Ride Wild by Laura Kaye: Review

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Ride Wild by Laura Kaye: ReviewRide Wild by Laura Kaye
Pages: 384

Series: Raven Riders #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC, Edelweiss
Also in this series: Ride Rough, Ride Dirty
Also by this author: Ride Rough, Her Forbidden Hero, Theirs to Take, Ride Dirty, Fighting for Everything
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Brotherhood. Club. Family.They live and ride by their own rules.These are the Raven Riders...

Wild with grief over the death of his wife, Sam “Slider” Evans merely lives for his two sons. Nothing holds his interest anymore—not even riding his bike or his membership in the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. But that all changes when he hires a new babysitter.

Recently freed from a bad situation by the Ravens, Cora Campbell is determined to bury the past. When Slider offers her a nanny position, she accepts, needing the security and time to figure out what she wants from life. Cora adores his sweet boys, but never expected the red-hot attraction to their brooding, sexy father. If only he would notice her...

Slider does see the beautiful, fun-loving woman he invited into his home. She makes him feel too much, and he both hates it and yearns for it. But when Cora witnesses something she shouldn’t have, the new lives they’ve only just discovered are threatened. Now Slider must claim—and protect—what’s his before it’s too late.

Ride Wild is the story of a single dad’s attempt at love after the death of his wife and one woman’s attempt to break free from the bonds of her past. I adore Laura Kaye and this book is everything I expected!

We get a bit of Cora’s back story in Ride Hard when she and her best friend Haven escaped their abusive past. Now Cora is living at the Raven’s clubhouse and babysitting Slider’s sons part time. She has dreams though. She wants her own car, her own apartment, and to go to college and become a veterinarian. However, all that takes money, and she doesn’t have any. But, she adores babysitting for Sam and Ben, so for now, she is happy.

Anytime a story included the death of a spouse, I am always leery. If widow loved the spouse, then I always feel like the new love is competing with a ghost. Thats an impossible situation and one that the new love can’t win. However, the story of Kim and Slider is deeper than just a wife who got cancer.

The slow burn between Slider and Cora is delicious and when they finally give in, its blazing! I loved Ben and Sam, loved Bosco TLB, and loved all the Raven Riders. Ride Wild is so much more than just a story about a motorcycle club and Kaye has written a series that I love more with each book! I truly hope we will get more of the Raven Riders! There are more stories to tell when it comes to these men.

PS-the injured dogs from dog fighting were so difficult to read about! If you are like me and get upset more when animals get hurt than when people do, be prepared to be ANGRY. Like, Hulk Smash angry! But, Laura Kaye is donating a portion of the proceeds of the book to Noah’s Arks so you should totally get this book!



Books by authors like Kristen Ashley, Lani Lynn Vale, Jay Crownover, Lexi Blake…then you will probably like Ride Wild!


Ride Wild

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From Ride Wild:

When Cora returned five minutes later, he stood at the kitchen counter chugging a glass of water.

“So, I’ll get changed,” she said, thumbing over her shoulder. He gave her a nod and tried not to let his gaze try to connect the rain droplets that darkened her sweatshirt and slicked the exposed skin of her legs. “But I wanted to mention that we need to go grocery shopping.”

We. The word was a total sucker punch.

And it made him need to get her the hell out of his house. At least for a few hours. Because the only we Slider did now was the kind he’d created with his own blood. “I’ll get on it.”

She didn’t leave to get dressed like he expected her to. Instead, she lingered, then finally said, “I know you’re on again tonight and need to sleep. Maybe…I could get Bunny to take me and we’ll drop everything off here later.”

“That’s okay,” he said, shaking his head.

“Or, if it’s easier, I could even hang here today and you could take me when you wake up. God knows I don’t have anywhere special I need to be, so it wouldn’t be a problem…”

He pictured her staying in his house in a sudden flash of images—her making lunch, her cuddled into the corner of the couch watching TV, her stepping out of the bathroom, hair wet from a shower, and the sweet-smelling scent of her lotion trailing after her…Twin reaction coursed through him. A yearning for the companionship of another adult sharing his space and his life. And a kneejerk fight-or-flight hell no that both left him unsettled and pissed him off.

All of which meant she had to go. Now.

“Jesus, I said I’ll take care of it. I don’t need you.” Something akin to panic had the words coming out more harshly than he’d intended, and his brain was already scrambling to clean up the mess his mouth had made. “To do it, I mean. I don’t need you for shopping. Okay? I got it.”

“Right. Of course,” she said, backing out of the room, green eyes flashing with an emotion he couldn’t name.

And he was a giant asshole. He scrubbed his face on a long sigh and waited for her to come back so he could drive her home. And apologize.

He waited. And waited.

What the hell?

“Uh, Cora, you ready? He called out, making sure his tone lacked the frustration he felt with himself. Two-plus years of withdrawing from the world around him had left him all kinds of rusty at interacting like a normal human being.

When there was no response, he waited a few more minutes. Guilt a weight on his shoulders, Slider finally went back down the hall toward the family room where she slept on the couch because she’d long ago refused his offer to use his bed on nights when he wasn’t home. The downstairs bathroom was empty. And so was the family room. A creeping apprehension squeezed his chest when he noticed that her bag was gone and the blankets she used were back in their neat little stack, too.

No. No, no. Shit.

His gaze lifted to the door to the back porch, and that was when he knew.

She’d left.

He’d been an asshole, and she’d left. And now she was on the street.


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8 responses to “Ride Wild by Laura Kaye: Review

  1. I am in love with this story too!! I am so glad that you feel the same way darling. There is so much love I have for this book and the whole series. These are probably the best books this author has written. I just love these Riders and can’t wait for more!! Lovely Review.

  2. I can’t wait for this one to come. I’m so excited to read. Cora… I’ve been waiting for her story. Thank’s for the review and excerpt. ^_^

  3. I was bummed when Ms. Kaye didn’t get to Cora’s story in book #2 so I kind of stopped reading the series. I really should just get over myself and continue this series b/c you’ve sold me. I would have the same reservations about the widow, too! I’m glad you mentioned it!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome review!!!

    • Oh you will love this book! You don’t really need to read book 2. Its best if you read book 1 so you know the back story, but knowing what happened in book 2 isn’t really important!

  4. I loved Ride Wild too! he dogs injuries and fighting descriptions broke my heart, couldn’t help crying and then like you said I was just really, really angry. Laura did an excellent job with this one.

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