Crave Me by Cecy Robson: Review

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Crave Me by Cecy Robson: ReviewCrave Me by Cecy Robson
Pages: 278

Series: The O'Brien Family #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC
Also in this series: Let Me, Feel Me, Save Me
Also by this author: Let Me, Inseverable, Feel Me, Eternal, Save Me
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RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in Crave Me, it’s time for the sole sister in the family to discover love.
Wren O’Brien isn’t your typical female. As the only girl from a loud Irish family with seven siblings, she prefers fast cars to lip gloss and bad boys to good men. It’s the reason she’s nursing a wounded soul and keeping her distance from a dangerous ex.
Evan Jonah is running an empire and just moved from the lavish thoroughfares of London to the gritty streets of Philadelphia. When he walks into the nearest dealership, he’s expecting to find a reliable vehicle to handle the brutal winters, not a sexy female car rep with killer legs.
Wren doesn’t know why “Hotness in a Suit” asked her out. She doesn’t expect a great time or a night of passion that knocks her on her ass. But that’s exactly what Evan shows her.
She also never counted on how hard and fast she’d fall. But men like Evan—good men with even better hearts—don’t desire tough-talking Philly girls for long.
Evan has never met a woman like Wren. But he’s up for the challenge and ready to prove her wrong.

Crave Me is the story of the only female O’Brien sibling, Wren. Wren is a successful woman who has terrible choices in men. Her previous boyfriend was abusive. Even months after they split, he still verbally abuses her. Evan, the hero, meets Wren and falls fast. They begin a relationship and Wren realizes Evan is so different than her ex. Things move fast between them, and after their first night together, Evan has brunch with Wren’s siblings!

The O’Brien siblings provide a great deal of levity to the story. Their banter is entertaining and their family dynamic is wonderful. Its not necessary to read the previous books to enjoy Crave Me, but if you want to know about Curran and Finn, read those books!

Evan is a tech guru. He is a bit of an alpha, but its not his dominate personality trait. He pursues Wren voraciously and determines that he isn’t planning on backing off until she agrees to date him. Evan is easy to like! He is so smart, so determine to run an ethical business, and so dedicated to Wren. Those traits make him incredibly hot to me!

The drama of this book comes from the ex-boyfriend. It is clear to see that he will be the thorn in the side. This question of “What will he do?” provides some tension, but the focus of the story is more on the characters. I think Robson creates very well developed characters and I enjoy reading her stories. If you like character focused romances, you will enjoy Crave Me and all of Robson’s books!



Max by Sawyer Bennett, Going Down Easy by Carly Phillips, Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson…then you will probably like Crave Me!

Crave Me

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From Crave Me:

“Get the hell out of here.”
Evan lowers his plastic menu, laughing softly at my remark. When he first walked into the dealership, I couldn’t quite figure him out. The sides of his cashmere coat parted when he moved, exposing what has to be a very pricey suit. But while he’s clean shaven, he’s not exactly clean-cut.
His dark wavy hair curls around his ears, long enough that I can tell he’s overdue for a trip to the barber, but not so long he appears unkempt. I take another long look at his straight nose, broad shoulders, and perfect posture. No, he’s not unkempt. He’s cute. Damn cute if you like pretty boys with deep green eyes with specks of gold and a jawline angels must have chiseled from granite.
“I’m serious,” he tells me, the way he looks at me taking him from damn cute to sexy. “I’ve never eaten a cheesesteak.”
I reach for the iPad tucked in the bag at my feet to give me an excuse to break away from those pretty eyes and thick lashes that curl at the tips. “So when I asked you if you wanted to go out for steaks, you weren’t picturing enough flat screens to fill a cruise ship and Yeung-Ling on tap?”
“Is Yeung-Ling a beer?” he asks.
I cringe, setting my iPad in front of me. “Oh, Evan, you have a lot to learn if you plan on staying in Philly for the long haul.”

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6 responses to “Crave Me by Cecy Robson: Review

    • There is a lot of sex. If she is a mature 17, Robson writes GREAT characters that are so relatable and deep and deal with real issues. But, like I said, a LOT of sex. I know some 17 year olds can totally handle that appropriately but others aren’t ready yet. I teach high school and I know some of my students would be okay with reading it and others are very naive and would be really uncomfortable.

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