Sunday Post: Its February and #firstworldproblems!!

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Post. This feature is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so swing by after you are done here and get the full list of participants!

What I Reviewed:

What’s Coming Up:

  • Trigger by LP Dover
  • Marrying Emily by Susan Stoker
  • Embody by SE Hall
  • Final Exit by Lena Diaz
  • Dare to Lie by Jen Frederick
  • The Feeling of Forever by Jamie Howard

This Week’s New Releases:

Open Giveaways:

What I Found Online:

  • Nick gives us her monthly memories over at Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist!
  • Parajunkee was hacked and she teaches us how to check out own sites!
  • Leona has turned me into a planning monster! Check out her PWM video and read about my addiction below, in my Non-Bookish news!

This Week’s Book Haul:

Hi, my name is Samantha and I can’t stop grabbing ARCs. Thanks to all these amazing authors and publishers! (But seriously, I have a problem! I can’t keep grabbing every book that comes through my email! However, I have been dying for these books! Seriously, look at them!!!)

Non-Bookish News:

I decided to try the Big Happy Planner by Mambi. I had an Erin Condren one, but I wanted a planner that was 8.5 by 11 because the small pages of the EC were just annoying to me. Then, Leona at Literary Treasure Chest started posting about decorating her planner. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but now I am TOTALLY SUCKED IN! I have spent my week printing stickers to decorate and coordinate my planner. When our printer ran out of ink on Wednesday, I almost cried. My bank balance was low and I was going to have to wait until payday to get more ink. Thankfully, I had some credit left on my Amazon card so I was able to order it and the crisis was averted (seriously, I don’t think it gets any more #firstworldproblem than that statement!). So, is anyone else a planner junkie?

Work was hectic this work! It was Catholic Schools week, so every day was a dress down day with a theme. For kids that have to wear uniforms every day, dress down days are a big deal! Plus we had mass one day, and an assembly another day, a competition for a pizza party for the homeroom that brought in the most canned goods, and more. It certainly was interesting this week! I received my 5 years of service to Catholic education award which was nice. I have been teaching for 10 years now, but 5 of them have been at my current school and, while sometimes I hate it, overall, I am very lucky to be where I am. The students are pretty good, the staff is wonderful, and I enjoy what I do.

I am falling SO BEHIND in my reading. Normally, I am a week or so ahead. This week, I haven’t even started the books for this week! How did this happen?!? So, I will be spending a lot of time reading, trying to get caught up. Seriously, I am really bringing the #firstworldproblems this week, aren’t I?

My husband and I are going to Europe this summer and I am trying to figure out what to do with our dogs. Personally, I would love to have someone I know stay at our house with them. But, its 2 weeks. Everyone we know has jobs and a life! And they don’t live close to us. I live about 40 min away from where I work. Our other option is boarding them, and we have a place they go for daycare and we like it, but for 2 weeks? I would just rather them be at home, you know. Ugh! Anyone have advice for how to handle this? We don’t have children, so when I say these dogs are my life, I am not kidding. When I was in Italy in September, I made my husband send daily proof of life pictures of the dogs. I was terrified he was going to leave them outside and forget about them or something! One of my OCD triggers is my dogs. I wake up every night between 2 and 3 am just to make sure they are still breathing. I know its nuts, but I can’t help it. So, leaving them for 2 weeks is going to be tough. I even have a web cam in our mud room so I can check on them throughout the day while I’m at work. And, sticking with my apparent theme this week, #firstworldproblems.

So, my mom tells me she is using her kindle. I haven’t witnessed it yet, but she said she read a few of the books I put on there for her. She admits she likes it, but prefers holding an actual book. I’m hoping she will be a total convert soon! So many great books are only available digitally or in small run print quantities and not available at book stores and such.

So, whats new with you this week? Did you read any of the same books I did? Did you find any great book deals I need to grab ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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26 responses to “Sunday Post: Its February and #firstworldproblems!!

  1. I can’t wait to follow the link to your planner. I had a planner I loved many years ago and for some reason instead of buying more inserts I tried using different planners over the years. This year I broke down and bought inserts for my old planner, and I should have done that all along! I think your dogs would be fine boarded especially if they already know the place.

    • I have turned into a planner monster. Its seriously crazy!! I’m addicted. I love this planner because its big. I like having plenty of room to write stuff. I know the dogs will be fine at the daycare/boarding place but I just can’t get past leaving them for 2 weeks without all their creature comforts at home (our bed, their couch, etc). Yes, they are so spoiled they sleep in our king sized bed. And they have their own couch. See-I wasn’t kidding when I said they are like children to me.

