Lauren’s Barbarian by Ruby Dixon

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Lauren’s Barbarian by Ruby DixonLauren's Barbarian by Ruby Dixon
Length: 8 hours 24 minutes

Series: Icehome #1
Genres: Sci Fi Romance
Setting: Not Hoth
Source: ARC
Narrator: Felicity Munroe, Sean Crisden
Also by this author: Ice Planet Barbarians, Barbarian Alien, Barbarian Lover
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A lush, tropical island on an icy planet makes no sense.

Then again, not much makes sense anymore after waking up and finding myself not in bed but on a strange world populated by aliens. Since that moment, I’ve learned that nothing is normal anymore and I’ve got to roll with the punches. I can handle this, though. I’m strong and capable.

So… washed up on a tropical island? Got it handled.

Separated from the others in my group? Handled.

Stranded alone with a brutal but delicious alien man that can’t speak English but has great…ahem…body language? Yup, handled.

Add in the fact that my cootie – a symbiont I need to survive – has chosen my big, hulking alien friend as my fated mate? Let’s just say that the situation isn’t the only thing that’s going to be handled.

But it isn’t long before I learn that the tropical island paradise is a death trap and we’re all in grave danger, aliens and humans alike. To survive this, I'll need my tempting guy to give me a hand with the situation…good thing he's got four of them.

This romance features all of the adventure, humor and community you’ve come to expect in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, but it stands on its own. You do not need to read the other series (or be caught up) in order to read LAUREN'S BARBARIAN. Enjoy!

Lauren’s barbarian has become my favorite Ruby Dixon book so far! I loved Lo and K’thar are so awesome. Lauren is practical and level headed. Stranded on a strange, frozen planet? Not great, but its gonna be okay. Don’t speak the language? Tough, but she manages. While others are falling apart (cough Marisol), Lauren is mature enough to recognize that freaking out won’t help her and that she needs to be brave. I really appreciated her attitude towards the situation because it was realistic. Of course being stuck on a strange planet is sucky, but being a drama queen like Marisol isn’t helpful.

K’thar and his tribe are great as well. I loved getting K’thar’s POV as he is trying to figure out what is ‘wrong’ with Lauren-she only has 2 arms, she is very small, her skin doesn’t camouflage. Lauren has already met some aliens, so while K’thar is different than than the other aliens she has met, she still isn’t as totally confused as K’thar! I also loved the new ‘setting’ they are in and the extra danger of it. While Lauren and K’thar are the center of the story, there is a lot more going on that really helped me feel like the story was fast paced. The pet bird, the baby, the injured tribemate, the strange animals, and of course the great smoking mountain.

Lauren’s Barbarian provided my 2 favorite Ruby Dixon characters and my new favorite ‘Not Hoth’ story! If you haven’t read any of the other Ice Planet Barbarian books, you can start with this one and still enjoy it all. I haven’t read ALL the Ice Planet Barbarian books but that didn’t deter my enjoyment at all.

Now that I have extolled the awesomeness of the story, let me tell you about the awesomeness of the narrators! Holy moly was Sean Crisden amazing! He has an accent and does the strange language so well. He mimics Lauren’s voice perfectly and I was just so in love with his narration. I was giddy every time a chapter from K’thar’s POV arose because I could listen to his voice forever. Felicity Munroe was perfect as Lauren as well! These two might be my favorite narrators and if they narrate the rest of the series, I will be ecstatic!



other Sci Fi romance authors like Anna Carven, Evangeline Anderson, Cynthia Sax…then you will probably like Lauren’s Barbarian!


Lauren’s Barbarian

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About Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. As Ruby, she writes sexy barbarian aliens, grumpy shifters, and domineering bikers.

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3 responses to “Lauren’s Barbarian by Ruby Dixon

  1. Great review. I love her Ice Planet Barbarians. It’s nice to see you enjoyed this one and that even if we haven’t read or finished the IPB you can still pick this up.

  2. I really can’t wait to get started on this series here. I just love Ruby Dixon, her books are so addicting. I can’t seem to stop hehe Someday I would like to buy all her books in print though, but they are expensive so I want to wait until I have a bigger book budget.

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