwen. By the end of the story, I still didn’t love her, but I could see some growth. I think she still had a ways to go, but you can see the potential in her and that was enough. I think my struggle with Gwen kept me from REALLY buying the romance between her and Liam.

Overall, this is a classic new adult romance with the struggle to find yourself, the steamy lust, and the emotional decision making of 20 somethings. While I struggled with Gwen, I enjoyed Liam and I enjoyed Harris’ writing style enough to check out the previous books in the series!



Books by Adrianna Locke, Sapphire Knight, Kelly Elliott…then you will probably like Chance at Redemption!

Chance at Redemption



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2 responses to “Chance at Redemption by Samatha Harris: Review

  1. Argh! Misunderstandings! I’m eye rolling too! They annoy me and they carry on way more than they should, when they should just TALK! Geez!

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