  2. 1) I’m SO jealous that you grabbed Nova. Isn’t that just on lottery? Ugh. I want it soo badly! haha
    2) My sister in law bought me a Big Happy Planner for Christmas and OMG I’m obsessed. I’ve been needing to get some full sheet labels so I print out all kinds of coordinating stickers for it. Confession…she bought me the middle size (which I love) but it doesn’t fit in my purse. So until my maternity leave starts, I bought myself a tiny one that I could use in the mean time. Is that crazy?!!? haha

    • Samantha

      Yes, this is the one and only I will ever be able to say I won the lottery! Entangled emailed me last week with the link! I am super excited for this book!
      I have realized that when it comes to planner proclivities, nothing is crazy! Enjoy!

  3. I am a bullet journal junkie!! Which in my case is a lot like a planner!! I am constantly updating it, decorating, organizing – I just love it SO SO much!! I even have a ton of stickers that I have gotten from bookish etsy sites that are so fun!! (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Sarah J Maas’ characters, food lol)
    Awe I totally understand how you feel about the pups!! Maybe someone could come stay a few days/nights, and just come check in on the other days??? When my dad goes away, that is what I do – he lives about a 30 minute drive from me, and has two dogs.

  4. I am a planner addict! I don’t do a lot of stickers but I am forever updating it and working out the week. It’s my plan for today! 🙂
    I have a few things I use in the planner, I have an EC and might try a Happy Planner next time. I don’t have a printer so I haven’t been able to print any sticker but I did see something that can take plan paper and make it stickers…I want that.

    That is the same problem I have with my cat. The dog comes with us or my parents watch him but they are both allergic to cats so they can’t watch her and it’s hard to find people to come to the house to watch her. I have one friend that will but she tends to complain a bit about it so this year we have to find someone else. Good Luck finding them a place. I would have totally watched them for you!

    Have a great week, Samantha! Happy Reading!

  5. I used to have planners…and now use a small notebook, a bullet journal.

    Your dilemma with the dog is why I am glad I no longer have pets. But I’ve only been gone for a week, at the most, anyway.

    I hope you sort it….enjoy the European adventures. My eldest son has been living in various parts of Europe (now Prague) since 1994.

    I love your font!


    • I could never bullet journal because I have zero creativity. I mean, I want to be creative, but I can’t actually create, so I print stickers and put them in an already created planner!
      I am super excited for Europe. I was in Italy for a week in September and I can’t wait to see more of Europe!

  6. Congratulations for the award! Wow 7 book reviews in a week. That was fantastic! I love planning but never succeeded when it comes especially to books, and everything in general. Recently just bought a journal to organize my thoughts and schedules and just realized that I needed a new one for my blog.
    I love Kindle as well. I might be in minority here but I prefer ebooks to paperbooks. 🙂
    Have a great week, Samantha. 🙂

    • When I’m on my reading game, I can do a book a day without trying. Yesterday, I read 2. But my game is weak lately! I totally prefer ebooks. I have been trying to convert my mom for years!

  7. I’ve been using my bullet journal and an Icey Design planner, both which I love! I love decorating my bullet journal but only with hand drawn designs. I can be lazy for the printing and searching for things to decorate it hahaha.
    Aw congrats, hun!!!
    I hope you have fun in Europe! And also hope you can resolve the issue of the dogs. I totally know what you mean of wanting them be home since it’s for 2 weeks but at the same time you want them to have a great care.
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  8. Congrats on your award! Nice to have the recognition. And LOL about #firstworldproblems- so true! Sometimes I shake my head at the things I worry about. But they’re important ha ha.

    Good luck with figuring out the dog situation. :I know lots of people who feel that way about their dogs! 🙂

  9. Lol I’m not a planner person, but I’m glad your planner crisis was averted.

    Sounds like it was an exciting week at school! And congrats on the award 🙂

    Unfortunately I don’t have advice about the dogs. Could you leave them at someone else’s house to watch them? I mean, they wouldn’t be home, but at least you’d know they were being cared for.

  10. I have a plum paper planner and love it but I don’t really decorate it – more because of time and $$ but I love to see all the cute stuff people do. Europe sounds awesome. I understand about the dogs but have no solutions!! You look like you got a lot of great books – enjoy and have a great week!!

  11. I have a bullet journal but I have yet to get past the index page. I am so intimidated by all the pretty designs that everyone is drawing in their journals!!! On the dogs thing, I would house sit for my friend and her dog and just go to work like I normally do. You could just ask someone to move in for 2 weeks?? A family member?

