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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

What I Reviewed:

What’s Coming Up:

  • Ignite by Drew Elyse
  • Firestorm by Donna Grant
  • Someone to Love by Donna Alward
  • Brighter than the Sun by Maya Banks
  • Claiming Grace by Susan Stoker

This Week’s New Releases:

I read How to Tame a Beast in 7 days and loved it!

Open Giveaways:

  • Crave Me Prize pack with a Coach Purse!!

What I Found Online:

  • The zoo in my town has been posting all kinds of adorable photos and videos of the baby hippo, Fiona, recently born. I am obsessed! Check it out!

This Week’s Book Haul:

I also got Claimed Princess by Alexa Riley and Goodbye Paradise by Sarina Bowen!

Non-Bookish News:

We had such a wild weather week in southwestern Ohio! Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was chaotic. Thunderstorms moved through, then around 2 am my husband and I’s phones started going off with a flash flood warning. The dogs were practically sitting on our heads because, while they aren’t scared of storms really, they are nervous. Then around 3:30 am the tornado sirens go off. At 4 am, another flood alert comes through on our phones. By this point I have realized that sleep is not happening. Trying to get to work the next morning was a challenge. So many roads were totally blocked by either flood waters or downed trees. Then, another storm rolls through when I’m about 1/2 way to work and it was raining so hard the rain was going sideways! Thankfully, I made it to work okay, and so did all my students. The tornado didn’t come towards us, and other than a swamp created in my back yard, there wasn’t any damage. Tuesday it was 78 degrees. A record high for February. Friday and Saturday, it snowed. Welcome to Ohio in the spring!

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. So, we had Mass at school and received our ashes. This year, my Lenten promise is two fold. I am giving up ice cream and I am going to write 40 letters of thanks. So, today’s letter is to you, the readers and fellow bloggers! I am so thankful that all of you are in my life. I can’t believe I have found a community of people who are supportive, understanding, and above all, kind. Please know that you have had such a positive impact on my life! Being able to talk books, especially romance books, with people who understand a love of reading is such an enjoyable event for me. I love not being shamed for reading romance and knowing that lots of other people feel the same! So, from the bottom of my heart, know that I appreciate all of you so much.

I can’t believe its March already! I am behind in my reading because work is so busy. So many IEPs to write, goals to report on, interventions to plan, and, since I work with Juniors and Seniors this year, constant monitoring of graduation requirements and plans for graduation. My juniors have to score a certain number of points on tests in various subjects. This week I had to sit down with them and review their progress, discuss the tests they would have to retake, and set goals for the upcoming tests. Then most of my seniors had to have applications in to colleges this week, and so many of them were totally unprepared. And they have senior-itis so they are slacking off. This is causing some of them to have failing grades in classes they have to pass in order to graduate. I feel like I run around trying to put out a lot of fires! But, I love my job and care a great deal about my students, so its all good.

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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23 responses to “Sunday Post: Wild Weather!

  1. Hi! I started reading your blog post (came over from the Sunday Post) and got to the parts about Fiona and the flooding — and I’m pretty sure we’re neighbors?! I’m in Loveland, Ohio? πŸ™‚ I’m going to enter your Coach giveaway πŸ˜‰ I’m super swamped with my nonfiction reading for my Paleo Places/urban planning project. But, I’m going to go back through your blog post and look for a relaxing read just for me!

  2. Thank God, you all were Ok, Sam. Yes, I’m grateful for all the bloggers and readers in this community who not only share the same pasien but support each other.
    Glad that you enjoyed most of the books you read last week, Sam. I’m looking forward to your next 5 star reads! Have a great week. πŸ˜€

  3. The weather has been crazy and the middle of the country seems to be getting smashed with it. I am glad you are all ok and I am sorry to laugh when you said the dogs were sitting on your heads. The visual made me laugh. I hope the weather is calmer this week. Looks like you are going to be busy, hope you will slow down soon to find time to relax and read.

    Have a great week, Samantha! Happy Reading!

  4. Sounds like some crazy weather indeed! Glad to hear that everyone was ok. It’s almost funny to me to think about this, because I’m from the midwest (born in OH, grew up in MI and went to school in IN), where crazy weather actually happens. But now I’m on the west coast which is REALLY tame. And something HALF that level of chaotic would have had EVERYTHING shut down (school, work, etc). And yet in that part of the country it’s just a normal part of life, even if it IS extreme. It’s amazing how perspective changes everything!

  5. That baby hippo is cute! Wow crazy weather! 78 one day then snowing? Sounds like Michigan lol. And glad the tornado didn’t hit near you. Spring weather can be so chaotic in the Midwest.

    That sounds like a lot of work keeping the seniors on task! πŸ™‚

  6. I keep seeing this new release byTijan, an author I have yet to read yet. I think I’m going to have to check it out. I also just internet ran and requested Royal Affair, I really liked book #1 in the series. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. lol Have a great week!!

  7. Wow, that really was some wild weather! Thank goodness you had no damage. We’ve had some record high temps here, too. It was in the 80’s several days last week. Ugh. I fear it’s going to be a looong summer if it was hitting the 80’s in February. I haven’t read anything by Tijan yet even though I’ve had Carter Reed on my Kindle for about 3 years. I really do need to start paying more attention to the ones like that gathering dust. I’m sure I’m missing some good ones!

  8. I hate storms! We haven’t had that kind of weather here yet, but come April through October, it’s prime storm season. UGH.

    Glad you and your students were okay. Tornadoes are pretty scary. Luckily I haven’t been in the path of one.

    Hope you have a great week! ~Aleen

  9. I hate storms! We haven’t had that kind of weather here yet, but come April through October, it’s prime storm season. UGH.

    Glad you and your students were okay. Tornadoes are pretty scary. Luckily I haven’t been in the path of one.

    Hope you have a great week! ~Aleen

  10. Oh my gosh, that baby hippo is so adorable. I can’t handle it! haha! We’ve had some crazy weather here near Pittsburgh too. It was COLD over the weekend and windy but the next couple day are supposed to be much warmer around mid-50s, lower 60s. My sinus’ have been going crazy. lol! No tornadoes tho! We had a watch one day last week but I don’t think any actually touched down.

  11. Call me crazy but I LOVE that crazy Southwest Ohio weather! Oh, those dark clouds… I know it’s actually not fun, though. I had friends from Xenia actually live through past tornadoes πŸ™ Hang in there and give the pups a hug!!! I’m off to check out the baby hippo!!!

  12. I actually love storms. But when they reach a certain strength (is that the right word for it??) and rain is added then I am kind of out. Glad you are okay and thanks a lot for sharing those cute little rhino pics or better said the link to it. Happy reading and have a great week for the rest of it *laugh*

    Best wishes
    Vi @ Gone With The Books

  13. It’s swoming here today!!! How is that for craaazy weather?? Sorry to hear about the stressing weather πŸ™ Thank god the tornado didn’t go towards you guys and that there wasn’t any damage. Tuesday it was 78 degrees. 40 thank you letters sounds fantastic! thanks for making us your first letter and for your kind words and please know I appreciate you and your blog very much too πŸ™‚

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