Special Kind of Twisted by Lani Lynn Vale

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Special Kind of Twisted by Lani Lynn ValeSpecial Kind of Twisted by Lani Lynn Vale
Pages: 248

Series: Gator Bait MC #6
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Setting: Accident, FL
Source: ARC
Also in this series: Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty, Good Trouble, Cute But Psycho, Annoyed At First Sight, The Voices Are Back, I'll Just Date Myself
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He had a way of pulling everyone into his darkness. Then, to make matters worse, he convinced you that you liked it there.
Kyle Davis—ex professional baseball player and current felon—loved Sara, his best friend. Strictly platonically, of course. He’d do absolutely anything for her, even put up with Greer, Sara’s other best friend.
What she was not was Kyle’s best friend. Or any friend at all, to be honest.
In fact, they couldn’t stand to be in the same room with each other, let alone breathe the same air for any length of time.
Then something happens, forcing the two of them to work together to keep Sara blissfully unaware of the danger Greer’s in.
They come up with a plan. Sara doesn’t need to know.
What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
The funny thing is, Sara knows all. Sara also knows the two of them are destined to be with each other.
She only has to convince them of it first.

special kind of twistedMeet Greer and KD in Special Kind of Twisted! I feel like we have heard almost nothing about these two so I was going in kind of blind for this one! These two are enemies with a common best friend, so they are kind of forced together frequently.

KD (AKA Davis, AKA Kyle Davis) and Greer have great banter. One thing I love about enemies to lovers is the banter is usually on point! Plus, these two have great chemistry as well. It really is a thin line between love and hate with these two. But Davis steps in right away when Greer has a problem and it is very sexy! Honestly, it took me a bit to warm up to Davis, because sometimes his teasing was verging on mean. At least, it felt kinda mean to me. Greer is sassy and tough, so it is not like she just sits back and takes it. Greer’s profession is certainly interesting as well!

Overall, their story was just awesome! If you like the banter that hides the secret lust, Special Kind of Twisted is perfect! You don’t really have to read all the previous books to enjoy this one, so if this sounds like your kind of book, grab it!



Office Hate by Rachel Van Dyken, A Little Too Late by Sarina Bowen, Dear Enemy by Kristen Callihan…then you will probably like Special Kind of Twisted!

Special Kind of Twisted

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