    And yes, my dear, you do have a book “problem” but, uh, so do I 🙂

    • I could never bullet journal because I am NOT creative or artistic on my own. I can print and stick other peoples creativity but thats about it!
      I am thinking about maybe seeing if my brother’s girlfriend would be up for the job. Her and my brother are probably the only people I would trust, you know!
      Glad I’m in good company with the book problem!!

  12. I love planners….I just recently got hooked on bullet journaling and there is so much you can do to personalize it for you needs. Good luck with that. Europe is just amazing, I really need to go back. My parents, with the family dog, were going to Hawaii for two weeks and so they left him at a doggie hotel. Granted it isn’t easy to do that, but they couldn’t just leave him at the house with a friend coming to feed him, he needed to be around others and have constant care and they found a real nice place for him to stay, with plenty of space to run and play. But it can be really tough especially when they are like your own children. Hopefully you can find a solution that puts you at ease so you can enjoy your vacation.

  13. I’ve gotten behind in my reading when I’ve gotten caught up in other things, so that sounds like that’s what happened and time just got away from you. 🙂 I knew about the whole planning trend, but haven’t jumped on board as I have a system that works for me and it would take me more time to go that route. So glad you’re loving it though! We have a dog and have been lucky to always have family or friends that can watch him, but I’m like you in that I wouldn’t want to board him for two weeks. He’d be a nervous wreck. I hope you find something that will work for you! Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic week!

  14. ohhh I looooove planners. like clasping-my-hands-and-grinning kinda love. I’ve tried planners. I’ve failed. I ain’t ready for them I guess LOL so I love SOMEONE ELSE’s planners. They look so cute! SO, sorry to hear about your printer! you made me smile big with your hashtag!
    My kids went to Catholic School for four years and I do remember the big deal dress down days were 🙂 Happy to hear you love your job but sorry real life is getting in the way of your reading. I know the feel all too well. OMG you are killing me with the #firstworldproblems I constantly remind my peeps at home when we forget how lucky we are to be here in the US so I think I’ll be borrowing your hashtag 🙂 My spawns love it when I talk “hashtag with them

  15. Another Happy Planner junkie!!! I am hugely addicted to all things planning and happy planning. Have you been watching all of the Plan with Me Videos on Youtube? I spend so many hours at work listening and watching those videos for inspiration in my own planner. I have a classic Happy Planner that I use for everything as well as a mini that I use as my on the go planner. I don’t print out stickers, I buy the MAMBI sticker books. I’m trying to collect them all. I have a mambi sticker book and washi tape obsession. It’s so fun and I’m a lot more organized than I’ve ever been. I’d love to see pictures of your planner!

    You got a lot of fabulous books that are on my wish list. Happy reading. I hope you get caught up. I hate being behind in my reading.

    Have a great week, Samantha!

  16. I really want to read Accidentally On Purpose. I’m trying hard not to take on any more review books than I already have, but it’s tough. So many great sounding books! SO, I feel your pain, Samantha. Congratulations on your 5 year award! Sounds like this past week was a fun one at the school. A trip to Europe sounds like so much fun! I feel you in the dog care department. My husband and I spent a couple weeks in Hawaii a few years ago and had to leave our dog and cat behind. It was so hard for me. I didn’t know anyone who could house/pet sit for us and I couldn’t very well leave them alone. We ended up boarding him at a place that had come highly recommended by a coworker. They had a web cam so I could check on him now and then. It was a sort of free-range kennel. The dogs all slept inside on pillows (no cages) and spent their days outdoors, running in a really nice looking yard. You can bet I checked on my dog every day. My poor cat was stuck at the vets for two weeks. I hate having to board him there, but I trust the staff. Now, with my cat’s health problems, it’s a must. I know they’ll be sure and give him his meds and he has instant access to medical care if something happens. Anyhow, I am very protective of my animals (even now that I have a human child), and so I can appreciate your dilemma and concerns.

    I hope you have a great week, Samantha! I am glad your mom is using her Kindle more. My mom adores her iPad. I don’t even have one of those, but it’s nice to see her using it with ease.

  17. Totally drooling over your book haul this week. They all are scrumptious looking. A few I’d love to read.

    What’s new? Hmm I’m working hard this year on reading older books and many are on my TBR pile. It’s been raining like crazy in CA, so I’ve been stuck inside which means lots of free time to read, but all so going a little stir crazy. ^_^

    Dogs, what do when you go on vacation? Well what we do is try to find a friend since we don’t live near family anymore to be willing to take our only dog while we are gone, if that doesn’t work then I board at my work which is a vet hospital. I know how you feel. I prefer to have my baby home instead of at a kennel. I hope you can find something that works for you.

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