Escape to You by Jennifer Ryan: Review

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Escape to You by Jennifer Ryan: ReviewEscape to You by Jennifer Ryan
Pages: 384

Series: Montana Heat #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Source: ARC, Edelweiss
Also in this series: Protected by Love
Also by this author: Everything She Wanted, Stone Cold Cowboy, Her Renegade Rancher, His Cowboy Heart, Protected by Love, Restless Rancher
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A Montana man always protects the woman he loves

He discovered her during a Montana blizzard, freezing cold, impossibly vulnerable, a little boy by her side. Undercover DEA Agent Beck “Trigger” Cooke is astonished to recognize Ashley Swan—award-winning actress, famous beauty—and missing for over a year. To keep her and the child hidden from a sadistic madman, he secrets the pair away to his isolated home.

No longer a prisoner, and protected at Hope Ranch, Ashley recovers and learns the tall, tempting federal agent may have a dark past, but it hasn’t destroyed his sense of honor.

As they shed past roles and find common ground, Ashley and Trigger can’t help but fall slowly, carefully, in love. But danger still lurks outside the boundaries of Hope Ranch, for until her crazed captor is brought to justice, and Trigger’s undercover past is laid to rest, none of them will ever be truly safe…

Escape to You by Jennifer Ryan is a suspenseful story of kidnapping, torture, and salvation. Ashley was a famous actress who disappeared from the public (and private) eye with seemingly no trace! One evening, almost a year after her abduction, Ashley manages to escape and brings along a child who was held captive as well. Lost in the Montana wildness, she stumbles upon Beck Cooke’s home. He takes her and the child in and promises to protect and help them. Ashley has been tortured and is battered and terrified.

Ashley and Andrew escape pretty early in the story so the focus isn’t quite on the torture, which is good to know. Ashley is very scared by the time she reaches Beck’s. Her struggle is not only what had happened to her, but how the public will perceive her. She fears they won’t believe her and will vilify her and that her kidnapper (who is also famous), will spin a story that makes her look like a crazy person. I struggled with Ashley because of her over concern of people’s perception. I get it-she was famous and people will talk. But, after what she went through, that should be the LAST thing on her mind.

Beck “Trigger” Cooke is still struggling with his recent injury and feeling like a failure. He feels that he needs to get Ashley and Andrew out of his life quickly before he ruins them as well. However, he has strong feelings for Ashley and struggles with the desire to keep her safe and with him.

My favorite part of the story was Andrew. Seeing his adorable interactions with Beck made me melt!



Pretend You’re Safe by Alexandra Ivy, Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose, Under Fire by Scarlett Cole…then you will probably like Escape to You!


Escape to You

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From Escape to You: 

“What’s wrong?” Trigger asked.

The softness in his voice made Ashley look up at him. Way up. The man was so tall.

She found her voice under the wave of fear gripping her. “I know you don’t mean to, but you’re scaring me.”

“Look at me, Ashley.”

She sucked in a breath, found a shred of bravery from the tatters of her will, and raised her gaze to meet his.

“I will never hurt you.”

She fell into the depths of gray and flecks of blue in his eyes and drowned in the sincerity and promise she found there. Deep down, she believed him. Part of her needed to believe him, because she needed something real to hold on to before she sank any deeper into despair and the paranoia that everyone wanted to hurt her.

She nodded. “If he finds me, he’ll kill me.”

“He’ll have to get past me first.”


About Jennifer Ryan

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Hunted, McBride, and Montana Men Series. Jennifer Ryan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

When she isn't writing a book, she's reading one. Her obsession for both is often revealed in the state of her home, and how late dinner is to the table. When she finally leaves those fictional worlds, you'll find her in the garden, playing in the dirt, and daydreaming about people who live only in her head, until she puts them on paper.

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4 responses to “Escape to You by Jennifer Ryan: Review

  1. I really loved this book, sorry to hear you had issues with Ashley. I agree I wasn’t a huge fan of her fears over the public, but I liked that she had some flaws though. She felt human to me, because I can see how those in such a public eye worrying about that. But I did feel she worried too much over it. Especially considering other factors involved in her life at that point. But boy this book took me on a roller coaster.

    • Yes, the plot was good and I enjoyed it. I think I am just extra crabby lately and Ashley just got on my nerves more than usual. So, chock it up to me being bitchy!

  2. Rowena

    I had the same thoughts, just reading your review. Personally, I’d more worried about the bad guy finding me again and Beck not being able to protect me as well as he thinks..but that’s just me. I’m not a famous actress who has to worry about living my life in the public eye. That would probably bug me too but I’m intrigued. Thanks for the review, Samantha!

    • I think it just rubbed me the wrong way. It might not have been a big deal to me on a normal day, but I was crankier because school had started and I was busy again!

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